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2014 / Q3 – EN
// United Kingdom: Ormazabal sponsors Eurelectric.
// United States: Turnkey substation for Iberdrola USA.
//Argentina: 33/13.2 kV 2x10 MVA Villa Flandria Substation.
//China: Ormazabal won the bidding of RMB 4M in
Fujian province.
//Argentina: Port of Mar del Plata.
//Spain: Supply of a 12.5 MVA transformer.
//Germany: 200 000 ga cubicles manufactured.
// Latin America: Primary distribution conferences.
// Mexico: We attended Expo Eléctrica Internacional.
// United States: IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition.
// China: Basque Government visit to Kunshan.
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United Kingdom: Ormazabal sponsors
Ormazabal attended the Eurelectric annual convention and
conference, which took place this year in London, with the role of
bronze sponsor.
Under the slogan “Building trust in the new energy world” this event
gathered the main players in the sector such as E.on, Energy UK,
EDP, ENA, EDF, and Accenture.
The President of Velatia, Javier Ormazabal, took an active role in the
debate of the second session, titled “A sustainable and affordable
energy transition: How far? And at what cost?”.
Next year Eurelectric’s annual convention and conference will take
place in Berlin.
Also related to Eurelectric, Ormazabal will take part in the
exhibition and debate event “The future is electric”, which will take
place at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels
on 10 and 11 September 2014, where key experts of the electrical
industry will be present.
United States: Turnkey substation for Iberdrola
Ormazabal has supplied and commissioned its first turnkey
substation to Iberdrola USA, thereby continuing the renovation of
substations that it is undertaking in Rochester (New York).
The prefabricated metal-enclosed substation is equipped with IEEE
standard cpg.1 fully gas-insulated cubicles for primary distribution,
protection and control units, fire protection, batteries, air
conditioning and automation control compartments, in accordance
with Iberdrola USA standards.
Once assembled on site by Ormazabal’s own team, all the
necessary operational acceptance tests were carried out prior
to commissioning. The team carried out the unloading, prepare
and install cables connectors, connecting to the network and
commissioning of the substation.
Following installation, we have provided several training sessions
at our Rochester premises on the operational reliability of our units,
operating sequences, and all other components of the substation, all
aimed at training the operations staff.
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Argentina: 33/13.2 kV 2x10 MVA Villa Flandria
We carried out retrofitting and extension of the
Villa Flandria substation belonging to the Luján
utility which is responsible for distribution of
electric power and carries out its activity in the
district of Luján, located 60 km from Buenos Aires.
The Villa Flandría substation supplies the city of
the same name and the other towns in the Luján
district such as Jáuregui, Loreto, Cortinez, Olivera
and the capital Luján with electric power.
Due to the increasing demand for electricity, the
substation was experiencing serious difficulty in
fulfilling its function.
•MR automatic voltage regulators and their control
systems associated with both transformers.
•Remote control and communications board with
supply of hardware, software and creation of the
database customised to the client’s needs.
•Configuration of all protection, metering, control
and communications equipment.
•Laying and connection of all power and remote
control conductors between the control room and
the 33 and 13.2 kV sides of the two new 10 MVA
From the technical point of view the following
products and services were supplied on a turnkey
basis once the bid submitted by Ormazabal had
been awarded the contract in the public tender
•Construction and connection of a new earthing
•Group of 33 kV of the system cgm.3 made up of
five vacuum circuit-breakers for feeder inputs and
outputs, two longitudinal couplings and a fuseprotected output for auxiliary services.
•Concreting of the new transformer apron and
cable ducts.
•Group of 13.2 kV cgmcosmos system cubicles
made up of ten vacuum circuit-breakers for feeder
inputs and outputs, one longitudinal coupling
and two busbar voltage metering modules.
•Electronic multifunction protection units for
both groups of cubicles interconnected by an IEC
61850 communications protocol.
•Auxiliary services transformer including the
required protection, control and connection
•48 Vdc auxiliary service units (rectifiers, batteries,
chargers, protection and control devices), cable
laying and connection.
•Civil works refurbishment to adapt the control
room to accommodate the new array of cubicles.
•New interior and exterior lighting installation for
the substation.
•New wiring with underground cables from the
overhead line terminal poles to the control output
•General interconnection, configuration and
Due to the use of gas-insulated switchgear and
cutting-edge operating equipment that are not
affected by the aggressive environment, power
increases or the number of inputs and outputs, the
Utility will be capable of providing an uninterrupted
power supply to the cities even in the event of
unforeseen circumstances.
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CHINA: Ormazabal won the bidding of RMB 4M in
Fujian province
Ormazabal Zhuhai Switchgear Limited won the wind
power project in Fujian Putian Daganshan. The total units
are 24 and the amount is RMB 4 M. This is the first wind
power order we have got from Fujian market, and it is also
the first time that Ormazabal introduced cgm.3-v product
into China wind power market.
Ormazabal Zhuhai Switchgear Ltd., formerly known as
F&G China Electric Ltd was established as the first German
wholly owned enterprise in China in 1991. The Zhuhai
based company specializes in manufacturing and marketing
fully capsulated insulated medium voltage switchgears of
superior quality. Throughout the years the company has
gained strong experience in China’s power supply industry.
It is currently offering compact, non-extensible as well as
modular, extensible Ring Main units and the world’s smallest
cable distribution box, the Felten box.
Thanks to precise European engineering and craftsmanship,
we dedicate to grow up together with China power Grid,
and supply high-valued products and solutions to our
! The sw!tch
Argentina: Port of Mar del Plata
As the successful bidder in the public tender process we were
awarded the contract to supply the Mar de Plata Regional
Port Authority with the transformer substations to supply
ships and other consumption points with electric power on
docks 2 and 3.
Mar de Plata, located 400 km south of Buenos Aires, is the
most important spa resort in Argentina. It is also one of the
main maritime ports, especially in the fishing sector.
The supply included prior factory testing and was divided
into two phases: the transformer substations for the Port
Authority itself, and those for the local electricity utility EDEA
(Empresa Distribuidora de Energía Atlántica) for operation
and metering.
The five transformer substations for the Port Authority
are composed of pfu.4 prefabricated concrete enclosures
equipped with cgmcosmos fully gas-insulated mediumvoltage switchgear, 630 kVA distribution transformers and
low-voltage boards with main switch and eight outputs, in
addition to the required control and metering devices and
built-in capacity for future remote control.
The substations for EDEA (also five in number) consist of
pfu.3 prefabricated concrete enclosures equipped with
cgmcosmos fully gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear
that forms a client scheme with metering.
Use of fully gas-insulated switchgear in this type of facility
is a key factor due to its tolerance of aggressive installation
conditions such as marine salinity and its low maintenance.
Spain: Supply of a 12.5 MVA transformer
We have supplied medium-voltage switchgear and a
power transformer riser, which will supply electricity to the
tunnelling machines working in the Campobecerros tunnel,
part of the high-speed rail line section of Lubián – Orense
The project consisted of the installation of a 12.5 MVA
transformer, a 20 kV to 30 kV riser, together with switching
and protection units both on the 20 kV side, cgmcosmos
system, and on the 30 kV side, cgm.3 system. Once the
voltage was increased to 30 kV, the customer installed an
overhead line covering a total of 55 km. At the end of this line
the installation has a 20 MVA transformer gear reducer of 30
kV to 20 kV, from which the tunnelling machines are supplied.
Our customer, Elecnor - one of the main electrical installation
companies in Spain-, has identified us as a quality supplier,
capable of providing an electrical supply service to large
infrastructures, thus we see our position in this segment
! The sw!tch
Germany: 200 000 ga cubicles manufactured
Recently we produced ga cubicle number 200 000 in our
Krefeld facilities (Germany).
The first fully gas-insulated ga cubicle was manufactured
in 1985 in Germany, offering a more robust and compact
option for secondary distribution networks up to 24 kV. It
was dubbed the GA24. Starting in 2002 it was replaced by
an improved ga cubicle, which has continued to evolve to
With manufacturing plants in Germany and China, the latest
models have nominal values of up to 24 kV / 20 kA / 4 s and
an operating ambient temperature range of - 5 to - 25 °C.
The compact version of the cubicle has the least gas of any
cubicle on the German market, as well as a lifetime seal,
and shielded cables. One hundred percent of the cubicles
undergo routine testing.
Coinciding with the opening of new offices in Leipzig, the
president of Velatia, Javier Ormazabal, thanked our client
TEN Thüringer Energienetze – an electric company which
since 2007 has operated power networks in the region of
Thuringia – for the recent acquisition of ga cubicle number
The company was represented by René Senft, who
related the company’s satisfaction, “Ormazabal is very
well-positioned. At the technology conference I had the
opportunity to familiarise myself with the new location, and
was given the opportunity to lead a technical discussion
with Ormazabal representatives, customers, and partners.”
Latin America: Primary distribution conferences
On the first few days of July we gave technical conference
courses in Latin America, conducted by professionals from
the Ormazabal primary distribution technical management,
with the support of sales and marketing managers from the
The most important conference took place in the city of Lima,
Peru. With the invaluable collaboration of our distributor in
this country, Manufacturas Eléctricas S.A., the event took
place in the conference room of a renowned hotel in the
city, where more than 70 professionals were present from
companies in the sectors of engineering, construction and
energy distribution from all over Peru.
The audience were able to interact with the Ormazabal
speakers, to further their knowledge on our product lines of
cgp.1, cpg.0 and ormacontainer. Once the event was over all
those in attendance were awarded documentation and gifts.
Conferences of a nature similar in content took place in the
same week in Chile and Uruguay, specifically.
! The sw!tch
MExico: We attended Expo Eléctrica
In June we participated in the annual Mexico Expo
Eléctrica Internacional fair where we offered our
technology, products and services designed for all the
market segments, including electrical energy distributors,
renewable energy project developers, constructors,
installers and private customers.
In this way we reinforce our local presence in Mexico, a key
country for Ormazabal, where we have been present since
1999, when we introduced a technology that was almost
non-existent in this country: fully gas-insulated mediumvoltage switchgear. We quickly participated in several wind
power projects and projects for the electrical distribution
company, Valle de México, making us the lead supplier for
this technology. Therefore in 2012 we set up the subsidiary
Ormazabal México from which, in our head office in
Mexico City, we offer our array of products and services
more closely and quickly.
Our experience has resulted in the installation of over
5,000 medium-voltage units in Mexico. The fact that our
main products are approved by the Comisión Federal de
Electricidad (CFE) and by the major utilities in the region
has enabled us to participate in a multitude of projects,
both in distribution networks and in high-voltage /
medium-voltage substations. Today, we are a major player
in renewable generation projects, where we have supplied
switchgear as well as protection and control units to more
than 50% of the installed wind power capacity.
United States: IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition
We took part in the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition
2014 which was held in Chicago.
At this edition of the event, Ormazabal presented the poster,
“Novel Virtual Seismic Assessment of medium voltage Primary
switchgear based on the new IEC/TS 62271-210”, in which
we explain the project developed by the Ormazabal’s Virtual
Testing Lab team, being the first company worldwide to apply
the new Technical Specification.
We want to be close to our customers, supporting them
with technology and solutions that adapt to the needs and
characteristics of the local markets. This enables us to be
present in a growing number of countries such as the USA.
! The sw!tch
China: Basque Government visit to Kunshan
Recently the councillor for Economic Development and
Competitiveness of the Basque Government, Arantza Tapia
visited our installations in Kunshan. The motive of this visit
is the interest of the Basque Government in maintaining
and expanding the collaboration between Basque and
Chinese companies.
Our presence in China has a 25-year-long history: after
supplying our first units via local partners at the end of the
80s, Ormazabal Zhuhai Switchgear Co.Ltd., previously
known as F&G China Electric Ltd., was founded in 1991
as the first wholly German-owned company established
in mainland China. Ormazabal NRG (Beijing) Switchgear
Company Limited, was established in 1994 as a company
together with Beijing PSB (Public Security Bureau).
In 2011 we commissioned our cutting edge factory in
Kunshan. It is one of the most state-of-the-art factories,
where we produce fully gas-insulated ga - gae cubicles,
which are supplied to the Chinese market in addition to the
rest of the regions of south-western Asia.
Over these years we have acquired solid and firm
experience in the electrical sector of this country, which has
enabled us to establish long-term relationships with our
customers throughout China. This experience has enabled
us to participate in several projects in different segments
in which we specialise: utilities, renewable energies,
infrastructures, industry and tertiary.