Modern Physics II

OSU Physics
Modern Physics II (Fall 2016)
Professor A Xie
Modern Physics II
Class Times
MWF 9:30-10:20 at PS112
PHYS3713 (Modern Physics I) & PHYS3013 (Mechanics I)
Dr Aihua Xie (Tel: 744-6589, emails: [email protected]; [email protected])
Office Hours
Tue 10:00 am – 12:00 pm or by appointments at 230B HBRC
Modern Physics (3rd edition) by Kenneth Krane
Course Website
D2L website
Albert Einstein
Erwin Schrödinger
This course is the second part of Modern Physics in the Physics Curriculum. We will
explore and discuss the following topics. The interactive simulations from Physlets and
PhET will be occasionally incorporated into lectures & homework to help develop
physical intuitions.
Review on particle properties of light
The Schrodinger Equation
The Atomic Spectra & the Bohr Model of Hydrogen Atom
Statistical Physics (Classical & Quantum Statistics)
Nuclear Physics & Nuclear Reactions
Cosmology (if time allows)
OSU Physics
Modern Physics II (Fall 2016)
Professor A Xie
Homework will be assigned weekly (via D2L’s Content page), and should be completed
and turned in to the instructor on the following Wednesday before the lecture.
Homework will be graded based on both correctness and efforts. Homework solutions
will be posted on the Content page after the due date. To avoid missed homework, you
will be asked to sign the homework checklist upon turning in your homework.
Prelecture Quiz
You are expected to read and think about the content to be discussed before the class.
Your answers to prelecture questions should be submitted by 8:00 am on the day of each
lecture and will be graded based both your efforts (50%) and correctness (50%).
There will be three exams plus a final exam. The final exam is comprehensive. All
exams are closed book, while a calculator is allowed and an equation sheet will be
The final grades will be calculated as follows:
Prelecture quizzes
10% (50% efforts & 50% correctness)
Exam 1
Exam 2
Exam 3
Final Exam
If you excel in the final exam, but not so well in exams 1-3, the final grade will also be calculated
using the final exam only (70%). The highest score from two grade calculation methods will be used to
determine your final grade. The grading scale will be: A ≥ 85 > B ≥ 75 > C ≥ 65 > D ≥ 55 > F.
Academic Conduct and Withdrawals
The University procedures on academic integrity and withdrawals will be strictly enforced. Cheating
on any exam will result in an F grade for the course.
The 2016 OSU Syllabus Attachment and OSU academic policies are posted on the course webpage.
No Class Days
Monday September 5 (Labor Day), Friday October 14 (Fall Break), November 23-25
Final Week
December 5-9, 2016