Exam 2 Study Guide Fall 2011 This test covers: Chapter 4

Exam 2 Study Guide
Fall 2011
This test covers: Chapter 4 4.9-4.13
Chapter 6 6.1-6.5
Chapter 7 7.1-7.2
Chapter 8 8.1-8.2
Chapter 9 9.1-9.11 focus on Chapter 9
HW 5,6,7,8
There will be three problems similar to homework and one multiple choice,
fill-in-the-blank, T/F, complex algebra problem. You can use a calculator
and you can have two equation sheets (front and back).
Chapter 4: Source Transformation
Thevenin and Norton Equivalent Circuit
Maximum Power Transfer
Everything in Chapter 4 applies equally to Chapter 9.
Chapter 6: Inductor: v(t), i(t), p(t), w(t), initial current
Capacitor: v(t), i(t), p(t), w(t), initial voltage
Simplify L and C: series, parallel, initial conditions
Mutual Inductance and the dot convention
Chapter 7: Transient response of RL and RC circuit
Chapter 8: Transient response of RLC circuit, all three cases!!
Chapter 9: Time domain voltage and current, average=rms
The Phasor (polar to rectangular notation +,-,x,/)
Conversion to frequency domain Z, Zr, Zl, Zc
Ohm’s law, voltage divider, current divider,
KCL, KVL, simplify Z – series, parallel, delta-wye
Source Transformation, Thevenin, Norton, Node voltage,
Mesh Current, Special cases, Ne, be, #Equations, Matrix format
Linear Transformer, dot convention, reflected impedance
Ideal Transformer, (copy four cases), reflected impedance
Maximum Power Transfer, Superposition
Conversion to time domain