EE 42 Homework and Reading No. 3

EE 42 Homework and Reading No. 3
Homework assigned Thursday 3 Feb. 2005; due at 5:30 pm Thursday 10 Feb. 2005 in the
box labeled EE 42 in Room 240 Cory Hall. Note: your graded homeworks will be
returned in your discussion section; your GSI will keep your homework until you pick it
up to maintain privacy.
Reading: Hambley: Chapter 3 and Secs. 4.1, 4.2
Problems are all in Hambley, 3rd Ed. (10 points each):
1. P2.35 (Note: The “certain device” will be attached as the load on the voltage
divider, in parallel with resistor R2 of the divider circuit. Think about the amount
of current that flows through the load device when the voltage across the output
terminals of the voltage divider is at its maximum value.)
2. P2.56 (Mesh current analysis of a loaded voltage divider circuit)
3. P2.58 (Two-mesh circuit analysis)
4. P2.66 (Thevenin and Norton equivalents for a one-source circuit)
5. P2.70 (Determining Thevenin equivalent where you don’t want to short-circuit
the output terminals)
6. P2.73 (Maximum power delivery problem)
7. P2.77 (A twist on maximum power, showing that the maximum power transfer
condition doesn’t necessarily produce maximum efficiency)
8. P2.80 (Superposition exercise)
9. P2.84 (A different way of solving a circuit -- assuming the output current and
working back toward the source)
10. P2.85 (A test of superposition, or is it?)