Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration

Air Conditioning/
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
Overview of courses offered @
College Street Vocational Center
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration I
 Shop Safety
 Tool identification and use
 Electrical and electronic systems
 Basic installation and repair of
residential and commercial
HVAC systems
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration II
 Advance installation
 Advance diagnosis and repair of
residential and commercial
HVAC systems
This course follows standards set by NCCER (National
Center for Construction Education and Research).
College Street Vocational Center
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736 E. College Street
Lake Charles, LA 70607
337 217-4370 x5307
Pre-requisites: Successfully completed Algebra I
and Physical Science - (minimum)
This agency does not discriminate on the basis of age, race,
sex, religion, qualified handicap or
College Street Vocational Center
736 E. College Street
Lake Charles, LA 70607
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
Name of the career:
Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning,
and Refrigeration (HVAC) Technician
What does a person working in this
career do?
Install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
Why do they do it (purpose of the
To provide environmental comfort control, preservation of food, and industrial
refrigeration processes.
Where do they do it?
Residential, community, industrial applications
What materials do they use when
performing work in this work?
Air handlers, duct work, wiring, controls, compressors, condenser, evaporation, fans, blowers, belts, bearings,
pumps, refrigerants, lubricants, piping,
tubing, fittings, and insulation.
What tools are used?
Hand tools, power tools, personal protective equipment, torches, volt-ohmmilliamp meters, amp meters, vacuum
pumps, thermometers, and refrigerant
manifold gauges.
What training is required?
Mechanical process system of the refrigeration; - electrical power and control
circuiting;-proper handling of refrigerants; -safety & environmental regulations;-Soldering, brazing, welding & cutting processes;-working with tubing, fittings and piping;-sheet metal and duct
work layout;-principles of insulating;heat load calculations;-air movement
How long is training?
One to two years post secondary technical training
Are certifications available, and are
they required?
They are available and EPA refrigerant
handling certificate is required.
What are the benefits of certification?
EPA refrigerant handler certification is
required to purchase and dispose of refrigerants under EPA guidelines.
How secure is a job in this career?
As long as people want a constant
temperature environment, food needs
refrigeration to preserve freshness,
and processes requires cooling, these
jobs will exist.
Are jobs available in this career?
Yes – many openings exist for qualified technicians .
How many are currently in demand?
150 per year
Where are the jobs available?
How long does it take to reach top
4 -6 years
What is the pay scale in this career?
$10.00 - $25.00 an hour
What are the associated job benefits?
Ideal for entrepreneur looking to start
their own business