A Division of MCW Consultants Ltd.

A Division of MCW Consultants Ltd.
“Creating the
our Client’s
require to live
educate, work,
play, and heal”
Since 1964 the MCW Group has built a solid reputation
for the delivery of Professional Consulting Engineering
Services, Energy Management Services, and
Engineering Development Services.
The systems designed by the MCW Group of Companies
are built to deliver energy in the form of lighting, heating
and cooling, as well as information in the form of voice
and data. By the very nature of the solutions provided, the
MCW Group of Companies help to create the environments
required for clients to live, work, play and heal.
Our diverse array of clients have always brought to us
their toughest challenges and most exciting dreams,
knowing that we will provide our designs and services
to address their needs in a manner which will allow
them to succeed and prosper. This success and
prosperity is enhanced through the delivery of our
services in a manner consistent with MCW’s
philosophy of sustainability, and our client’s desire
to reduce the collective “Environmental Footprint.”
our Client’s
Age Power Consultants
AGE Power Consultants are a committed team of Electrical
and Mechanical Professional Consulting Engineers providing
services to Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional
clients, both nationally and internationally.
Age Power Consultants have been providing conceptual
design, detailed design and project management services for
transmission and distribution projects as a division of the
MCW Group of Companies since 1999. The acquisition of
AGE Engineering was in answer to the changing demands of
the Electrical Market place by Industrial, Commercial and
Institutional clients to provide an encompassing electrical
infrastructure design package. With continued expansion and
diversification of expertise, AGE has expanded their services
to include the Utility market.
Engineering Solutions
AGE provides assessments of our client’s electrical system to
establish an optimized set of reliability and performance
targets. These assessments performed during the conceptual
engineering stage of every project enable AGE to solve critical
economic, design, planning and operational challenges.
Custom designed solutions aim to solve the critical
challenges posed by each unique client’s environment.
Station Engineering
AGE provides innovative and imaginative engineering tailored
to the specific need of each of our clients. Our Engineering
experts provide optimized designs for outdoor transformer
stations with voltages from 15 kV to 500 kV and indoor
switchgear with voltages from 4.16 kV to 34.5 kV.
Lines Engineering
AGE provides designs for new overhead and underground
transmission and distribution lines up to 500 kV as well as
upgrading, optimization and refurbishment of existing lines.
Services include insulation design, lightning protection and
structural design optimization.
System Protection and Control Engineering
AGE provides fully integrated Protection & Control Systems
and Telecom Services, including protective relay settings,
fault calculations and SCADA designs. AGE offers consulting
services to evaluate existing and proposed protection systems,
and to analyze unique protection performance problems.
Power Quality Studies and System Analysis
AGE provides consulting and technical services to assess
client’s system power quality and system capabilities. Studies
include power factor and harmonic studies and energy
studies. AGE’s engineering experts carefully conduct system
analyses using field data and the latest in analysis software.
“We specialize
in engineering
that minimize
the need
for outages”
A list of services we can provide ….
Overhead Distribution & Transmission
Pole Line Design
Route Selection
Structural Design Optimization
Tower and Hardware Design
Conductor Specification
Lightning Protection
Grounding Design and Ground
Resistance Measurements
System Optimization
System Protection
Voltage Regulation Studies
Underground Distribution
Duct Bank Design
Grounding Design
Cable Specifications
System Protection
Steel Structure Design
Foundation Design
Control and Protection Design
Protective Relaying Coordination Study
Single Line Drawing
Three Line Drawings
Control and Wiring Diagrams
Grounding Design and Ground
Resistance Measurements
Transformer Containment Systems
Equipment Specification for Power Transformers,
Switchgear (Metal Clad, Metal Enclosed and
Gas Insulated), Disconnect Switches, Circuit
Breakers, Control and Metering
Design Review
Drawing and Specification Document Checks
Power Quality Studies
Energy Studies
Power Monitoring
Power Quality Studies
Power Factor and Harmonic Studies
Magnetic Field Studies
Power System Analysis
Conventional Load flow
Harmonic Load Flow
System Frequency Response
Electro-Magnetic Transient Analysis
Coordination & Short Circuit Studies
Solution Design
Critical Power Systems
Power Factor and Harmonics
Compensation Solutions
Static VAR Voltage Compensation
Protective Relaying Design
Equipment and Software
EDSA Design and Analysis Software
PSCAD/EMTDC Electro-Magnetic
Transient Simulator
Dranetz Power Analyzers
Fluke Harmonics Analyzers
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
LEM Ground Testing Equipment
ACR Loggers
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