Magnets (SOL 2.2)… *


Magnets (SOL 2.2)…


Below are the concepts and vocabulary students need to know and demonstrate understanding of to master this SOL

*I have made these into cards, so you can have your student sort and match the picture to the definition or concept to study. You could also play games with the cards such as “Go Fish” or

“Concentration”. For “Go Fish” you follow all the same rules, except you are asking for definitions or vocabulary words to make a match, same for concentration.

Magnets have a north and a south pole.

Magnets can be naturally occurring. They are composed of a mineral called magnetite (lodestone).

Unlike magnetic poles attract and like poles repel.

Magnets have important applications and uses in everyday life: refrigerator magnets and chalkboard letters, toys, door latches, paper clip holder, computer, etc.

Magnets can attract objects made of iron, nickel or cobalt.

A magnetic compass is used to determine directions.

Attract means to pull towards.

Repel means to push away.