Addendum #3, Amendments RFP and Budget Template Attachment

Addendum #3, Amendments RFP and Budget Template
Attachment VII, Revised Budget Template has been amended to reflect the following changes:
“Personnel” lines has had rows blocked off to prevent proposers from double entering salary lines.
Formula for “Total Operating” amended to remove cells from “Personnel” line where data should not be
“Total Operating” line has had the formula amended to include needs related payments.
A second sheet has been added to the budget template that includes some explanations for line items
that may be confusing. The sheet is titled “Budget Explanation Sheet”. No data should be entered into
the “Budget Explanation Sheet”. It is solely to provide additional information.
Sheet has also been updated to present numbers in Dollar format.
On page 12 the following paragraph has been amended to replace “youth” with “WIOA” full text
below, change is highlighted:
While requiring adherence to WIOA requirements, the WDB does not dictate specific strategies so that
bidders can exhibit their innovative ideas and approaches, to be combined with their past experiences
and success, in conveying how they might provide WIOA services in the West Piedmont region.
However, for review purposes, proposals should be organized using the following outline, with no more
than 25 pages total per program area being considered (excluding attachments):
Under Tab 4 on Page 59, point #2 has been combined with point #3, now reading:
“2. For Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Out-of-School Youth programs, provide a detailed description
and/or response reflecting your understanding of what the program is designed to accomplish.”
The combination of point # 2 and point #3 results in re-numbering. Sub-categories under these
headings remain unchanged (ex. Under amended point 3 A-CC, under amended point 4 A,B). Updated
numbers and headings are as follows:
“3. WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker services and Out-of-School Youth (How do you plan or partner
with other agencies to deliver these services? If there is a partnership, a detailed description and
executed MOU must be included.”
“4. For Business Services, provide a description of the following:”
Under Tab 7 on P. 61, letters “c-i” are now sub-points under letter “b.”, “Program administration