Foundation Degree (FdA) in Education and Care

East Durham College
Higher Education Provision
Foundation Degree (FdA) in Education and Care
The Gateway to a Brighter Future
This course is run in
partnership with the
Length of programme
Two years, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm - 9pm.
Who should apply?
The Foundation Degree in Education and Care
is a two-year programme of study for those
working with children (0-19 years) within a range
of settings across the vocational sector including
Children’s Centres, Pre-schools, Home-based
care or Schools.
What are the entry requirements?
A professional qualification at Level 3, eg:
CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education/
BTEC Diploma in Children’s Play, Learning
and Development/BTEC National Diploma in
Childhood Studies/Early Years or CACHE Level 3
Certificate for Teaching Assistants, and at least
two years employment as a Level 3 employee/
er. There will be other qualifications at Level 3
not listed here.
Three passes at GCSE grade A* to C (including
Maths and English) or a minimum of Level 2 Key/
Basic Skills in Literacy, Application of Number/
Numeracy and Information Technology will
also be considered.
Applicants without formal qualifications may
qualify for entry through relevant work based
Learners will have regular mentor and tutorial
visits, by their tutor, at their workplace. Therefore,
learners must have an acknowledgment letter
from their employer confirming they are happy
for this to take place.
How is the course taught?
The University of Sunderland validated this
professional development programme, which
is designed to build upon existing knowledge
and understanding of children and develop
understanding of children in a wide variety
of contexts.
At present the course is delivered two evenings
a week, so commitment to 6 hours per week
in class would be required. Commitment to
independent study for approximately 12-15
hours per week over and above the 6 hours
guided learning per week is also advised.
The programme is classroom based with tutorial
and mentor visits arranged in the workplace.
The programme uses the workplace setting to
help enhance and develop work-based skills.
How is the course assessed?
There are a total of 12 module assignments.
Six modules are delivered in the first year and
six in the second. Each module is assigned 20
credits, 120 credits per year. Over the two year
programme learners will accumulate 240
credits for a total of 12 assignments.
Module assignments include presentations,
reports, reflective professional diaries and essays.
What areas are covered on the course?
Year 1
Study and Self
Thinking Skills, Creativity and Problem Solving
Human Development, Transitions and Change
Diversity and Inclusion
Understanding the Curriculum
The Social Context of Childhood
Year 2
Social Policy and Children’s Well Being
Professional Practice in Safeguarding
Children and Young People
Working Relationships
Learning Technologies
Project Design and Development
What are the progression/
career opportunities?
Successful completion of the Foundation
Degree in Education and Care can lead to
the final year of the BA (Honours) Degree in
Education & Curriculum at the University of
Sunderland. This degree requires applicants
to be in possession of a GCSE in Mathematics
grade A* to C.
Successful completion of the Honours Degrees
will give students the opportunity to apply for
a PGCE, which will lead to Qualified Teacher
status, or having gained a BA (Honours) Degree,
students can move on to a University Masters
Applications for PGCE require GCSE grade A*
to C in English, Mathematics and Science.
Alternatively following successful completion of
the Foundation Degree students could take the
Early Years’ Teacher Status, GCSE grade A* to C
in English and Mathematics are also required.
Successful achievement could also help
open the door of opportunity to apply for
management positions within the sector.
What do I do next?
For further information or to arrange an
appointment please contact:
Student Services
East Durham College
Willerby Grove
Co. Durham
Tel: 0191 518 8222
Further information is also available from our
Partnership Liaison Officer on 0191 518 5531
Mob: 07748 334 838