Design and control of a 24Vdc/220Vac inverter

Design and control of a 24Vdc/220Vac inverter
Project description:
The inverter will have as an input the battery DC voltage and will be part of a global
system as shown in Figure 1. It will feed a 220Vac load. At the input, there will be a battery
as well as some auxiliary loads. Hence, the battery may lose its charge by feeding the
auxiliary loads in case of a power failure of the network. The converter should then provide
the desired output voltage in spite of input voltage variations. You will be asked to
accomplish the following tasks:
Make a literature survey about different topologies of controlled inverters.
Make a choice between them based on essential criteria: THD, power coefficient,
Test different control techniques and choose the most suitable.
Experimentally validate your work using a dSpace card.
AC Load
Figure 1: global power conversion system
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