Ultrasonic Wallswitch Sensor, 120/277V (2

• Fits flush into a designer-style wallplate.
• Turns off lights automatically.
• Full room coverage. No gaps.
• No false activation from corridor activity.
• Automatic or Manual On in one model.
• No minimum load requirement.
• Ideal for new construction.
• Five-year warranty.
120/277 VOLT
(with neutral connection)
Automatic On/
Manual On
Wall Switch
How RSENUSW12 Operates:
The GE RSENUSW12 is a self-contained motion-sensing control
which replaces a conventional wall switch for energy savings and
convenience. It turns off lights automatically after a room is
Model RSENUSW12 offers a choice of Auto On or Manual On
modes. In the Automatic On mode, the lights turn on automatically
when a person enters the room. In the Manual On mode, lights are
turned on by pressing the touchplate on the face of the switch.
Modes can be changed by flipping the concealed switch located
under the touchplate (see Adjustment Controls diagrams). In either
mode, when lights are turned on, they will remain on as long as
someone is in the room. When the room is vacated, the lights will
turn off automatically after the pre-set time delay interval.
Recommended time delay is usually six to eight minutes. People
who remain very still for long periods may need a longer time delay.
Lights may be turned off while the room is occupied by pressing the
RSENUSW12 produces a low intensity, inaudible sound. It
detects occupancy from changes in the acoustic waves caused by
motion, such as reaching for a telephone, turning a page in a book,
walking into a room, turning in a swivel chair, etc. The sensor does
not respond to audible sound.
U.S. Patent Nos. 4,751,399, 5,293,097, Des. 376,130.
Additional patents pending.
Range & Coverage:
Designed for rooms up to 300 square feet. Refer to Coverage Diagrams
or use scaled templates to verify coverage, which may
vary somewhat according to room shape and surfaces. An area
sensitivity control permits adaptation to different room conditions.
RSENUSW12 can be installed where there is a neutral wire available.
Three-wire connection allows quick and easy installation. No minimum
load requirement. No leakage to load in off mode.
Two-level switching is easily achieved with the addition of a standard
toggle switch as shown in the wiring diagram. If switches are wired to
control all of the lamps in a fixture rather than a portion of each fixture,
consult with building manager and occupant to determine which lights
should be off when the toggle switch is open.
CAUTION: For use with 120 or 277 VAC only. Do not use with any
other voltage. Do not wire to control receptacle circuits.
Special Features:
• Manual On mode provides maximum savings by avoiding
unnecessary lighting in offices with adequate daylight or for brief
periods of occupancy.
• Automatic On mode provides maximum convenience.
• Manual Off push-button (touchplate) can be used in either mode.
• A grace period of approximately ten seconds allows lights to be
turned on by motion anywhere in a room after being turned off
due to inactivity.
• Fully self-resetting: Lights turned off manually in Automatic On
mode will stay off while the room remains occupied. After the
room is vacated and the pre-set time delay and grace period
have elapsed, lights will remain off until they are turned on
automatically the next time someone enters the room.
• False activation from corridor activity is avoided by an automatic
reduction in sensitivity after the time delay and grace period have
• Superior ability to detect minor motion and no-gap coverage
allow a 6-8 minute delay setting, resulting in 14 percent greater
savings versus the common, less effective wall switches which
require 12-15 minute settings. Time delay range is 15 seconds
(for installer testing) to 15 minutes.
• Power supply circuitry minimizes use of line voltage and ensures
product reliability even with high inrush ballasts.
• RSENUSW12 is immune to RFI and EMI.
• Concealed override jumper turns lights on in the unlikely event of
sensor malfunction.
• One model for either 120 or 277 Volt circuits.
RSENUSW12 mounts to single or two-gang junction boxes and
is designed to fit flush into designer-style wallplates.
Electrical Ratings:
120 VAC: Ballast or Tungsten.
Maximum load: 6.7 Amps (Approx. 800 Watts).
277 VAC: Ballast only.
Maximum load: 4.3 Amps (Approx. 1200 Watts).
Ballast Compatibility:
RSENUSW12 is compatible with magnetic and electronic ballasts.
Housing and Colors:
Durable, injection-molded housing. Detectors protected by damageresistant grill. ABS resin complies with UL 94V0. Available in white,
almond or ivory.
Size & Weight:
Mounting Plate Dimensions: 4.15” H x 1.94” W. Product Housing
Dimensions: 2.73” H x 1.8” W x 1.5” D. Weight: 3.75 oz.
Installation Considerations:
RSENUSW12 must have a clear view of the area to be controlled. It
should not be blocked by solid objects. The sensor will not penetrate
glass or walls. Mounting height should be kept below five feet. To
prevent false activation, do not direct strong air currents toward
the sensor. Not for use where temperatures fall below 32 F or
exceed 100 F. For indoor use only.
Note: The life of some compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is shortened
by frequent automatic or manual switching. Check with CFL and ballast
manufacturer to determine effects of cycling.
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RSENUSW12 can be wired to
control both an exhaust fan and
lighting provided the total load does
not exceed the maximum load rating
(in Amps) for the automatic wall
Motion at Desk Coverage
1/2 Step Walk Coverage
Switch to “M” for
Manual On.
Switch to “A” for
Automatic On.
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