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Volunteer Information at CAAAD, Barton Hill Settlement
188 Lawrence Hill, Bristol BS5 0DR 0117 9042297
Drop-in at CAAAD is an opportunity for people with drug and/or alcohol dependency to access the project
directly for support. The drop-in offers service users a safe place for information, guidance and access to
onward referral and further services. Acupuncture is available for service users as well as access to mental
health professionals on Thursday afternoons.
This is what we are looking for in a CAAAD volunteer
Criteria & Personal Qualities
A willingness & ability to work with people in
a busy informal environment
Be able to work as part of a team
Excellent communication skills
Understand & demonstrate personal
The ability to take on feedback
Ability to offer emotional support
Awareness or training in substance misuse
Awareness, training or experience in mental
health issues
Empathy for people dependent on
substances & experiencing mental ill health
Experience and /or qualifications in working
with vulnerable adults
Possess or would like to develop counselling
Knowledge of the support services available
in Bristol for people who are substance
dependent and/or experiencing mental ill
An ability to remain calm in a crisis
A willingness to develop knowledge and
Ability to offer one years volunteer
commitment to CAAAD
Availability: CAAAD requires a regular fortnightly commitment on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday
between the times of 1.30pm-4pm
Criteria Note: for those volunteers who have a history of substance misuse, a 12 month sustained period of
clean time is required. It is important to mention that a volunteer will be asked to leave the CAAAD
volunteer team immediately if staff suspect any drug or alcohol misuse.
Tasks that a volunteer will do in Drop-in
This is what we offer to our volunteers:
Welcoming people to Drop-In
Ensuring tea, coffee, sugar, milk and other
refreshments, clean mugs and detox teas are
Providing low level support and engage with
Drop-In users
Helping out with domestic duties such as
cleaning and replenishing supplies
Reading and keeping up to date with all of
CAAAD’s relevant policies and procedures
Signing a confidentiality agreement
Taking direction and advice from the lead drop in
Joining in the handover and debrief with the
drop-in lead after the session
Training, Supervision and Development
An initial training and induction package will be
offered to all volunteers covering topics such as
substance misuse, boundaries and mental health
awareness. Group supervision, support and
feedback for all volunteers will be proved on a bimonthly basis.
Note: All appointments of volunteers will be
subject to an informal selection and interview
process and appointments will be at the
discretion of the Management Team and
Volunteer Coordinator and subject to a review
period. Coaching can be provided for interviews.
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