2016 Engineering/Calibration Internship

NEON Engineering Internship Position Description Intern Duties: Includes completing an evaluation of a gas system calibration with reporting and presenting project outcomes. Descriptions of these responsibilities and other obligations are below. Engineering project: Participate in the research and development activities of the calibration and audit (metrology) laboratory located at NEON Headquarters in Boulder, CO following the guidance of engineering mentors. Work will focus on optimization of a gas system calibration process while not compromising accuracy or precision. Work will involve a variety of skill sets including gas composition analysis with experimental design, testing, and statistical analysis at the basis of the project. Reports and Presentations: • Prepare technical documentation on experimental design (i.e., hypothesis, test plan, expected results), optimization and evaluation of the gas system calibration. • Present project status, experimental design and results to NEON engineering team and peers for feedback periodically throughout the summer. • Prepare technical report and final poster, and present on final experimental design and results to NEON engineering team and to peers at final Intern Poster Session at end of the summer program. Seminars and Departmental Meetings: Participate in technical and career seminars and meetings with NEON engineering staff, NEON Internship program staff, and peers. Community and professional behavior: Interns are part of a diverse community of peers working and living together. Interns are expected to contribute positively to the community and to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to a professional environment. Interns are also expected to fully participate during normal office hours and during NEON Internship functions. Education and Experience: Currently enrolled in an undergraduate chemical or environmental engineering or physics program. Must have at least one engineering or physics advanced lab course (or equivalent experience), a technical communication course and experience with MS Office (Word, PPT, EXCEL). Must have at least one semester of college remaining after the summer program. Desired (but not required): The ideal candidate will have completed the equivalent of two years of college and have experience in lab work that deals with advanced programming (Matlab, R, Labview), controls and automation, and gas and chemistry analysis. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: • Ability and willingness to learn and use experimental design and data analysis tools. • Basic problem solving skills. • Skill in the use of software for communication purposes (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel). • Good oral and written communication skills. • Potential to excel in engineering or physics career. • Ability to work with a diverse group of peers. • Ability to work full-­‐time in Boulder, CO during the summer program. • Ability to interact with mentors and peers in a manner that supports collaboration and inquiry. • Ability and willingness to work within guidelines and policies of the organization and assigned work groups. • Ability to perform work in a variety of environments including outdoors, an analytical laboratory and a typical office environment. • Ability to perform work requiring reaching, bending, kneeling, stooping, and lifting (up to 50 lbs.). Other requirements: United States citizen or permanent authorization for U.S. employment. Decision making and problem solving: Interns will use basic problem solving skills in their work, will exercise judgment regarding when to ask for help, and will consult with their supervisor on larger job or community related issues. NEON Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, Minorities, Veterans and Disabled Persons are encouraged to apply.