Fully Automatic Pellet Boiler 4,5-30 kW thermocomfort PN

Fully Automatic Pellet Boiler
4,5-30 kW
thermocomfort PN
Modulating, adaptive capacity and combustion control
Efficiency up to 93 %, low fuel consumption
Automatic self-cleaning grate (stainless steel tilting grate)
MFS 7+ multi function safety system
Easy operation, maximum comfort combining top technology & elegance
Wood pellets according to ÖNORM M 7135 and DINplus
With automatic screw conveying system
With automatic suction conveying system
With adjoining hopper
A CO2-neutral Fuel for a sustainable Future
Wood fuel has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is clean
cheap and non polluting, the ultimate environmental friendly fuel. Wood
fuel is CO2 neutral: CO2 released through combustion is captured by the
growth of next years forests. Our boilers tap into this cycle of nature,
warming your home with out harming the environment.
All your Requests ...
will perhaps not be fulfilled by us. However, we help you to feel
comfortable at home.
The pellet boiler thermocomfort PN embodies an impressive
combination of comfort, reliability, efficiency, high-quality and
environmental awareness – and it is available for a reasonable price.
Due to its capacity range and special construction, the boiler is the
ideal heating system for one- and multi-family houses.
Our Promise
The sustainable exploitation of natural resources demands responsibility,
heart and creativity. Our specialists have a decade of experience and
research expertise. This contribution to a livable energy future is a
promise to our customers and the next generations: We are doing
everything to ensure further development of non-polluting heating
systems and the generation of new ideas. This is one of the reasons why
we were honoured with the „ENERGY GENIUS“ innovation award by the
Austrian Federal Ministry for Environment.
Fuel from the Region
Wood fuel is plentiful in Europe and usually available from local
source providing security even in times of an energy crises.
Locally produced fuel boosts the local economy, and short
transport routes reduces road trafic and pollution.
High-quality pellets (certified according to ÖNORM M 7135 and
DINplus) are important for an efficient combustion. Regional
forest enterprises, pelletising factories and retailers take care
that the availability will cover the whole country.
Low-E and stable Ignition
The pellets are ignited using an
electric ceramic heating element
(see picture). Air is heated by being
blown over the element and onto
the pellets in the combustion
chamber which ignite within a
couple of minutes. The system is
simple, reliable and has a low power
Patented Grate Cleaning
The stainless steel tilting grate ensures a
regular, automatic deslagging and ash
removal as well as permanent week-long
operation and at the same time provides
for highest operating efficiency and ideal
Combustion Chamber
One Boiler for all Heat Capacities
It is important to dimension the boiler correctly, i.e. the
boiler must be chosen according to the calculated heat
requirement. During operation the intelligent, capacitymodulating thermocontrol unit ensures fine adjustment.
However, usually if the calculated heat requirement
increases due to a later house extension (more living area)
or in contrast decreases due to a better house insulation
(e.g. thermo plaster), boiler size (capacity) has to be
changed, too. With the modular heat exchanger of SHT this
is no longer a problem. In a few steps, the system may be
adapted to the new requirements – it is not necessary to
exchange the boiler itself.
MFS 7+ Multi Function
Safety Package
The entire heating system is provided with a
comprehensive safety system. The multi function
safety package with sevenfold active control
(MFS 7+) permanently checks the entire heating
process and responds immediately to any
deviations which might occur (trend recognition
in advance).
Intelligent System Control thermocontrol
Fully-automatic, capacity-modulating, permanent exterior
temperature influence, modern adaptive intelligence (selflearning) and flexibly upgradeable – this control system is
simply revolutionary.
Heating power and combustion performance adapt floatingly
(according to exterior temperatures and exhaust fumes by
means of the lambda probe) to the current heat
Thereby, the control system learns constantly and optimises
itself (adaptive control mode).Higher comfort and higher
operating efficiency thanks to more intelligence!
Flexible Screw Conveying System VARIO
If the pellet storage room is
located directly next to the
heating room, we recommend
installing the economic and flexible
VARIO screw conveying system.
The special position of the drive
unit in the middle of the conveying
screw reduces the necessary drive
power and thus the component
stress, i.e. you save energy and
at the same time more system
stability is guaranteed, ensuring
as well long durability and low
maintenance effort.
The ductile heating room screw allows for a flexible installation/mounting (radius>1,2m) guaranteed, ensuring as
well long durability and low maintenance effort. The ductile heating room screw allows for a flexible installation /
mounting (radius>1,2m) in narrow heating rooms with a pivoting range of 240°. The temperature-controlled
insertion duct, the air-lock unit, tilted discharge chute as well as a functional fire protection laminate in the drive
unit provide for tested fire protection. A sensor (initiator) in the discharge chute proportions the pellet fuel
according to heat requirement and fuel quality
Adjoining Hopper & Suction Conveying System visionconvey AIR
The new visionconvey AIR suction
conveying system provides a
number of various application and
combination options for a comfortable automatic operation. The
flexible hose line (up to 15 meters
horizontal and 5 meters vertical
transport distance) permits a gentle
pellet transport either from a
basement storage room, from a
fabric tank or from an external
terrestrial tank into the adjoining
hopper (120 or 200* liters). The
standard air-lock of the insertion unit
doses the fuel in a performance-related
way. The insertion screw conveys the
pellets into the combustion chamber of
the boiler. It is of course possible to
retrofit the automatic visionconvey AIR
suction system.
*in case of using the 200 liter hopper instead of the 120 liter hopper the
visionconvey AIR system has to be replaced by the Vacuumat suction system.
Individual Choice of the Room used for Pellet-Storage
Most pellets storage rooms are situated in the
basement. However, it is also possible to store the fuel
on other levels of the house. Ideally, the storage room
is a room with an external wall in order to ensure an
easy filling by means of two STORZ couplers. A tilted
bottom (with about 35-45° inclination) supports the
slipping of the fuel. Please comply with the technical
documentation and with the effective fire protection
regulations (e.g. TRVB H118).
Our flexible pellet conveying systems allow for various
storage options, satisfying individual needs. If the
pellets storage room is situated next to the heating
room, it is recommended to install the VARIO screw
conveying system. If the storage room is situated
farther away from the heating room, we recommend
installing the visionconvey AIR suction system.
Integrated Pellet Hopper (Intermediate Hopper)
Placed next to the boiler, the pellet hopper with a capacity of 120 or
200 liters is an alternative solution for fuel storage. The hopper
complies with the latest safety standards and is actively integrated in
the MFS 7+ multi function safety package.
For an automatic refilling of the 120 L hopper, the visionconvey AIR
suction system may be retrofitted at any time. Then it is of course up
to you to choose your individual suction loading times.
schematic view, 200 l Hopper
Fabric Tank (GEObox)
The fabric (woven) tank was
developed especially for
in-house storage. Because
of the simple assembly, the
tank will be delivered in
separate parts.
Due to its maximum size of
2,5 x 2,5 meters, it can be
installed in nearly every room.
The fabric tank is adjustable
for heights between 2 and
2,5 meters and thus may
individually be adapted to
room height.
Terrestrial Tank (GEOtank)
Due to its compact and solid
construction, the terrestrial
tank (volume up to 11 m3),
which has no grooves and
joints, is designed for external underground storage.
The specially developed
discharge system ensures
an efficient conveyance of
the pellets into the heating
room. The inclined bottom
surfaces, which are aligned
with the angle of repose of
the filling material, ensure a
continuous conveyance.
Defined Technology: Reliable, Safe, Innovative
Connector and initiator (Sensor), ductile screw
100 mm Insulation
Plain water heat exchanger
Ash box
Device Control with LCD Display
Self cleaning stainless steel tilting grate
Centrifugal de-ashing and ash box
Modular heat exchanger with cleaning-unit
Combustion chamber
Fire tube
Primary air-valve
Secondary air-valve
Air-lock unit
Drive unit for insertion auger and air-lock
Insertion duct and insertion screw
Technical Data
PN 15
PN 23
PN 30
Nominal Capacity
14,9 kW
23,0 kW
30,0 kW
Capacity Range
4,5 – 16,0 kW
6,0 – 23,0 kW
9,0 – 31,0 kW
Wood Pellets according to ÖNORM M 7135 and DINplus
Device Control
thermocontrol; micro-processed boiler and conveyor control unit; including
exterior temperature control, heat distribution control for 2 separated
heating circles (mixing valves), hot water and buffer tank control …
Measures (hxbxt)
1390 x 695 x 985 mm (mounting measure 730 mm)
Boiler Weight
400 kg
Efficiency Rate
up to 93 %
130 mm
150-165 °C
0,05-0,25 mbar
Smoke Tube Connection Ø
Flue Gas Temperature
Min. Draft Requirement
400 kg
400 kg
Boiler Water Volume
about 65 l
Insertion grate-combustion, high quality fireclay
Permanent Operation, Grate Cleaning
Patented, automatic deslagging and de-ashing by
means of stainless steel tilting grate
Automatically by means of a glow-ignition (about 270 W)
Ash box
15 l and 6 l (ash removal when necessary, depending also on
fuel quality, about 2 times a quarter year)
Adjoining Pellet Hopper
about 200 l (130 kg) or about 120 l (78 kg)
Burning Duration of 1 Hopper Charge
Depending on heat output, max. 120 hours (200 l)
Automatic Hopper Refilling
Yes, flexible pellet supply with VARIO (screw conveyor) or
visionconvey AIR (suction conveyor)
Reverse Flow Mixing Valve (RFMV)
External RFMV mandatory (minimum reverse flow temperature 55°C)
Safety Functions
MFS 7+ (STL, air-lock, discharge chute, insertion sensor,
residual embers utilisation, laminate, etc.)
Automatic fuel supply, room device/remote control,
mixing valve, etc.
Further products …
Pellet Stove with Water Jacket EKA 6, 9, 12 kW
(20500, 30750 ,41000 BTU)
Fully automatic (ignition, energy modulation, draft fan ...)
“PEC” permanent emission control (thermo sensor)
Patented quiet self-cleaning comb-grate
Only 15 % thermal radiation rate
High operation safety (integrated air-lock, adaptive control unit)
Individual Colour Choice (every regular RAL Colour available)
Flexible pellet feeding kit (15 m horizontal, 5 m vertical distance)
Logwood – Gasifier VN 22, 33, 44, 55 kW
(75000, 112500, 150000, 187500 BTU)
½ meter wood logs (firewood), 150-300 L loading volume
About 6-7 hours continuous operation with only one load
Stainless steel combustion grate
Flue gas outlet (insures a smoke free fuel insertion)
“PEC” permanent emission control system (lambda probe)
8 mm high-quality steel
Low-E Pellet Boiler CKA 6, 10 kW
(20500, 34000 BTU)
Fully automatic (ignition, energy modulation, draft fan ...)
“PEC” permanent emission control (thermo sensor)
Patented quiet self-cleaning comb-grate
High operation safety (integrated air-lock, adaptive control unit)
Small space requirements (< 0,4 m2)
Flexible pellet feeding kit (15 m horizontal, 5 m vertical distance)
Combi Boiler for Pellets & Logs TDA 15, 25 kW
(51000, 85000 BTU)
Fully automatic (ignition for both fuels types, energy modulation,
draft fan ...)
Automatic fuel recognition (no manual switch-over necessary)
About 6-7 hours continuous operation with only one load
Two stainless steel combustion grates (tilting grate for pellets)
“PEC” permanent emission control system (lambda probe)
Flexible pellet feeding kit (120/200 L adjoining hopper,
4x4 m screw or 20 m vacuum suction)
All our products are certified by authorized test institutes such as BLT Wieselburg, TÜV Bavaria,
ÅFAB Sweden or TGM University of Vienna according to EN 303-5. The efficiency rate goes up to
94 % due to clean combustion and low emissions (about 90 % reduction in relation to EN 303-5
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