Wood Flooring Coatings 1.UV Water-Based primer UV Water

Wood Flooring Coatings
1.UV Water-Based primer
UV Water-Based Primer requires infrared or other heating systems to remove
water content and cure by UV. Because timber has hydrophilic characteristics,
water-base primer will have excellent adhesion to the material. It can play an
important role as a catalyst to enhance the adhesion between the coatings. It
will achieve better results if matched with JETCOAT UV primer. The UV waterbase primer from JETCOAT can be divided into water types and emulsion
types. In addition to enhancing the adhesion, both types have color brushing
features; they can be mixed with various types of color stains which will give
the product more layering.
2.UV Primer
UV Primer is the best oil-based primer that can be applied directly to timber to
enhance adhesion. It features optimal adhesion when matched with UV
Water-Based Primer. For wood species with rich grease such as IPE and
Teak, our UV primer series,UV Grease-Sealed Primer, is ideal to seal the
redundant grease from the wood. Furthermore, it can also strengthen the
adhesion between coating and timber. Moreover, the film of the primer is
comparatively softer thus can hardly be affected by temperature changes or
particularly in environments whose temperatures changes greatly or where
the film is considerably thicker. In addition, the film itself has excellent
flexibility and adhesion, which makes the flooring more practical, comfortable
and impact-resistant.
3.UV Putty
The main function of UV Putty is to fill up the trachea of the timber so that the
surface of the material would remain flat and plain. Because of its high
viscosity, it can have high grammes (g/m2) ultimately reducing the coating
time. UV Putty, together with Filler Machine, can completely fill the trachea in
a single action (Oak and Kempas) JETCOAT UV Putty has excellent filling
and deep dryness characteristics. To cater for different customer needs and
wood species, JETCOAT has many different series of UV putty which can be
matched and combined with each other to improve their characteristic,
including; strength, flexibility, filling properties and transparency.
4.UV Abrasion-Resistance Sealer
Adding abrasion-resistance materials in a sealer to strengthen the coating
structure enhances wear-resistance performance. UV abrasion-resistance
sealer can boost surface resistance, conform to international testing
standards, as well as strengthening the wood flooring which would result in
added durability. It can be provided with a variety of JETCOAT UV abrasionresistance sealers to meet different customer needs. Customers can adjust
the thickness of the film according to their respective testing standards, for
instance, GB of China, ASTM, or any other market requirements.
5.UV Basecoat
JETCOAT UV Basecoat has several different series; each one has its own
characteristics. Besides sanding and filling the material, they can also serve
as roller coating and curtain coating to name a few. JETCOAT UV Basecoat,
in accordance with customer needs, would adopt different formulas to achieve
different effects. The introduction of the series would be as follows:
UV Filling Sealer
UV Filling Sealer is primarily used for surface dressing. It possesses superb
leveling, filling, and sanding characteristics. It can be applied according to
different wood species to match with various processes. After UV cured, the
surface possesses considerable grammes (g/m2), eliminating pinholes and
making sanding easier.
UV Transparency Sealer
This series is distinct for its high thoroughness. The wood can keep its original
texture after coating. As for the stains and woods which enjoy rich textures,
UV Transparency Sealer can help the wood maintain its intrinsic features and
vivid color. It is highly effective against the blushing that forms on damaged
wood flooring.
UV Toughness Sealer
The main characteristics of this series is to strengthen the toughness of the
film. Owing to this character, the film won't crack upon huge impact. It can
effectively protect the surface from cracking, eroding or leaking from liquid
substances or water.
UV Hardness Sealer
This series enhances the hardness of the film so that the wood flooring can
bear more vertical pressure and will not depress easily. The surface can resist
heavy pressure from furniture and other heavy objects.
UV Matt Sealer
UV Matt Sealer can be applied for antique finishing and natural Coating. It
possesses excellent leveling and adhesion characteristics. Different from
regular High-Gloss Filling Sealers, it creates a smooth overall glossy finish. It
also penetrates into deep trachea to maintain the natural aesthetic of the
surface by improving uneven glossiness.
UV Curtain Sealer
The characteristics of UV Curtain Sealer are similar to those of Roller Sealers
which are used for surface dressing as well The only different is that curtain
coating can get maximum grammes (g/m2) and the surface remains a lot
flatter than surfaces that use Roller Sealers. It doesn't leave any wave crest
after sanding. In addition, the overall hardness can be maximized because of
its maximum grammes (g/m2).
6.UV Scratch-Resistance Topcoat
UV Scratch-Resistance Topcoat, a unique innovative series, is highlighted by
the special flat surface effect it provides. After UV curing, the surface presents
the users with an excellent visual experience, even and smooth touch, as well
as a comfortable and cozy overall finish. Users may choose different surface
effects for their individual needs; high gloss, low gloss, plane surface, rough
surface, and so on.
7.Color Stain
JETCOAT Color Stain can be divided into Water-Based Dye, Oil-Based Dye
and Pigments. Matched with other JETCOAT products (UV Water-Based
Primer, UV Special Coloring Paint, UV Sealer or UV Topcoat), JETCOAT
Color Stain is used for coloring so as to illustrate the natural texture of the
timber and to enhance its artistic qualities. It employs nano-grade material
with high permeability to modify the deficiencies of the wood, beautify the
product and amplify the additional value of wood flooring.
8.UV Special Coloring Paint (Oil-Based)
To meet customer needs, JETCOAT has developed UV Special Coloring Paint
for oil-based dye. It enjoys superior leveling, plump property and is easy to
dry; moreover, the coloring effect can be enhanced with the addition of the
dye. UV Special Coloring Paint is recommended to be applied before topcoat.
9.Natural Oil
JETCOAT Natural Oil can be divided into UV Type and Self-Curing Type. Both
have their merits and demerits, depending on customer needs.
NB Series belongs to UV Type. After applying NB Finish, the surface finish is
similar to that of Natural Oil but with a much stronger film than those of
traditional natural oil coatings. The film of NB series boasts outstanding water
and dirt resistance and is easy to clean and maintain. It has very short
working time and performs far better than the traditional ones (following
JETCOAT recommended instructions). NB Series is a high-quality product
that is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.
NTO Series belongs to the Self-Curing type. It contains over 70% natural
components, bearing great water and dirt resistance. After applying NTO
finish, wood floorings exhibit the quality and touch of the natural timber and
makes the wooden grain appear more distinct. It compensates for the
deficiencies of traditional natural oils with complete surface drying properties
that maximizes carpentry and renovation efficiency and maintenance.