MEGN 315 – Dynamics - Mechanical Engineering


MEGN 315 – Dynamics

Class Meeting Time : Section B, MWF 1:00-1:50; BE 241

Instructor : Dr. Anthony J Petrella

Telephone : 303-384-2274

Web :

Office : BB W310F

Office Hours : M, T, W 8:30-9:30

E-mail :

Course Description : The course will cover particle kinematics, 2-D motion in x-y coordinates, n-t coordinates, polar coordinates, relative velocities, relative accelerations, rotating reference frames, rigid body kinematics, rigid body kinetics, work and energy, linear impulse-momentum, angular momentum, introduction to 3-D rigid body dynamics, introduction to vibration theory.

Prerequisite : CEEN 241 (DCGN 241) and MATH 225

Required Text : Hibbeler, RC, “Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics”, 13th Edition, Pearson, 2013

Grading : Homework 20%

Quizzes (x3) 25%

Midterm Exam

Final Exam



Participation 5%

Homework: will be assigned via the textbook publisher's website:

and will be due at the date and time indicated online. Late homework will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero. Instructions for how to register on the Mastering Engineering website will be posted on the course website found via the Web link at the top of this page.

Extra credit will be available on homework assignements.

Quizzes: will be completed in class. Missed quizzes will receive a grade of zero, no make-ups will be given. Each student’s one lowest quiz grade will be dropped. No make-up quizzes will be given under any circumstances.

Exams: the midterm exam will be a 2-hour evening exam that covers the first half of the course. The specific day and time of the midterm will be announced later in the term. The final exam will be a 2-hour exam given during finals week. The final exam will cover the second half of the course.

Grading scale: grades will be assigned on a straight scale of 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 =

C, 60-69 = D, and 0-59 = F, but these numbers may be curved downward slightly at the instructor’s discretion.

Course Policies :

 Academic misconduct will be reported to the Dean of Students in accordance with Mines policy.

The default penalty for any form of academic dishonesty is a grade of F in the course.


Students may share ideas and discuss solution methods for homework assignments, but all submitted work must be prepared independently. o

Assisting anyone in cheating is considered cheating and will be subject to the penalty stated above. This includes allowing anyone to copy your work.

 Late homework and missed exams will receive a grade of zero except in the case of a documented emergency. Documentation to excuse a late assignment or a student’s absence must be obtained through the office of the Dean of Students.

 It is each student’s responsibility to attend all classes. In the event a student misses a class, he/she is responsible for all material covered in class, including all assignments and announcements.

 All mobile phones must be turned off during class.

 No mobile phones are allowed in the exam room during the midterm or final exams. Possession of a phone during an exam will be interpreted as an indication of intent to commit academic dishonesty.

 Grading disputes may be submitted to the instructor in writing within one week following the date the disputed assignment is returned to the student. A concise memo should be prepared to clearly explain why the grade is believed to be in error. All memos must be prepared with a word processor and submitted in hardcopy form. The original assignment must be attached to the memo.

Submissions containing numerous spelling or grammar errors or poorly communicated ideas will not be considered.


If you qualify for disability accommodations, please ask the Mines office of Disability Services send to me a Confidential Letter of Required Accommodations in a timely manner so that your needs may be addressed. For more information, contact: 303.273.3377 (


Class Schedule :

Please see the course website (use Web link at the top of this page) for a detailed course schedule.