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biamped, 2-way active system with 2 power amps, 2 processors and electronic cross-over
Balanced INPUT, with adjustable sensitivity
(microphone -40dB / 2kohms or line 0dB/20kohms),
fitted with a Neutrik Combo connector which
accepts both 3 pin XLR and stereo jack plugs.
Input sensitivity switch (mic when pushed in).
Balanced OUTPUT(in parallel with the input),
using a 3 pin XLR connector. It allows for easy
parallel connection of NM250A or active systems.
Master volume control (adjusts the input levels
of the 2 built-in power amplifiers to adapt them to
the output level of the mixer.
It also allows to adjust the volume of the system when
it is used in parallel with others).
Peak led indicator
2-band equalizer. It allows changing the
response curve of the system depending on
the requirements of each different application.
This enables optimizing the NM250A's
working condition for each specific
requirement whether it is used for example
in a conference hall, on stage for monitoring
and many other situations.
Power 'on/off' switch
Front view
Side view
Rear view
25 cm
23 cm
42,5 cm
42,5 cm
25 cm
Top view
Bottom view
25 cm
23 cm
23 cm
25 cm
Mounting hardware:
threaded insert 8 M
Mounting hardware:
threaded insert 8 M