Contractor`s Submittal Schedule: What You Need to Know


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Contractor’s Submittal Schedule:

What You Need to Know

Here are five things a contractor’s submittal schedule can tell you about construction delay:

1. Still Buying Out the Job

It’s not unusual for contractors to still be negotiating with subcontractors and suppliers after contract award and notice to proceed.

This can lead to late submittals and project delays.

2. Long Lead Time Materials & Equipment

Submittals relating to structural steel, elevators and major mechanical/electrical equipment take time to prepare. Fabrication and delivery of these critical construction components can take months. Many construction delays are the direct result of the mismanagement of the submittal process for long lead time materials and equipment.

3. Early Critical Submittals

Concrete mix designs, reinforcing steel and underground MEP rough-in materials can derail a project schedule in the first few weeks of construction. The schedule needs to allocate ample time for the preparation, approval and delivery of these early critical construction materials.

4. Little or No Shop Drawing Coordination

Many contractors “rubber stamp” submittals and do little, if any, of the coordination required by contract. This inattention to detail can lead to field fit up problems and construction delays.

Just look at how often structural steel fabrication/ erection shop drawings are submitted long before

HVAC duct shop drawings are available. This makes coordinating the structural steel and overhead ductwork impossible — a surefire recipe for problems.

5. Poor Project Management

Construction delays are all too often caused by the failure to provide adequate time for the submittal process including the time needed to prepare submittals, obtain submittal approval and fabricate and delivery. Good construction schedules take into consideration the impact that material and equipment deliveries have on planning and sequencing the work.

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