Operations Leadership Program (OLP)

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Operations Leadership Program (OLP)
Being an OLP has given me
hands-on experience in almost
every aspect of the operations
world, experience I would not have
gained as a direct hire. Within
a year of starting the program I
had gained experience in
manufacturing, materials handling,
quality assurance, production
planning, purchasing, and machine
Texas A&M University
looking for a strong few
Cooper is looking for select candidates from highly regarded engineering
programs to join the company and climb the ranks. The Operations Leadership
Program (OLP) was created to build a pool of high-potential candidates for
influential management positions within the operations and supply chain
Designed to build on your existing skills, the OLP exposes you to experienced
Cooper professionals through three rotational, one-year assignments in up to
three locations.
In addition, you may also gain exposure to assignments in the safety/
environmental, quality and sourcing arenas.
As a supplement to the day-to-day experiences, Cooper conducts in-depth
training workshops. These workshops are taught by experienced Cooper
leaders who provide insight on a variety of topics.
Operations Leadership Program (OLP)
Manufacturing Engineering
• Participate on new product development teams
• Develop automation processes
• Design and procure equipment and tooling
• Improve the manufacturability of products
• Resolve capacity and productivity issues
• Improve plant layouts and material flows
• Assess new/existing manufacturing processes
• Develop and implement engineering controls
• Participate in noise control or ventilation projects
Supply Chain
• Develop material flow and control plans
• Design material optimization systems
• Integrate marketing requirements into manufacturing plans
• Develop production schedules
• Procure and certify vendors for goods and services
• Implement or supervise inventory management systems
Manufacturing Variance Program (MVP)
• Provide continuous improvement program support and project leadership
• Drive performance improvements in manufacturing and/or business processes
• Lead Kaizen activities
• Map value streams
• Develop visual pull or Kanban systems
• Implement 5S and cellular manufacturing
• Conduct TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
• Manage product line transfers/relocations
Plant Supervision
Supervise and train employees
Improve manufacturing practices
Execute production schedules
Develop and implement quality improvement plans
Liaison between functional areas and line employees
are you qualified?
Undergraduate or graduate degrees in mechanical, industrial or electrical engineering fields
Relevant manufacturing experience
Proven leadership experience
Strong interpersonal skills
Must be willing to relocate
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