End-to-end security with advanced biometrics technology

Identity Management
End-to-end security
with advanced biometrics technology
Challenges and opportunities
With the explosion in personal mobility and growing migratory
flows, governments face the major challenge of implementing secure
identification systems based on advanced technologies such as biometrics
while complying with the latest standards of identity assurance and privacy
protection. Secure ID documents are needed to identify travellers, curb
illegal immigration and fight terrorism, but ID management programmes
can also simplify relations between citizens and the state, bringing access
to elections, employment and social services.
4 billion
airline passenger
movements annually
Electronic document
market growth forecast:
electronic passports issued
worldwide in less than 10 years
(CAGR from 2008 to 2015)
New types of
illegal immigration, organised crime,
cybercrime, terrorism
2 _ Identity management
300 million
Worldwide biometrics
market growth forecast:
(CAGR from 2008 to 2015)
Annual growth
in identity fraud:
Emergence of
global standards/
New environment
A more interconnected world is inevitably more complex and more vulnerable. With
the growing volume of global trade and travel, government and international agencies
have to respond to the proliferation of new types of risks and threats, such as illegal
immigration, cybercrime and terrorism. Organisations such as the ICAO and ISO are
developing international standards for travel documents including passports, visas and
resident permits. The new standards define security features, electronic components and
biometric data formats to ensure the interoperability that is a basic requirement in a more
connected world. Governments rebuilding their institutions after conflicts or major disasters
see identity management programmes as an opportunity to prepare for the future by issuing
new ID documents and developing their identity databases.
At the same time, governments have a duty to protect the privacy of their citizens
by guaranteeing the security of the systems used to issue and control a whole range of
documents including national identity cards, e-ID cards, voter registration cards, passports,
e-passports, visas and driving licences. In addition, since ID documents are increasingly
used to bring citizens access to basic rights and services (elections, employment, banking,
etc.), identity management programmes have come to play a critical role in social and
economic development. Because security is only as strong as the weakest link in the system,
a holistic, end-to-end approach represents the only effective response to the challenge of
secure identity management.
(ISO, ICAO, EU, etc.)
Identity management_ 3
Turnkey identity
management solutions
Thales harnesses the latest advances in smartcards, biometrics,
cryptography and information systems to meet customers’ growing
security requirements while protecting the privacy of new ID document
holders and providing access to numerous travel-related and e-government
workflow management
Centralised back-office
acquisition &
City hall &
Back-office &
Border crossing
& identity
The Thales Automated Secured Modular
Enrolment Solution & Services (TAME3S) is an
integrated solution combining conventional
enrolment with digital capture of biometric
data. TAME3S guarantees complete biometrics
acquisition (face, 10 fingerprints, signature)
thanks to an ergonomic console and an intuitive
enrolment process which ensure realtime quality
control of results at each capture.
Biometric identification
The Thales Automated Multi Modal
Identification System (TAMMIS) is an enhanced
biometric system based on the Thales AFIS1 and
designed around an open and configurable
architecture to manage different population
groups, with biometric features (fingerprint, face,
iris) supported by multiple applications. With its
unique biometrics workflow management feature,
TAMMIS can be implemented in any business
process and easily integrated or interfaced with
other systems.
Document production
personalisation solutions handle multiple secure
document types and manage all associated
subsystems. As a global security expert, Thales
secures the ID document during the personalisation
phase, archives production data and guarantees
traceability. Thales secure ID document solutions
include TI2S, a multilayer composite card. This
new-generation card includes an electronic chip
and a colour photograph of the card holder, and
has a lifetime of 10 years.
Control and delivery
Thales provides fixed and mobile solutions
to verify identities automatically both at border
checkpoints and in-country. As well as checking
the match between the document and the
bearer, Thales secure authentication solutions
also cross-check bearers with watch lists and
stolen document reports. The Thales Border
Control System (TBCS) can be used under any
circumstances to verify and validate traveller
movements into and out of the territory.
City hall
& border
The Thales approach to identity management is an end-to-end solution. The solution
encompasses everything from collection of biometric data from individual citizens (enrolment)
through to the creation and management of secure ID systems, databases, production and
personalisation of secure documents, and access control systems to authenticate document
users as part of border control solutions.
Drawing on its experience as a systems architect and integrator, Thales works with its
customers to tailor each solution to a specific set of requirements, defining an open
architecture that can incorporate legacy systems and is fully scalable to accommodate
future growth and technology insertion. With its extensive in-country operations and a
global partnership network, Thales is the local trusted partner of choice for ID management
programmes worldwide.
4 _ Identity management
Thales provides and manages a secure framework and trusted infrastructure,
integrating legacy systems and new hardware and software components as required.
The Thales IDentity workflow Management System (TIDMS) can be customised and finetuned to fit customer use cases.
1 Automated Fingerprint Identification System
Identity management_ 5
World leader
in critical IT systems
Thales has drawn on its experience as a systems integrator for military
and public safety organisations to become one of the world leaders in
end-to-end critical information systems security and management for
government agencies. Today, secure ID solutions rely on robust IT expertise
covering overall system architecture, deployment constraints and specific
hosting components.
Secure IT hosting
Designed for secure, mission-critical
applications, Thales’s hosting and oper­
ational datacentres guarantee the highest
level of security, availability, reliability
and integrity.
End-to-end security
Thales guarantees its customers endto-end security solutions including systemlevel and operational security, security
of supply, operational and network
security, and secure Key Management
Infrastructures (KMI).
6 _ Identity management
Thales offers a broad array of
information and communication systems,
ranging from security consulting and
secure architecture implementation to
network encryption equipment and
security appliances for information
systems, as well as full installation,
maintenance and local support services.
Why Thales?
A world leader in defence & security markets
ore than 250 million secure ID documents
produced by Thales systems to date
R ecognised expertise in secure identity
document and civil biometrics
E xtensive experience in document design
to fight counterfeiting and falsification
Unique track record, with over 30 years
of experience in integrated identity
management programmes worldwide
T hales ID document production and control
systems in operation in over 25 countries
Full compliance with intern­ational standards
Capacity to integrate off-the-shelf products
and/or proprietary solutions
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