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I. C. U. Congress.
(B * O ub S p e c ia l
C o r r e s p o n d e n t .)
was appointed to deal w ith the matter.
Mr. T oem a proceeded to trace the origin
of the Pass L aw s, and then showed
how the illiterate N ative suffered unlust im prisonm ent beoausa of the m an ­
ner in whioh these laws were adm inis­
tered. H e contended that the Pass
Laws had outlived their usefulness, if
ever they had any. T hey oould not
prevent stealing
If a N ative w ished
to steal he would do it, and no pass law
eould prevent him. The pass laws oould
not prevent desertion either.
In fact,
in the Cape, where there were no pass
laws, there was far l e ^ desertion than
in those Provinces where the system
exis ed.
An evil effect w hich the p is s laws
had had on the Native was that they
had taught him to forge. F or forging
passes Natives had g m e to the far
more serious orime of forging cheques.
Speaking on the need for co opera­
tion betw een the I C.TJ. and the African
Nati >nal Congress, Mr. Them a said it
would be an excellent thin? if the tw o
organisations could agree to work t o ­
gether on lines similar to th o s s follow ed
by the British Labour Party and the
Trade Union Congress. The National­
ists had w on the eleotion, and held that
they had a mandate from W hite South
Africa to go on w ith the Dolioy embodied
in General H ertzog's Native B ills
was therefore
necessary that they
should pool their resources and w ork
togithar for the political and econom ic
em ancipation o f their raea. The Na
tives always blamed the whites for injust ce, but they never blame them ­
selves for not uniting as one paople.
T o e time had <jome for co-operative
action, and he appealed to the leaders
to sink thsir differences and sacrifice
their pjrsonal am nions for the greater
am bition of their race.
Scuth Africa was the land of their
birth. It was their home where they
should have a plaoe. T hey were made
in the image of G od to fill a nobler
plaoe than that of servitude in the
affairs of civilised mankind, and to con ­
tribute their share towards the civilisa­
tion of the world. T be white paople
Thought that th e y h a d m o n o p o l y ovfJF’
Y et while the paople of
Europa were t-till painting their bodies
and dressing in skins there had been an
advanced stage of civilisation in Africa
— a civilisation w hich the tom bs of
anc ient Egyptian monarchs were prov­
ing to be equal to the civilisation of
m idern times. Further, there were the
ruins of Zim babw e, w hich for m any
years had puzzled the modern world.
All trace of the builders of these ruins
had been lost. Negro sk ills had been
fou id there, however, but the white
m ao had refused t" bilieve that Negroes
were the builders. W hoever the builders
of Zim babw e were, it could not be
d en i-d that they had lost themselves
in the Bantu race, a race of w hich they
sh ou ll be proud. Tnat race had p ro­
duced Chaka, amilitary genius; M oshesh,
a nation builder and d ip lo m a t; Kgam a
the G o o d ; Ntsikana the Prophet and
others ; and if their race oould produce
men such as those while it was still in
its primitive state then they had a
great future before them.
In conclusion M r. Them a said the
black man and the white man were
destined to live B ide b y side in this
country. F or that reason th ey should
not antagonise one another.
T hey
should each realise that thay could not
d o w ithout tbe other.
The follow ing resolutions were una­
nim ously passed : " This Conference
accepts the prinoiple of a working
alliance w ith the other African political
and industrial organisations, and in
structs its officials to try and reach an
understanding with the African National
Congress with a view to formulating a
p an of aotion sim ilar to that follow ed
by the B ritish Labour P arty and the
Trada U nion C o ig r e s s."
Tno 0 .inference also expressed itself
in favour of the prinoip'e of intar racial
ci-o o e ra tio n between w hife and black
M r. Joe Kokozela, Organising Secretary
o f tin I.O .U . was elected to prooeed to
Geneva w ith Mr. W . G. Ballinger.
The ninth annual Congress of the
I . C . U. was held at K roonstad fr im
Jan e 22nd to 25th.
th e divisions within the ranks of the
1 .0 .TJ. the gathering was representative
there being delegates from the various
aantres in the Gape, the Orange Free
State and the TransvaalT he con fe­
rence was opened b y the M ayor of
K roonstad, Councillor J. H . Slabbert,
w h o w as supported on the platform by
fche T ow n Clerk (Mr. R S. Koller),
F ath er Amor and Mr. J. B reat (Supe­
rintendent of L )C*tions).
In his opening remarks, Mr- Slabbert
expresssd appreciation o f the w ay in
w h ich the new I.C .D . was making e f­
forts to help the white people under­
stand Native conditions.
In the past
th e I.O .U had earned for itself a bad
name, but n ow different leaders had
been appointed and the m ore moderate
view s of these would do a great deal of
H e pointed out that Natives
were entitled to certain com f jrta, rut
that those com forts would not be ob
tained w ithout m oney.
Through the
influence of t i e I.C.LJ. a large amount
of revenue had been kept back from the
T ow n C ouncil. This w&s very wrong,
for the m onay paid by the Natives was
used solely for their ow n benefit.
con clu sion the M ayor announced that
he would present them witn an ox to
be slaughtered according to Native tra
Tribute was paid to the T ow n C oun­
cil of Kroonstad by the R ev. Father
Am or, for its generous assistance in
matters of Native uplift. The Council,
he said, had raised a loan of £4,000 for
th e building Of a new school for Native
children, and bad helped the P ath ­
finder and W ayfarer m ovem ents.
A l­
th ou gh the I.eC D. trouble had been
m u ch greater in Kroonstad than any
■where else in the Uuion, the white
people of Kroonstad had never becom e
oxcitea or had interfered in any way.
Mr. W . G . Ballinger than'red ,4he
M ayor aod other E uropeans preseat
for their attendance and for their re
m arks.
T he eleven m onths which he
had spent in South Africa had been the
m ost interesting period of bis life. H e
was the only white man in the country
w h o was forced to oarry a pass. (L au gh ­
ter). W hen he had first taken- up the
cudg Is on behalf of the I.O .U . he had
thought that matters would never be
righted on a c o u n t of the great debt
w h ich had been incurred
W h en the
1.0. U. had first commencecHts campaign
It had accom p lish el m uch good, but the
trouble was it had met w ith too m uch
Success right at the beginning.
som ething had been accom plished tin
organisation had rested on its oars, and
had com m enced to make
trouble in the meantime.
W h at the
N atives of South Africa were at present
passing through was on ly w hat the
peoples of E urope had passed through
during the last five hundred years. The
1 .0 .U . was n ow prepared to meet E u ro­
peans to discuss the problem of white
a n d black, and the present conference
w as the beginning of the right road.
H e urged the m em bers not to place too
m u ch trust in the men who were at the
head of affairs, for th ey were on ly
hum an and could also make serious
m istakes.
One of the m ost im portant matters
dealt with by the C> nforence was the
pass laws, and Mr R . V . Selope Thema,
w h o had been invited to attend the con
ference, was aBked to lead the confer­
en ce on this question. Mr. Them a B*id
that some time ago a conference was
called by the I. 0 . U , w h ich was a t­
tended by representatives o f several
grganisations in tbe Transvaal, includ­
in g the Jahannesburg Joint Counoil of
Europeans and Natives. The con fer­
en ce was presided over by Pro'eSSor E
H . Brookes of the Transvaal University
C ollege. A memorandum was prepared,
but its presiubation to the Minis er for
N ative Affairs was interforred wir.h
ow ing to the general election.
question of the Pass Law s was also
dealt with at the N a'ional E lropeanThe Editor regrets that owing to special
B antu Con erence h e ll at Capetown circumstances the Religioa and Social
ast February, and a strong oomm ittee Service page is omitted from this aamlfcr.
Housing Problem.
At a ratepayers' maeting at Joh ann es­
burg the M unicipal expenditure on
Native housing was discussad, when
Mr. B. O. Leake, chairman of tbe
M unicipal Native Affair's Oommittee,
said that im provem ents w ire costly
but that it would pay the Oity in the
long run to spend m oney liberally to
provide for the decent housing of the
City’ s Native population.
1W e shall
drift into something like w hat happened
in Durban unless we attend to the
present problem ," added Mr, Leake.
H e thought tha Council could have
spent more out of their £3,000,000 in ­
com e this year than they proposed to
spend on the Native problem.
Detailing tha work done at the three
tow nships, dr. Leake said Klipspruit had
been in existanca for 25 years. Since
Mr. G . Ballandan had takan over the
management, matters had im proved
greatly. A com m unal hall was baing
erected there- Of the 10,000 Nativa
inhabitants in Klipspruit, about 3,000
came to work in the citv every day.
Only one whita man lived there— the
soholmastar of the on ly G overnm ent
native sshool in the Transvaal.
As regarded the W estern Native
T ow nship tha tram line had been led
right into the centre of the tow nship
whioh also housed 10 000 inhabitants.
At the Eastern Native T ow nship 250
more houses were being built. All
three townships had clinics, and a small
charge of sixpence per m onth per
fam ily was made for medical attend­
ance. All tow nships had their own
elected advisory boards through which
the Natives took a great interest in their
The W am m er Barracks were gradu
ally filling up, and soon there would be
2,000 single men living there. On the
open piece of ground there, the C ouncil
hoped to erect a building to house the
city s Native Affairs Dapartment.
M r G. Ballendeo, manager of the Muni
cipal Native Affairs Department, said the
Native population o f 15 0 ,0 00 in Joh an »
a+lf jer1than that o
wa3 m ac
any othar town in tha U nion. J oh an ­
nesburg housed one tw enty-fifth of Uir
total adult Native population of the
U n 'on . The Council had spent some
£600,000 in Native housing, and had
accom m odated about 26,000 Natives.
They bad still 5 000 families to provide
for. In addition there was an annual
influx of between .400 and 600 families
The Race Problem.
B y R esurgam
The com m unications to Umteteli by
Enquirer " are very interesting and
afford excallent material for discussion.
H e reveals an intim acy with the
and a historical knowledge of con tem ­
porary politics generally as well as
the Native
situation as applied to
the educated Native leadership which
will be useful when tbe real struggle for
the suprem acy of Bantu leadership
comas up. That is a more im portant
question than the present struggle b e­
tw een Generals Smuts and H ertzog, as
no doubt time will show . “ Enquirer ”
has remarked that the idea of an All
Bantu Conserence enunciated by Mr.
Pelem is ridiculed by some of the
N orth.
W hether that and the reasons advanced
b y Enquirer as against certain gentle­
man he has named are sound or not
matters little. The material point is
that we are not prepared to renounce
our status and independence as a race
w ithout a struggle, and that the All
Bantu Conference is inevitable and
must be held sooner or later. Much
water has rim under the bridge since
General Sm uts’ S avoy H otel speech,
which like a boom erang has com e back
to smite the author. B ut there is no
doubt that he has since proved himself
capable of dealing w ith large and per­
plexing issues with dignity and conpicuous ability, and as regards Native
Affairs with discretion. The manner
in which he handled the European
situation in South Africa after his
return with General B oth* from V er
sailles is a tribute to his political genius
M ost prom inent in his appeal to bis
fellow countrym en was
his urgent
enunciation that
a new spirit of gene­
rosity and hum anity might be born in
the hearts of the paople o f the D o m i­
nion of South Africa ” and ha served
in a remarkable way to unite the coub try. That pronouncem ent would also
fit the Native situation w hich is new
m ost parplexing.
The Miser’a Hoard
At Serowe, Bachuanaland, an old
Native charged a Matabele with the thelt
from him of £1,040. Tt apoears that
the old man has baen hoarding up his
m oney, while living miserably, for more
than 30 years, placing the coins in tins
which he buried in the ground. Tbe
accused admitted the theft and said the
amount of m oney he found in the tins
was as the old man had state 1 ; but he
refus9d point blank to say where the
m oney is now hidden, and declared that
he wanted it and would get it when be
com es out of gaol. Ha was sentenoed
to three years' hard labour.
Mr. C. C. Fyre O .B .E ., F .L C , ad­
dressing a meeting of the S.A. Chemical
Institute at Durban, said :
“ Y our
colour b it idea is the most dreadful
confession of funk that oould possibly
be made. The same ideas in the past
prevented the workers from becom ing
managers. It is, of course, w rong to
generalise in sweeping terms, but on
the whole it seems to me that N a­
tive labour in the Union is usually
rather expensive labour, and, further,
that Native lib ou r must gradually be
classified just as white labour is classi­
Johannesburg Bantu
Football Association.
Saturday League Fixtures, July 6
Olym pic
vs Jumpers W em m er 2.15
Sunday Lergue Fixtures, July 7.
M. Lions
va Zulu Darkies W em m er
V. Natalians ,, H. Sweepers
W em m er
Springboks „ Young Tigers W em m er
R ebellions ,, Springboks
F. Fighters ,, Rangers
L. W hites
„ Hungry Lions Klipspruit
Callie Lads „ N. Savages W . N. T ’ship
W . B . Birds ,, B. L ions
W . N .T ship
G. Stars
„ Crocodiles W . N. T ’ship
Zebras a bye.
Edwaleni Industrial School
Edwaleni Industrial School for
the Christian education of Native
boys, offers the following Courses:
Motor Mechanics, Blacksmithing,
Wagon - Making, Carpentry, Tan­
ning, Tailoring, and Leather Work,
Harnessmaking Saddlery etc. Give
full address when writing for Pros­
J. S. RICE, Principal.
P.O. Izingolweni, Natal.
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SMITH P r e m ie r and all Standard machines.
GUARANTEED in perfect condition. From
R ib b o n s and C a r b o n s at lowest O S )
prices R e p a ir s to all m ikes of Typewriters, and Gash Registers, Spare parts......
Call or Write to
B B P A IB S 0 0 ., 48» 8itnantt49 Stre«*
Subscribe to
Eze Bhola e Goli.
( N g u M p a n g e l e .)
Fort Hare Soccerites on
the Rand.
Tourists Trounce Old Nataliaus.
On Jana 29 lis t the tourists m et the
O ld N B t& lansB tthe W e m m e r Groand
T h e teams lined out as fo l'o w :
F o r t H a r e : K h om o, S m o e s ,
F o b o , B opap e. N zlm ande, K u n a lo ,
T haele, D . M tlm kulo, Sililo, M lya end
^ O . N . F C . : Radebe* Sltebe N eals,
K esw a. M azlbuko, G um ede, MapalalB,
A . M abaso, T shabalala, S . N cala and
K ute ngo M gqibelo we 29 ku June, lo
opelileyo e W em m er G round kwaba
kona im idhlalo. Owokuqala ubspskati
kwama Transvaal Jumpers ne Pure
Vuur F.C. U m dhlalo upetwe u Mr.
M okuena, lom dhlalo wokuqala uqalwe
ngo 2.30 p.m. LiBukile eliog »liy o kwabonakala ukuba i Pure Vuur ayibopelanga ngokujwayelekile, kodwa bebepungwa nges-itebe abafana abancane kuqube
ke isikatshana alifaka ama Pure Yuur,
lelo lijabise izibukeli ngoba ayidumanga
njengesiqelo, loko kukombise ukuti akona atandwa kakulu. Zibam bene lapo
amandhla kwabonakala ukuba ayalingana, kuqubeke isikati alifaka ama Jumpers
yadum a eyezibukeli.
K u ze kwatshintshwa zibambene ngqi.
okokugcina, sikale njalo isikumba macala amandhla elingana, kuze kwapela
umdhlalo umi lapo. Um dhlalo won a
ubumhle kakulu. W apela kanje :
P . M abaso.
^ . ,
F ro m the start the tonrlsts attacked
and many dangerous m ovem ents were
m a d e ! Sililo forced a coraer which ra
salted in a brilliant goal scored by M iye
a f t e r w hich the O d N ats w ere very
a g g ressiv e; A . M azlbuko n ow and Pure Vuur 1 goal T. Jumpers 1 gaol.
aL i n made brilliant m ovem ents but
Kute ngo 4.5 kwangena eyabafana
th% tourists back division c.eared with base F ort H are ne Old Natalians F.C.
ease. T h e N ats w ere often in the im fengwana ipetwe ngom hlope yena
tourists’ territory, but their shooting u Mr. Prince, wazibiza!ezingaliyo ukuza,
w as wide. D Mttmku!u registered a
yangena i Old Nats, kuqala malunga
beautiful goal for the tourists amidst nesango lase W em m er enkom poni kwathunderous cheers. T h e m atch now duma inkundhla izibukeli ziyitakazalela
becam e exciting M azlbuko made brtl
i Old Nats
Yangena i Fort H are iqa
llant m ovem ents, but they w ere oot mke ngasa mpumalanga pakati nenkueffective as the com bination of the team ndhla yadum a eyezibukeli ikala nge
w as weak. F ort H a re again broke “ All Blacks ” pela laba abafana bafake
through, for the tourists. Shortly after okum nyam a kodrtk. bane bala elimpofu
this the referee whistled and ha.f time esifubeni nase ntanyeni. Lisukile elic a m e with the score as follow :
F ort □galiyo kusipuzele izinwele abafana be
H a re 4, O d N atilians 0.
Old Nats abapambili bakombisa ukuti
T w o minutes after the resumption siyayazi lento enize ngayo, akubanga
S ililo received the ball from Kutnalo kade kaneanani elitolw e yi inner left
but his m ovem ent was disturbed by the yalisho pakati langena, kanti siti kukona
-opposing centre half
T h e N ats now u goal keeper nje siqambe amaoga yiba
c o m b in e d well and play was confined ntshi. U w atene amandhla ama Old
at the F ort H are araa, T shtb>laia Nats, lapa sisati sizokuzi kolisa ngam ebroke through and banged the ball hlwana etu kanti asibuzanga, loko uku
w h ich struch the cross bar end beat ngabiko kom vim bi webhola kuwakipe
the goalie. T h e N ats now becerne onyaweni ama Old Nats
dangerous but K hom o cleared con fid ­ abafana base Fort Hare, kukale ugoli
ently each time- M tim k u ln got the
ged U to Thaele who
.jdnaTaTiafana base F ort H are nay ali ona
„la d throogh the backs, and founfl tne kcdwa hai ukuba ngaze i Old Natalians
nets with ease thus p u ttirg his side ingaze idelwe kangako.
five up, T haele appeared lor the first bekulula abafana e half-line ibilunge
time as a right wing and now Bnd again kakulu, ngangoba i full-back yase Fort
w as cheered b y the spect tors for his ibilambele ilitola kancan°. K ute kutship liy , T h e tourists now had the upper ntshwa ayesemane (4) pakati. Am ahloni
hand and it was no surprise when Mlya lawa aletwe pakati kwttu. Liqaliwe
registeted tbe sixth gcai, soon after-' okokugcina hai yasengati yenza into i
wards tw o goals were scored by the Old Nats, kuqubeke isikati esidana
tourists thns putting lha to»rists eight zisabambene, latolwa yi centre ye Nats
up. W h en the final whistle was blown iqashe njenge zenze yalisho pakati,
the score was as follow :
um vim bi wase Sikol ni ubelizamela ukulivimba ngoba bekungela pantsi kodwa
F ort H are
larnehlula. Kute emva kw aloko abafana
O d N atilU n s
T b e tourists beBt the Old N ets baee F ort H are benza into yakuqala,
through crafty com bination. T he O d lapo an gene aze amane futi. Loku ke
N ats kicked hard and showed no train­ kubajabulisile abafana, zehla izihlati
ing of com bination, they demonstreted kwabe Old Nats. Lom dhlalo ubumhle
finer phases of dribbling code but these kakulu nom a ukombiee ukuti ueungovre
w ere m erely w ssted.
T h e tourists cala linye ngenxa yebantshi esengilishilo
play on Saturday w es exca lent and if ekuqaleni. K ute nxa usupela i fullback
they keep up the fcrm they will be a yase Fort iti iyahlangula kwahlangana
izinyaw o ebholeni ne centre ye Old
hard side to beat.
T h e tourists p lB je d egainst Pretoria Nats loko kube nesinyala e fulubekeni
ngoba ize yatw alwa lapo, ibuye ngapao n July 3.
ndhle isixhuga, kodwa um dhlalo wona
R esults
ubumhle kakulu, lento yona yenzeke
F ree State
ngengozi. Into nje u. P ercy Mabaso
F ort H are
akabonakalisanga okujwayelekile kwake,
O d Natbllans
ne N yosi hai ukuba ilralule njengoba
siyazi unyaw o lw ayo. Ngako ama Old
J. G . S. X .
Nats ahlulwe rgam a saka awu 8 kaboJo h in n e sb urg .
ntshisi asindwa y iw o ukupindela enko
m poni yase Simm er & Jack. IzinhliT w o im portant football m atches will ziy o zetu sonke esikipe imali yetu sidube played on the W em m er G round on mazekile ukuba ibhola libe cala linye.
July 6 and 10 between tbe F ort H are N gom so ningapindi nifake isigxobo niti
touring team versus B .M S. C. and the um vim bi. Upele kanje lo m d h la lo :—
T ransvaal Institutions respectively. Ad
F o at H are
8 goals.
m ission on both o cc a s io n s : adults 6d,
O ld N a ta lia n s
1 goal.
children 3d. Tim e 3 50 p.m ., entrance
ntaL oved ay Street Extension
mbama inyoni iyobekelw a am azolo nabo
laba bafana base F ort Hare ne Bantu
E n y e imambane ebim iswe pambi M en ’s Social Centre Football Club, sine
kw ejaji kuzo ezintsuku ngatyala loKu- tem ba noko ukuba lizoba elincono kakulu
hlaba umntu kakubi ite ukuzitetelt la elanamhla ngoba nabo bayalibona kahle.
k w a yo lom ntu ubanjelw e yena nguye K odw a singase m oyeni, siyonipakela
aqale wam hlaba ngem ini engapambili, kwelizayo.
yena ke um blabe kuba ezipindezela.
N eobungqina obute bakolisa umhlekazi
»m vu m ele ukuti ubenesizatu noko ;
Iy eza W ood s Great Pepperm int lilu>
ngako oko wam gwebela inyanga ezilitoba entelongw eni esebenza nzima. IK ngele kakulu U kohlokohle ne Ngqele.
E venkileni yakani blza i
L I G H T . . . xa unayo
akusafuni matshisi yokukanylsa endlaleni.
A . i , , A SH L £Y
Abam-ie Abeazi j .
P.O. Box 1929,
Duff Bible Institute
( U n d e n o m i n a t io n a l)
Gives a sound Theological Training, fitting Christian men for Church
W rite for prospectus to
Izingolweni P.O ., Natal.
Transvaal Native Rugby
Football Union.
N.R.C. Cup Competition.
N jengoko sake sati capa ngogqatso
Iwale Ndebe, ngoku im ibuto kuxa_ ise
q ’ ineni lenkalo kuquma utuli ukusinga
esipumeni. Ngangokuqina kwemibuto
kulonyaka, ngumabona ndenzile em ayipumelele ebaleni mihla yonke yemidlaloSakuposa i iso ngati nezi “ gqogqo ’’
ziyikw enyele imisila, asazi ukuba koti
kupi kube kuteni kuba kambe li ‘ Tole ”
le Ndebe yabahlekazi. Kupauleka ngovuyo jikelele ukudlala kwabadlali ngomanyano lobunene kungabiko zipitipiti
em dlalweni— akwaba ibiyakuti izinge
I L og kum jikelo wokuqala wale
imi ngoluhlobo :—
P. W . D . L . Pts.
5 4 1
Crown " B ”
5 4
Crown " A ”
5 2 2 1
Star E ast
5 1 1 3
O ccidental
5 —
2 3
G ovt. A ieas
2 3
! I Nogaga Cup yodudelw a nje ukutwasa kuka August w osow usiva ngendaba
nangayo wena ukude.
T . I . N . S. SONDLO,
Isinyewenyewe sase
Abafundi bokumbula okokuba site
sababikela kuyo lemihlati udushe olute
lwabakona e Tekwini ngo June kwaza
kwafa abantu, lubangele okokuba makuoelwe izipatamandla ukumisela i K om isheni yokupanda imbangeli yoko. Ngoku
ke kuyavuyisa ukuvakalisa okokuba u
Bulumente unyule u Judge Dan de W aal,
inkulu-jaji yelase Transvaal ukuba yi
Com m issioner yokupandisisa ngolodushe. Y obe ivakaliswe exesheni ingxelo
N gokugilana kwetreni kwisteshana
sase Klaarwater kwelase Natal kwiveki
epelileyo, kwafa abantu ababini abantsundu nom Indiya njengokuba sesi*
tshilo, kwaza kwenzakala ama 26 aba*
mhlopa. K ungosizi olunzulu kunene
ukuvakalisa okokuba kwabo abantsundn
abafileyo bekuko no W alter, unyana ka
Mr. Edm und Msane ow aziw a kakulu
kwelase Rautini nangabaninzi ababe
naye e Lovedale esinareni. TJmfana lo
ubevela kugqiba im fundo yake yobucw eli epantsi kwam alungiselelo okuyakn
sebenzisa lom fundo, kanti u Nkulunkuubone ngenye indlela- Sivelana kakulu
nendln ka Msane.
“ U-Don Juda. ”
B m va kokubanda okukulu ngo M yulo
nangolweai BinJ kwepelileyo kube kwa
fudumala noko wapela u J u m sesinxa
mele ukulibala ukuti kusebusika. Kodw a
ka indaw o ekufuneka ingalityalwanga
yeyokuba iqelekile kwelase Transvaal
ukuti ekudibaneni kuka July no August
likitike, ng >ko asibo bulumko ukuqala
ancom e amadoda ati obu busika bano
nyaka nje abubandanga.
Samkele incwadana enamapepa ayi
77 ebhalwe yinibongi eyaziw a kunene
neyayibonga pambi ko Mnfcan Om hle u
P rince of W ales ngonyaka ka 1925.
Lencw adi inom fanekiso we Mbongi um^
bhali wayo, u Mr. S. B . R une M qayi
now e Prince leyo. Yinowadi enencasa
K uko isiqelo esibana eaine ngozi futi;
kakulu ekungeze kube bulumko ukuti sesokubeka aooa‘>ye esipolweni aika lonabanina ofunda inteto yesi Xoaa, anga
liwe, eyinto esicinga okokuba yenziw a
bi nayo endlw ini yaka. K unjengokuba □g^cna kw eakw e ugokadiala. N geiinye
isitsho n ayolen ow adi ukuti “ ukuhamba Ixesha amakwenkwe ati ebedlala nj lo
yim fundo " kuba umntu uham ba aha
abone umlungu asuke abaieke awasblm be ade azokugangana nelifa elilo la ­ ye amatya lawo kaoti n jiio xa eoga
n e wadi.
L encw adi inokufunyanw a e b on w a n gi sshenxlsw a ayakasnka enza
L oved ale ngendaliao kupela, yaye ine
ir g iz l e b ic g t cingw anga ngatna kwezabluko ezi 12 eziteta ngezinto zokuku
okw e law o.
K w e sise
taza um anyano
nenqubala pambili kwelase Transvaal kw epelileyo ingquem zini.
ngqum bane ebihambisa abahloli spolo
slka loliwe ite yabeteka elityeni ebell
bekwe esipolweni, yabnlala abelnngu
ababini. A kucacanga ukuti iiitye elo
belibekwe ngubantna, kodw a Ingozi
K u ye kutt x « butetw ayo, ifcakuln yona yokubeka amatye esipolweni icace
ngam apepandaoa abam hlope, bu kuii. kakulu.
ew e u kungakw azi n k uzip tta kw absn tu
abantsuada, ngokunga knm bi abahaK ucaca into yokokuba imanaipalati
m ba n g ololiw e, eaide aiti y iy o nalento ynse Johannesburg inxamele ukuxakwa
a ih etw a y o senzalw a awetu am ak’aliji ngutnzi ontrundu opakati kw am asingo
aw oilw a kaba buaitwa aiyangxola si- ayo. B yon a nkohla zizindlu zokuhlala
rcoliaa n>p>ntai n g ok n ta h ici nango. ababantu nent»apo z ib o . Ilokishi yase
kulahla izinto. N goka in g x e lo yam v* Nancefield yodw a ineshumi latnawaka
ibonig* n g ok oca oiley o okokuba a b a
abantu abanentsapo. Kuyakiwa k o d * a
d U v io i n oko abnko pakati bwabange. n ga 'i akuncedi kuba injongo kukukupa
m h lop e b od w r. K ofum aneb* o k o k a b
abantu a bim nyam a konke kouke pakati
o O Jin Piet *b*qeahwa ezindleleni kw edolopa. Kukalw a kakulu ngokuti
em apandleni n ga Ralaaaente b»ti bi*. indaw o eziqeshiselwa abantsunda ngatna
kwam keW , xa begodak* akuh*mb8l>
Juda, nacna India koma Fidasi azifaneintaapo em absya koma P ilo li n ok u b a . lekile kon k 3 , ziyingozi em pilweni kubo
yela apo enk m pini apo b*B9r>enz
n semzini ngokubanzi. N abm in a oke
kona bazipate n < e id le '» en gim kelrf- afike pakati kom zi wase Vrededorp uno
kiyo kon ke ; bangxila ngokaing p i y - kuyivum a londaw o ; boainzi abantsundu
s e b itete sm sn y u m n y e zi, nam tk ’ sliji abangaku xolelayo ukurafela izindlu
sbabw ele b n w o o fi ia eaoyikek* puntai. kunokuhlala e Fidasi ' mahala ’ ngangoAaazi ke kaba Beibintu a b im n y im a kuncoia kwendawo zakona.
abo benz* ezon to.
Ubundlavini Abucalanye.
In gozi zezitutu ngapa kwelas.3 Natala
zinxamale ukuwuraxa um zi kwazi ntsu* u ; ngolw esi' N e kwenzakele um lungw aua ekungeko temba lokokuba uya
kupila, w enzakele yena ngomhla 27.
N gom bla 28 kwaku June, ngosuku olulandelayo kwenzakala ababini abahe
kwele tw a isitututu ebusuku bevela
umdanisweni basuka bagilisa umntu
(kw a umlungu) nabo banzakala bobabini, kodwa m nye lo kunga qondakaliyo
ukuti angadabula.
M alunga nentom bazana emhlopa eyabuiawa apa e Rautini nyakanye, kwaza
kwaham ba ixesha kumana k ocqak u iw a
abantn abantsunda babe bayekw e, bsnqakuiwa D g o k u r a n e l w a ukuti ngabo
abayi gw lntayo, nsoku kwezl ntsuku
kubanjw e umfHija otnblope, uyokufunyanwa kwelakwa M ziiikazi wabuyi^
swa. Sisalinde ke Dgoku in gcom bolo
yokutetw a k w elo tyala kwa esemtsha
r je u July lo.
umuti ohudlaayo kanye no
Utunge kwabadala nakvrabancane
isingane ziyawotanda.
Uma isitalo o'.eaga k aio singa ku
aiki i HARTLEY’S obo nfanekiao we
utfiilovu egabbeai, uagawuvutni ko­
dwa tumela imali u 1/ 6 age poai ku
Umkemisi— “ Endhlovini,”
Wubuze esitoto otenga kuso nbona
kable ukuba igabha akunika Iona 11
neat tombe se ndhlovu.
Ekupeleni kweveki ingozi za motokali
zibe mbini, kwagiliswa umntu om ayam a
edolopini, ow esibini obekwele ibhaiaekile j
wa^ilaaa no tramu ngakwa Tulandivile
nge Oawa. Bobabini abo b in tu babjj^
b a le esibedlela. Sivelana kakulu nentsapo zalom adoda kunya namawabo
K ube luvuyo ukuva okokuba umfana
oquba im otokali ka Jwara, Mr. Ernesb j
Buhlungu, wahatnba kakuhle no Miss
Co imbs ukuya kufika kwa Kayakulu [
ngo Mgqibelo w om bla 29 waza wabuya
nga Cawa elishiye kona Iona inenekazi
elo ikukona lisaza kwenzelw a izinwe
Dgama Hiubi njangesiqelo.
Sinosizi ukuvakalisa ukulishiya eli
pakade kuka Nkosazana Esther Hobana
waku K om ani mzuzu, obehlala a Doorn
fontein e Rautini
Lorn Afrikakazi
ubube ngolwe Sine 27 ku June wangcwatyw a ngo M gqibelo.
Ubeqale wagula
ehamba wati akoyisakala kwabonakala
ukuba makasiwe esibedlela apo abubele
Um nam zana Ben X um a wasa N g co b o
ubam be Imeyile yase M cnti ogokuhlwa
ngolw e Sine, ngomhla 4 kwepezulu eyindlela yokuya ekaya em va kwentsukwana ezim blni ntatu asasala am oya omtsha
kwelase R autini noku sela im ichlza
kumninawa wake u D r. A . B , X u m s.
Ndleiantle ke m fow etu.
Tina bantu a b am n y »m » knae bade
ukuba m a a iyiom e In gqondo yomluDga,
eaingazi noko nokoknba yilento yo>
kaba aingekazinto n c i m ngegama eli
hie. Knvak&la okokuba ngaaa Kapa
o m n y e a m f o om h lo p s ate wazipoea
pambi kw e treui yamnyatela waf* ;
bekaloku ke a b an g qin a buboniaa okokaba azlbalele kvba abanta bebem
tyola ngokuti n o o a j f - s i w » y e yena
eeiti aksnaye 1 U m ntu on ok uzi bnlalela im feketo eloloh lob o ke, aaitaho
ain gsm om a
in g q o n d o yake
konke na. Kam be bakona nipakati
kwabaLtaunda abaye baboyibe abafazi
babo, abangafaniyo kaba kwaziwe,
ngakum bi n g o n o d y iw e , nkaba banaba
f . z i . Hai lento a b « n t a beta.
we W oods Great Peppermint
olungela uka Kwahlela no Mk»hla<na.
Inyonga, fsinqe Umqolo
Intlungu ezihlabayo emqolo xa upakamayo ebhedini, ekusike kututurabe ukolula umqolo xa ubutobile, konke oko
kubonisa inkatazo eyingozi esezintsweni. Umswane onakeleyo utyefa igazi lako—kungoko unalomahlaba.
X a ututunjelwa si Sinqe, yi N yonga nokuba sisifo
apa esibi kunene Rum atizem e, akunoedinto ukuhlikihla
um zim ba wako ngezitam biso xa inkatazo isegazini. Da
uzenze izintso zihluze ityefu ebanga intlungu, akunakwahlukana nezontlungu ezidlavulayo. Indlela ekau
lezayo neqinieekileyo yokugxota U m q olo ongapoliyo,
Isinqe, Inyonga okanye intlungu za Rum atizem e kukuke usebenzise nje kancinana iyeza elidume kulo lonke
elinama 40 eminyaka likona, De W itt s K idney and
Bladder Pills.
Obo bubungqina bamawaka afumeaa im p ilo yaw o
namandla kulo eliyeza elitengiswa ngezigidi zibhotila
kulo lonke elim iv^ yo.
Abaninzi ababengasa vuki pantsi okwanyanga nyanga, abaninzi ababesiti im pilo yabo ibiyelusizi nenentlungu bazi gxotile ezontutum bo kwapala— babulela
i Da W itt s K id o e y and Bladder Pills.
A zibizi kangako kanti zisebenza im imangaliso.
Abaguia yi N yonga, intlungu ese?iba limazile ze
Sinqe nokuba yi Rumatizeme, imihla ow aw ucita imali
ezisetyenzelwe nzim a ulioga izitam biso n g e '‘ ta m b a ’ ‘
lokuti uyakuncadakala, ipelila lom ibla. Akuko m funeko yokuba uhlale ezintsizini zentluogu " um aogaliswe "
ukuti ezintutum bo eziku qekeza intloko zingapalisw a
njanina. Akuko m funeko yokucita imali ngamayeza
SiqfoTgekile ukufci ngeliyeza eliyinena l Da W itt’s
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hla, intlungu zako ziyaku kaulaza zipele. Kam a 40
eminyaka i De W itt’ s K idney and Bladder Pills zite
zanza uncado olukulu kw intlobo ngentlobo za R u m a tizame endeleyo, ne Nyonga, Isinqe, Um swane on ake
leyo, Inkatazo Y ezintso no Butataka be Sinyi. N gangokutandwa kw azo ngabantu, i De W itt’s Pills zike
zalinaaniswa. Ukwenzela wana ke— xangaba u fu n a
ukuzuza im pilo kwakona ngendlela o,k>iulezayo ne qinisekileyo— yale konke im ifanekiso eojald.
X a ukatazwa ngu Mqolo, si Sinqe, yi Nyonga, yi
Rumatizeme, hamba uye e kemisi ngoku utenge ibhotile nge 3/6 nokuba yeye 6/6 (enkulu eye nyanga
yonke) upelise lonkatazo okokupela
Nge yure 24
uqalile ukuzi sebenzisa i “ D e W itt’ s ” uyakubona
futi wazi ukuti ziyaku noeda
Zinyamazele— in tlu ngu zako ziyakupela im pilo ibuye.
D e W IT T ’
Iyeza Elifungelwa
Inkatazo ka Dyakalashe.
Ikakade ke Unto ingu dyakalaahe
iyinkatazo k «^ a fu y i bempahlf>, ik * k o l»
begnaha n ebhok w e kwiaipalnk* aau»
kaba ekona kuao,
Kavakala okok«ba
kweasse Rivsrad*le kwelase K olon i
a d y fk d a a h a k a n y sk ‘ opMileyo w »bn .
tala amakaln amahlana egaeha ada
amafama atembiaa okokuba akahlaula
amaahami emane aponli k u m n ta nawapina on ck um bulals.
Mbangi y o ­
k o k u ba kude kabekw e imali engsko
k a k a x n g i k w a lom p n n g a ty w e xa ibizi gslw a, isnk^ iag^ka ib on w e iti noku
hamba ok u izipinds arxikmda akwenzsla ak alsh lek iai nogudakisa abayi
fananyo, N g c k a k® kutw* amafama
amabini Byibulele ngezinjs, la v a y o
kweeoeithili n | e a x i y c k a f t kwayo.
A banta abaks babonak»>a paksti kwe
R i a t i nge C iw a yomhla 30 k a J a n e
n g a Mr. S im o n P. Matinjwa no B ?ne-
Mpela mpela.
rnte bakwa Kayf kuln.
Ndawana ite
a y a v rk ’ la k m andi ncam k u k u ti am
H egebe lo kafum aneke ckokaba in k oeikazi y 'k w > k e ayikade iben em pilo
e y iy o k on k e.
N golwesi Bini k cy o leveki ngomhla
2 ku July lo nga m eyile yase East
L ondon, kunduluke e Park Station u
Mr. no Mrs. H . B. Mafuya base Pretoria,
befake pakati kwabo u Mrs. Matebe
wa=e Oranget Grove beyindlela yokusinga Indwe kwelokuzalwa. P 'o u Mr.
M afuya nakuba lilikaya iake elidala,
kodwa namhla uye kwelika ndofa naye
ikaya (ebukweni ukutsbo.) Ngaba wena Langa kwezo mbeko, kwezingqele
zobusika. Ngati bakumqongqota u July
bekwezo mbeko zinde zase Ndwe, bandule ukubuyela em zini wabo e Pretoria,
kwaye kukwele e Jeppe Station kwa
ngayo le m eyile u Mr. Teddy L onzi eha­
mba nomtshana wake basiya kwaloka
zalwa. Silandelisa ngaliti ndlela ntle.
kube ngase kube kusitwa umfama
Ukunqaba Kwabasebenzi *ukuti
otile obebulele ibhoyi yaka ukululwa
ematyaleni. Zonke ke ezizinto, kunye
aba Ntsundu Ezifama
nezinye ezingali zalisayo elipepa sike
Lixesha lokuvuna ell sikulo ngoku,
kulo lonke elo M zantsi Afrika ababe
limile baiza balungelwa emasimini, bayavuna ngoku. Abazuze kakulu abakugqiba nakwezayo inyanga, kuyakuda
kutwase u Agasi beaese masimini, kodwa ke lonto iya ngezandla ezisebenzay o . Kekaloku ka, elixesha lokuvuna
lixesha elikatazayo kakulu, lixesha awaya ngalo amafama am blope atande
ukufumana babe baninzi abasebenzi
kona ukuze um sebenzi ukaulezelwe
izilim o okanye izivuno zingade zonakalelwe emasimini, kufuneka zishenxila zishenxele ukulima ukugelesha nem inya im iseb an zi; ngako ka kuye kufuneke ngamandla
okokuba izandla
mazibe liqela kona ukuze izinto zikauleze, kangangokuba ebusika kubalixesha
lokuxw ay’ ihabuluaaka emadodeni ayokuvunisa emabhulwini kwanje ngokuba
eaenza ngexesha lokuaikwa kwe ngqoIowa nanxa enga qeahwanga kona ema
N je ngesiqelo ke, iBikalo sikulu eaesi
vakala sokunganeli kwaba aebenzi aba
ntsundu ezifama, ekuvakala okokuba
amafama akolisa ukuqeaha nokuba ngamakulu omahlanu ngexesha, nambla
anamashumi ngam anye kupela abase­
benzi. Kweaaae B hab’adini (Barberton)
emideni ye Transvaala nelakwa Ngwane
e Swazini nokuya kwelase Putukezi,
om nya umfama, iaibandiba sona eaikolw a ngamakulu abaqashwa xa kuleli
xesha, uti yena imbangeli yokunqaba
kangaka kwaba sebenzi kweso sithili
ngumteto ku R ulum ente ongawavumeliyo ama Tshangane ukuwela imida
ngokutanda ayoku sebenza ezifama apo
abeqele ukusebenza im inyaka nenyanga
ngali toba ngapambili, namhla ke ay alelwa ngom teto ka R ulum ente okoyo,
Indaw o yesibini, lom num zana uti u
Rulum ente usandul’ ukusika ilizwe eli
hie kunene wati leleba Ntsundu, ngoku
bahleli ngokutanda k alo n'dawo, baya
hluta abacukunyiawa nto ngapandle
kwe ntwala kupela. In daw o yesitatu,
nonyaka nje abantu aba ntsundu bavune kakulu, ngako abafuni kuya kuqe
shwa ngamafama ; ukuze kwesase K om atipoort esim eleno ne B h a b ’adini, aba
ntsundu kona babe zityebi mpela, ba
ngavumi kuqeshwa nokokuba umfama
selesiti uyakuba hlaula iponti zontatu
ngenyanga. Nazoke izizatu ezibekwa
lelinene, ezibangela ukunqaba kwaba
sebenzi ezifama nonyaka nje.
Asitsho ukuti ezizizatu zalom fo ziyi
nyaniao, um hlaum bi asitsho ukuti ziyi
nyaniso zonke ; xa ngaba ke zik o kuzo
eziyi nyaniao, kuko ke in to asayi shiyileyo engade m hiaum bi ibe sesona sizatu
osiyinqobo kunazo zonke a zi azibekayo
L onto ayishiyileyo y i l e :
ukuyi kankanya im pato yase zifama.
N okokuba ngaba yena isiqu kwayake
ifama, ulunge w ada w afana nendlela
yom gw aqo osuka a "Koloni uaiya e Daimani, kodwa maVaqiniseke ukuti ama
fam a akafani nay«. am aninzi ; makucace
kuye ukuti izen zo ezaziw ayo zobusatana
eziye zenziwe lewaba ntsundu ngama
fama atile, zizo ezibulala nokukalisa
yena nabanye •abangazenziyo namhla
kuba zibagxotile abasebenzi sebosoyika
ukuya kuzenza id in i lem bum bulu, idini
lesabhokwe y on k e im ibla, idini lokuvu
swa ekuseni umntu. asebanza kude ku
ratyele kanti usebenzala im feketo no
kuxaswa ngom gubo
w om bona onge
skotile s e tik i; — adlafcazela kunya naba
ntwana bake- Makmeace kubesa kuhleni kulo mfaoaa, okokuba, im anyano zaba
sebenzi zikorta, iniiokeli zazo ziyayi
ahumayela ivangeli yokuba imali ibha
tele ezidolopin i anofcu funyanw a ngaba
sebenzi aba ntsundu ; lovangeli iyafike
lela ezifam a, futi zibako nezigidimi ezi
aulsa kona apo azifanka zifike zingqini
sisa ukuti hlelinje k u yin ene ukuti iya
fumaneka lem ivuzo futi nabantwana
betu bangafunda apa kunokuba bati be
zintsana kanti baya'lelwa ukufunda nga
mabhulu kutw a m abasebenzele i “ tu
ahaleni ” nga nyanga kunye nonina
M ayibese kuhleni "kulo m num zaua into
yokokuba amaxesiha okulindela ukwa
mbulelwa ngu bhasi n aogu noyi apala
u Ntu okayo ngale m ihla yegesi, uti
engafundanga nje, kimfci akusamxolisi
ukubotshelelwa evilini lenqw elo abe
etw axwa ngesa b h o k w a a k u s a m x o lis i
sazi bhala zonke apa, mazingam siteli
lom num zana xa eteta ekala ngokunganeli kwaba sebenzi ezifama.
amafama amhlope im anyano, mabake
bati zakuhlangana bayixoxe bayipicote
lendaw o yabasebenzi, bangoyiki futi
ukuqwalasela kakuhle inqanam lempato
yaba ntsundu kwindawo n gen d a w o;
aside siti tina, ngati neyem ivuzo isenganano kuneyoku dutyulwa imihla ne
zolo. Mazinga bekwa bucala ezizinto,
m azixoxw e ngokupeleleyo ngawo ama
fama kwi ntlanganiao zaw o, kuba nazo
ezaba sebenzi abantsundu im anyano
ziya kubushumayela uburara bempato
yamafam a emapandleni.
Ingilosi Yokufa.
L amaxeaha m »b i mzi wakowetu,
sm axesha esipila kuwo ngamaxeBha
axakileyo konke, a k u c ic i okokuba
kuko bani napina onako ukucaza kakuhle eyonanto kuyiyo.
P a m b i ko*
imantyi e P itoli Dgomhla 25 ku June,
u golw e Sibiui kwiveki epelileyc, beku
mis we elinye ikwahla ngesimanga bo
kwala ukuraf* i r i f u yekanda yonya*
ka ka 192 8 .
L o m f o umangalelweyo
ud a odalu ke ebhekiaa ku mantyi esiti:
“ N d i y a k u cebis^, eg tm ia i le N kosi
Y t s u Jirisku, okokabft u k u f» kukufute h ia i kuwe.
Ukuq»l> oku kwako u
okuDgena buluagisi.
l a g i l o s i y o Ku£» tm iley o Dgikuwe
iy a k u b e k a is i n d l * s*y o pezu k w e u ti
x i y o y a k o w i y e u yik u w a t f i l e kulon d » w c . . . U y a k u b a ookupecdula age
S8DZ0 ogaaiuye esiugeua baluogis
cs s o z ile y o p i o t s i kweshoba lomteto.
N d i a i a o ezipouti z o a ti tu , kcdiva aodiTumi kuzibhatala.
AaiktvJi ukuti lc m »n ly j,k e into ka
T h o m ie , ebiqalekiawa D gilom tqobis?,
aeyifi'e; um m *og»letw » lowo yeaa ei
gqibela k u tin e m i k t k t kutBhwe etn
k u b iu i iBheoxele im ao y e a m a ty tlr,
ea og ati sisivile iaipelo aike aiaibikele
a b t lu a d i kunye a e s .q im o seqgbiso U
k e e lir rN
L en to itoaiaa Dgokuo»c>
leyo o k o k u b ) aipila k u m ix ^ a h t a nti
rna; iB ik u m b u li okokuba kw csitaziyo
iz iilili yaka yeuzeka lento
tfa u a n»yo s io g n i ke noko kwamw
nye a m iz w e e s irg iw a tiy o nokw ziato
Ngobusuku bo Mgqibelo w om bla 29ku
June, apa a B ’ongweni L ocation ngase
George G och, ibiyindibano efudumeleyo
yokubulisa u Mfundisi B . Nooanda wahlelo lakwa M zim ba. Kuvakala ukuba
u M aneli lo utshintshelwa lwelase K o
loni, nakuba singayioani noam eyona
ndawo atunyelwa ukuba ayokutshila
kuyo ngeza lizwi. Siti 3onke ngazwinye “ Ham ba Kable M fundisi," ungasi
libali wakufulatela. Siyavuya ukupaula
okokuba esi sikundla somfundisi asilali
swanga mbete, siva ngati situnyelelwa
u R ev. D. M zim ba wase K oloni. Siyakwamkela m fundisi singekakuboni.
Isaziso sakomkulu esipum ileyo, njengokuba unyulo olukulu ligqityiwe
ngoku, sivakalisa okokuba i Palamente
yesitandatu j e Nyunyani, iyaku hlangana ngomhla 19 ku July e Kapa. Azika
caci ncam eziyaku xoxw a kona ; ngaba
betuni abakadikwa ukuxoxa ngo Ntu
nangoku ?
Isikukula nesaqwiti sase Tekwini
ngo M vulo wom hla 24 ku June ngati
saba silandelwe zizigigaba noko pezu
kokuba kwakutiwa senza idemesha ezindlini kupela ngokuqekeza nokutyoboza
ngeango nefestile nemotokali. Ngoku
kuvakala okokuba oka Applesammy, oyim gqonyela yesikolo sama Indiya wati
wemka apo esikolweni ekwele ihashe
ukuqala ukuhloma kwalo, akakabonwa
ke nangoku, ukanti ihashe lake elo lafika
ekaya lilodw a kwangokuhlwa kwalomin
yesipango. Ngenxa yobudididi bom ona
kalo akazanga afunwe kwangeloxesha."
Y into embi leyo nepongom isa amawabo
J qela e lik ulu loraaneli abaziw ayo
kwelase T ra nsvaa ', siteta abafu adi
abamhlope bamthlelo Dgamahlelo awamabandla ama N g e s i, uamamabhulu,
bnaenciso eahushu m ilu o g a nokupap*
c g e “ ropleine ” ngemini ye C a w ?,
k *og a ngokuba sebede bakuvakalisi
o g ok u b an z i ukuyiblaba kwabo lonto.
A b e f a c d i banga kumbula okokuba
abafandiai bake beuza utuli lokucaaa
imidlalo ngemini ye C a w r , abanye
beaiti loato ioqanda ulutsha lungayi
eziakonzweni, bambi beaiti usuku Iwe
N k csi kufuneka lungcwaliswe ngendlela ( f m e le k il e y o .
K od w a kwa
saka in^o yok ok ub a kwidolopu zem ty io i eziftna ne J ob a o a esb u rg *knko mini yim bi enokuba y e y e midlalo
ogtDgoku Bebenza kwalapa: kambe
kuailwa am *lye erauti ebusuku nemini, ngeholide nange (Jaw*, U m qa
womela epioini n jilo.
emiswe pambi kom antyi, ekueaca oko
kuba kwanenqubo akayi qondanga kuba
ugwetyelwe ivekijzom bini entolongweni
engazi tetelanga, nokuboniaanto ngeza­
ndla ezo zake ukutyabuka. Ngoku ke
xa sekutetwa elabelungu aba bake babini,
ityala lokumbeta, waputunywa entolo­
ngweni ukuza kunika ubunqina ngokubetwa kwake, wafika waeaza.
Akuba ngoku eyivile yonke nakakuhle
ingeom bolo yalento ukuze wancama
ekuza intswela-bulungisa
eyenziwayo ngalomntu, wacacisa nokuti
ngeyengazanga amtumele en tolon gw eni;
wafuna ukwazi okokuba bekutenina
angacaz lwa ukuti kanti lom ntu nguye
oqale wamangala ngenxa yokubetwa
kuba naku ngoku emgwebela intolongo
futi engazibonanga nazandla zake aqinisekayo ukuti xa w ayeyazi yonke lonto,
neyona nyaniso ngengazanga amgwebe
ngalonrlljla lom ntu. Ibbulu lizitefcelela
ngokuti lom ntu mnyama nguye owaqala
wabeta kona ukuze ati akubambana
naye omnyatna awe enzakale (akatsho
okokuba intaba
zise ukuti vtannbeta^ngesitena); pofu liyavuma ukuti liya Iona ukuyo kummangalela
Z wartberg ekuyeui e T a J w e n i kwe
lase Kolon i zimhlope okanye b e z iojilo ngokulabla umsebenzi lakuba selifumene
isamani yokuya etyaleni ngokumbeta.
ekupeleni kwedluleyo Iveki likepu eBelisam isiwe ke ityala ngoku sibhaliwe kakuhle.
Indawaua e b u le leiay o
layo, kusalindwe amangqina amabhulu
kwelckepu, kukuti lo b t n o o c e d o eku- lawo, kodwa nantsi eyona ntswela-bulutetiaeni isifo emahtsheni ekutwa sibi ngisa edandalazileyo, nesinga singake
ngelixesha enyakeni.
sitsalele in^qondo zom zi k u y o : Nanku
umntu emangalela abelungu- bembetile,
ebonisa nenduma anazo, hai ibhalwa
yona inteto yesim angalo'sake. Kufika
umlungu wake emva koko, endululwa
yisamani yokum bizela etyaleni, uyabaleka uyakumangalela kwa ummangali
lo w o : esake isimangalo sikauleziselwa
Pambi komhlekazi e Germ iston ngo- pambi kom antyi aze nalomantyi angalwe Sitatu, ngomhla 26 ku June, beku- caciselwa ukuti om nyam a nguye oqale
tetwa ityala elite latyila isimanga wamangala, angaxelelwa futi umantyi
senqubo engabanga nabulungisa konke okokuba makak’azikolise ngezandla zalo
na yokugwetywa komntu ontsundu nge­ mntu, uyagweba ke yena, engazinto
mposiso, akiido kwavuma yena umhle- eyiyenye. Singangaba inkokeli zakwa
kazi okokuba kunjalo. Kufumaneka o k o ­ Ntu ziyayi bona ‘!len daba,'zezon a zinto
kuba lom ntu mnyama wayeqeshwe kubo ezi
zokubambelela xenikweni
n gam abhuluam abini; ngaminazana itile besenza amalinga egamehi lesizwe.
ke xa wayetula izitena enqweleni no Sisakangele ke ukuti zona izipatamandla
bhasi abo bake, om nye wabo wati kuya ijyulnvnniuii wiirfniaa
ir,rr"Q— “
akakaulezisi ngokwaneleyo ukuzibaka fyw e ngempoaiso ngalendlela; kwakona
pantsi izitena kwa nokutata ezinye, sibona ukuti kuyokufciwanina ngamapongelinye igama lesidlagusha, akayanzi lisa malunga nenquba yokulahlekisa
kakuhle i “ hart-lopu.” Upendule um- umhlekazi agwabe ityala engazazi zonke
wetu lo ecaza ukuti izandla zake zitya- inyaniso ezimalunga nalo. Y into yoku
bukile akanako
izitena kangelwa n jeliso elibanzi le, kona ukuze
kakuhle ngapandle kokuba afumane into nom zi ontsundu uxoliseka ubone akuti
zokutandela izandla. Akaligqibanga elo ; akugwetywa bala kugwetywa inyaniso.
amwela amakwahla emva kokuha elo Uyabuleleka umhlekazi'ingokuyi pasululokuqala limbete entloko ngeqekeza kela lenqubo yaziw e lilizwe lonke.
lesifena wati ngoko ebomvu ligazi bamkhaba ngezihlangu bemduda nangamanqindi.
Usiwe kwangabo emanzini
bamvasa igazi,
Nge Cawa ngomhla we 30 ku Juno
Kwakuba kunjalo ke, naye ebacacisele
obhasi okokuba akasena kusebenza apa e B ’ongweni Location ngase George
k.ubo, usukile wayaku mangala emapoli G och sibe nentlahla yokuhanjelwa lineseni wawabonisa into ayiyo. X a umlu- nekazi lodum o oluhle u Miss Maddia
ngu wake selebona isamani yokumbizela Mabel Nom geli Mafuya, le nzwakazi
ematyaleni ngokubeta u Jan low o, nako yasema B ’eleni sibulela ukuyibona isa
esukela eyakufaka esake isikalo soku- sampilweni yayo entle. Bafe namtamangalela kwa u D yan ngoku “ labia ” nyan abaninzi ababe nqwena ukuyibona
umsebenzi. Y ayaw a kaulezelwa eyo le nzwakazi kuba bafike ezinyaweni
mlungu into ; lom ntu m nyama uqabuke zayo. Ndlela ntle L a n g a !
Ogwetywe Ngemposiso.
The New
The New
The New The New
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The New
Book 3. 2/6
ea.'^or 2 4 /6
per doz.
The New African Readers Book 4 to 6 are in course of preparation.
Contributors to the new series include such well-known
educationists as the Director of Native Education, S
Rhodesia, The Director of Education, Basutoland, Inspect­
ors of Native Education in the Provinces of the Unoin and
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