Unit of Experimental Fruit and Berry processing

Unit of Experimental Fruit
and Berry processing
Head of Unit – Dalija Seglina,
Unit of Experimental Fruit and Berry processing
Unit of Experimental Fruit and Berry Processing at the Institute was started in
1997. Main activities:
 Evaluation of new fruit varieties suitability for procesing;
 Development of new products and utilization of by-products as valuable
source of food ingredients (Laboratory of the Experimental Fruit and Berry
 Determination of chemical composition of traditional and non-traditional
fruits, berries and their products (Laboratory of biochemistry);
 Estimation of shelf life and storage regimes for different fruit crops and
cultivars (Laboratory of fruit storage research).
Common staff: 3 leading researchers; 1 resarcher (student of PhD); 2 scientific
assistants (1 student of PhD); 2 laboratory assitants (1 student of Bachelor).
The Experimental Processing Unit provides practical background of
Bachelor, Master and Doctor studies for students of the University of Latvia –
Faculties of Biology and Chemistry; Riga Stradiņš University – Faculty of
Nutritional science, as well as the Latvian University of Agriculture – Faculties
of Agriculture and Food Technology.
Unit of Experimental Fruit and Berry processing
The aim is to create a new knowledge and products, develop
innovative technologies that could promote the progress and
competitiveness of fruit-growing and food sector in Latvia.
Relevant research directions (2006-2013):
• Research on unconventional plant material (fruits, seeds, leaves,
stalks, fruits waste) as a source of bio-components for food and
pharmaceutical industries:
The Japanese quince seed oil – new promising bio-oil;
Fruit and berry press cake – rich source of fiber and bio-active components;
New local crabapple cultivars suitable for cider and novel products manufacturing;
Sea buckthorn vegetative parts – prophylactic products with high antioxidative
• Development of fresh-cut salads on the bases of local fruits (apple,
pears, berries).
• Research on apple storage in various regimes (incl. CA and 1-MCP)
suitable for commercial production.
Results of scientific projects and works
related to the processing
EUREKA E!3490 - in cooperation with Institute of Organic Synthesis and
Aptiekas Produkcija Ltd (Latvia) and Kaunas Technical University (Lithuania).
Raspberry mash (new food supplement) showed a pharmacomoduling effect on
mice sarcoma S-180.
EUREKA E! 6240 – in cooperation with Riga Technical University; Silvanols and
Aptiekas Produkcija Ltd (Latvia) and Belgrade Technical University (Serbia).
Excellent utility value of the cold-pressed Japanese quince seed oil due high
amounts of linoleic and oleic acid, as well α-tocopherol, β-carotene, squalene
and β-sitosterol.
EU-co financed project “Use of sea buckthorn vegetative parts for development
of prophylactic products with high antioxidative effect”- in cooperation with
Silvanols Ltd (Latvia).
Sea buckthorn vegetative parts – rich source of lipophilic and hydrophilic
compounds with high antioxidant and antibacterial activity for industrial
Results of scientific projects and works
related to the processing
Recent achievements since 2006:
 52 scientific and 16 popular-scientific publications (incl. 2 PhD
Thesis, 3 Master Works, 2 PhD students);
 11 national and international projects (incl. 4th Framework, 2
Eureka, 1 COST projects);
 47 presentations in the international scientific conferences;
 3 Latvian patents registered by the Institute and co-authors by
the 3 Patents of Latvia University of Agriculture and 1 of
“Silvanols” Ltd;
 Participation in 9 international exhibitions in Latvia and Germany;
 Cooperation with local enterprises resulted in development over
10 new products and technologies finalized on the market.
Results of scientific projects and works
related to the processing
Success of Japanese quince !
Technology of dried candied fruit of Japanese quince - Patent (2002)
The technology application for commercial production (2004)
Introducing to manufacturer (2005-2007)
First patent license sales (2008)
„Dried Candied Cido” (product developed by „Amberbloom” Ltd with
close collaboration LVAI) nominated as a top ten new products of the
year “Innovation 2012”, “Fruit Logistica 2012”, Berlin.
Results of scientific projects and works
related to the processing
Success of Japanese quince !
In cooperation with
the most famous
confectionery company in the Baltic “Laima”,
a new product - "Bitter chocolate with nuts
and quince” was developed (2011– 2012).
 Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Food Technology;
 Agency of Latvian Agricultural Academy Research Institute of Biotechnology
and Veterinary Medicine "Sigra“;
 Latvian Institute of Organic synthesis, Laboratory of Pharmacology;
 Latvia University, Faculty of Chemistry;
 Riga Technical University, Latvia;
 Riga Stradiņš University, Faculty of Nutritional science;
 Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment "BIOR“;
 Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and
Forestry, Lithuania;
 Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture, Skierniewice, Poland;
 UBF Untersuchungs- Beratungs- Forschungslaboratorium GmbH, Germany;
 The Institute of Fruit Growing, Belorussia;
 Polli Horticultural Research Centre, Estonia;
 Department of Food Biochemistry and Analysis, Poznan University of Life
Sciences, Poland.