Students Handbook_intake36 - Information Technology Institute

Professional Training Program
2015 - 2016
Reviewed By:
Business Engineering Unit
Quality Assurance Unit
It’s great to be at ITI
With sincere hopes, we welcome you to join our ITI family.
While we are on the vantage of embracing the new group of intake 36 of the 9-Month Professional
Scholarship Program, we are all looking ahead for a prosperous new year to bring out future
generations determined and capable of crossing difficulties and borders to achieve their dreams.
Learning for acquiring academic certificates in information technology is not anymore the final output
interns aspire for when joining the ITI. It is learning to create, learning to innovate, and learning to
produce coupled with our core values that stress on sincerity, integrity, creativity and giving back to
our beloved Egypt.
ITI generations in the previous intakes were able to contribute actively to the development of the ICT
industry and to produce powerful impact on the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen using ICT. We
encourage you to use the knowledge, challenge your thinking and capabilities and add to this
continuum wealth of business professionalism, solution innovation, and entrepreneurial skills.
We vow to make your stay at ITI a successful trip within your journey towards a successful career and
life... Welcome on board!
Best Wishes
Dr. Heba Saleh
ITI Chairman
This Student Handbook is a guide, assisting your journey of ITI all through successful graduation.
Its purpose is to clarify everything from requirements to resources.
This guide will address your question, or concern, about practice, or policies and regulations in ITI.
This student handbook is an integral part of the contract between the students and ITI.
Have a great year!
The Information Technology Institute reserves the right at
any time to make changes, which may affect such matters as
tuition, degrees, and programs offered (including the
modification or possible elimination of degrees and
programs), degree and other academic requirements,
academic policies, rules pertaining to student conduct and
discipline, fields or areas of concentration, and other rules
and regulations applicable to students. Please note that this
handbook is not the only reference to gain information about
ITI’s rules and regulations, so you do not have to depend
totally on it, as the only source of information.
Registrar Office – Information Technology Institute
ITI – B148 – Smart Village – Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
About The Institute
Institute Foundation, History, Branches,
and ITI at a Glance
Let’s Discover ITI
Knowledge House, e Institute, Facilities
and Services
Student’s Tips
ITI Admission
Admission Policy, Who Is Eligible?,
Admission Procedures, Pre-Requisites,
Guidelines and Rules, Important Tips
Training Program
The Program, Code of Conduct,
Guidelines and Rules, Program Tracks,
Research and Development, Post Graduate
Studies, Quality Assurance.
Beyond ITI Normal Study, Important
Phone Numbers, ITI Pioneers
Security and IDs, Copyright Laws,
Misconduct or Misbehavior, No Smoking,
withdrawal, Career Development Support,
Maps, ITI Branches
From Left to Right; Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, Former IDSC
Director, Dr. Nabil El-Nady, late IDSC deputy
Director, Dr. Nabil Said, Former ITI Director, and H.E.
Dr. Mohamed Salem, Former Minister.
ITI paves the way for the evolution of a
knowledge-based society through human
resources capacity building, enhancing existing
capabilities and addressing new trends and
directions through its own state-of-the-art
programs and in partnership with others.
The growth of the Egyptian Communications and
Information Technology sector allowed the ITI to
design and deliver a wide variety of professional
certificate programs and professional training
courses in all areas of IT and soft skills to meet the
needs of the ICT market.
Institute Foundation
These certificates and courses target graduates and
ICT professionals to work in the public and private
sectors as well, as junior and senior managers.
Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, Former IDSC Director, Dr.
Nabil El-Nady, late IDSC deputy Director, Dr.
Nabil Said, Former ITI Director, and H.E. Dr.
Mohamed Salem, Former MCIT Minister,
established Information Technology Institute.
The basic objective of the Institute is the
facilitation and perpetuation of IT sectors on the
true understanding of technology through all
possible means, and augmentation of students’
knowledge through different learning styles.
Since its establishment, Information Technology
Institute (ITI) has led a pioneer role in the Human
Capacity Building infrastructure in Egypt,
graduating continuous stream of quality calibers
involved in ICT market, whether inside or outside
Egypt. It has an accumulated experience in
serving the community and playing a vital role in
the ICT market and industry, as well.
ITI maintained its reputation in Egypt and abroad,
through a quality management policy through all
stages of training. ITI established protocols and
training agreements with international foreign
specialized universities to help its distinguished
graduates to join any of these universities to pursue
their studies, and obtain their master degrees.
Among these universities are, Nottingham
University (UK and Malaysia), Paderborn University
(Germany), Dublin Institute of Technology-DIT,
(Ireland), Oregon Health & Science University
(USA), and the Egyptian Japanese University for
Science and Technology (E-JUST).
The Institute operates through five branches
catering for the Great Cairo, the North Coast, Delta,
Upper Egypt, and lately Suez Canal & Sinai. ITI
started in 1993, with the main branch in Cairo,
Then, In 1996 ITI launched its branch in Alexandria),
and the two other branches in Assiut, and
Mansoura. In 2013 Following by its three other
branches, in Assiut, Mansoura and lastly Suez Canal
region with a vision of preparing the human
infrastructure base for the Suez Canal Region
Natural Project.
The Institute's geographical expansion includes also
the affiliation of training centers in 20 of Egypt's
governorates, enabling the outreach of its massive
capacity building and industry development
programs throughout Egypt from North to South.
ITI at a Glance
Smart Village
Staff per 10 trainees
Floors 1900 m2 each
Lecture Rooms
Lab Rooms
Students Library accounts
Attendees, Main Hall
Professional Graduates
ITI Graduates
PhD Holders
MSc Holders
Conferences and Events
ICICT Conference (Int. Annual Conf.)
GIS Conferences
Multimedia Conferences
Government Emp. Trained on GIS, 1994
Government Capacity building, 1997
Government Capacity building, 2001
KTP Company Partners
“Dream or Reality” A product of ITI
Interns intake 10 received the second
prize of the "Professional Programmers
“Haneen" Egyptians Abroad Services
(EAS) Website - A product of ITI Interns
intake 8 received a prize in "Global
Bangemann Challenge".
ITI was awarded ISO 9001
"Giza Investment Atlas" - A product of
ITI Interns Intake 6 - received a prize in
Stockholm Challenge.
"Egyptian & Arab Kids Cyber Internet
Society (Makhmakh)" Website - A
product of ITI Interns Intake 10 –
received a prize in the "Global Junior
Challenge", Italy.
VITI4Kids, first prize of the WSA's
International competition for Econtent.
VITI4Kids, first prize of the UAE
Educational IT Challenge.
VITI4Kids, a finalist in Stockholm
Challenge in the culture category.
ITI was awarded CMMI Level 3 for
Training is the commencement of knowledge. If
you have knowledge, let training lights candles on
it. ITI will lead you to the right path of the latest
technological skills.
Knowledge House
The mission of the ITI's Library is to support the
instructional and research needs of the ITI
community. It is also designed to create an
appropriate environment for students to research
study and discuss projects. The library's capacity
is designed to accommodate at least 100 students
concurrently. It provides approximately 3000+
books in different up to date IT-related fields; soft
skills and literature books and around 600 media
items (CDs). In addition, the library hosts around
600+ graduation projects from previous intakes
and around 25 Masters’ Thesis for those who
obtained their degrees from the ITI's partner
universities abroad.
The library welcomes you from 8:30 AM till 8:00
PM to provide you with different services and
 Group study rooms with sound proof glass
 Wireless internet connection
 Databases with access to ITIans in smart
villages and all branches.
Staff and students are able to access books and all of
the electronic resources from ITI premises. There are
also 4 public access computers available.
Library Rules and Regulations
 Users should register their names upon entering
the library in the register
 Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in
the Library
 Food or drinks are forbidden in the library
 Cellular phones should be in ‘silent’ mode in the
 No bags, except files and books may be brought
into the library
 Upon leaving the library, all users are required to
leave all books and items taken on the tables to
be re-shelved by the library staff
 Reservation of study rooms or seats is not
 Library staff on duty has the right to request a
user to leave the library if he/she is found to be
violating any of the library rules
 Library visitors are urged to exercise care to
safeguard their personal property. Valuable
property, particularly computers, should never be
left unattended in the reading rooms or
elsewhere in the Library. The Library is not
responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal
 No marks are permitted on any of the library
books or items.
Some of the courses learned within the diploma
are conducted as E-Learning courses available for
the students on ITI’s website. This service enables
the students to learn such courses in a more
flexible manner than the traditional instructor led
Dining: Due to the geographical position of ITI and as
students from different Tracks, spend long times
studying and working sometimes till 10 PM, particularly,
in the last phase of their studies which is the project
phase, they need a good service which is offered by the
ITI cafeteria. There are 2 main cafeterias at the ITI, one
big cafeteria serving the students and staff located at the
ground floor and the other one located at the third floor
to serve the staff and the external instructors.
Another e-service is the ITI file server, which is
effective for the students to share tools and
scientific materials to facilitate the training
process activities (lab. Exercises, assignments,
projects, etc.)
Facilities and Services
Technical Support Unit The continuous
development of technology and changing work
patterns requires IT professionals to keep up to
date with how to deal with technical problems,
how to access and provide support. That’s why ITI
has created a demand for technical support team
who can support ITI students and staff in different
The IT sector is changing rapidly and an important
part of this unit is to look at new and emerging
technologies that relate to the areas they support
and but also how these new technologies might
impact on their work.
This unit focuses on help desk support, connecting
to the client machine and attempting to resolve
any problem, field support and service desk
Transportation: ITI transportation service provides
access to all major squares in Cairo. Students
must comply with all transportation regulations,
policies and procedures, as well as all relevant
rules and procedures of the Institute. Students
must activate their bus routing pass at the
beginning of the phase to avoid any problem.
In case of any violation of the transportation
Regulations, the bus routing pass will be
deactivated and the person will be deprived from
future access to the transportation services.
These tips are very important for student
awareness to get along with ITI culture.
Go to All Orientations The faster you learn your
way around the institute, the more at ease you'll feel
and the better prepared you'll be in dealing with
different issues.
Get Organized
Being organized is essential to
manage your time carefully and meet your
assignments deadlines. In ITI, the professors post the
assignments and expect you to be prepared. There
are many tools that can help you be organized; a PDA,
an organizer, a big wall calendar, choose which one
best can work with you
Find the Ideal Place to Work In the ITI you can
find many places to study, in your lab, library or even
in the cafeteria. Find a place that works best for you
to focus and get your work done
Go to Class on Time
Attending the class on time
will make you knowledgeable of every detail
concerning the courses syllabus in addition to
thorough explanations and valuable information
from your professors. Moreover, you will be
informed instantly with any changes in assignments
due dates and/or exams content expectations.
Besides learning the material by attending classes,
you'll also receive vital information from the
professors about what to expect on tests, changes in
due dates, etc.
Be Alert Getting good grade in ITI require your full
awareness and commitment to your study. You
should always be prepared and don't wait for the last
minute to deliver your assignments.
Ask your Instructors
ITI Instructors are
welcoming to offer you any guidance you might
need. They identify certain office hours to help you if
you have any inquires or problems with the course
content. Make sure you take best advantage of that
and inhale from their experiences and knowledge as
much as you can.
Know your Track Supervisor
The Track
Supervisor is the one who can help you through any
problem during your academic year. In ITI, He/she is
the one responsible for scheduling your classes,
helps you deciding your major and minor
specializations and also in case you have any
technical inquires. Make sure you know him/her at
the beginning of the academic year.
Maintain a Work Life Balance it is important to
keep your work life balance stable, try to enjoy other
activities besides studying like sports, family or
friends outings. Don’t push yourself too far in either
Get Involved and Make Connections with
Other Students. ITI has a very friendly atmosphere
where you can easily make new friends, learn
different skills and join different activities that will
connect you more with the institute. Be sure to stay
as much as you can in ITI and don't miss any cultural
or social events.
Set Clear Goals
unlike faculties, getting good
grades in ITI requires you to work hard. Be sure to
plan your work ahead and set clear goals to achieve
the highest grades.
Make the Best use of ITI Campus Resources
ITI campus has a lot of resources starting from
learning labs, library, tutors, and online resources
among others. Make sure that using these resources
is to enhance your learning process as far as you can.
Decide Your Career Carefully
Studying in ITI
will enable you discover your capabilities, areas of
interests and aspirations. You will have enough time
to explore different options to decide your
specialization and future carrier carefully.
Be Responsible
one of the most important
qualities you should gain while studying in the ITI is to
be responsible and bear your own mistakes instead
of blaming others for them.
Each of us has an inner dream that we can
unfold if we will just have the courage to
admit what it is. ITI seeks the distinct
Admission Policy
ITI admits graduates degree applicants. It welcomes
the applications once the advertisement is published.
ITI is keeping the rule of scholarship given from the
Ministry of Communications and Information
Technology to excellent and distinguished graduates
from all Egyptian Universities that had got at least
good degree.
Candidates are required to pass IQ, and English
exams, on computer based.
Successful Candidates then receive an interview
date. Two interviews will be conducted for each
candidate; Soft Skills interview and Technical
interview related to the specialization(s) they are
applying for.
A further HR interview will be conducted after
passing the soft skills and the technical interview.
The Final result will then be published on their
Who is Eligible?
Hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized
University or its professional equivalent with a
minimum accumulative grade of “Good”. Graduate of
one of the past 5 academic years. Male candidates
should have their military service exempted or
postponed. Minimum TOEFL score is 550. The
diploma requires full-time commitment.
N.B: Game Development and Game Art are the only
exception as they are available for all graduates with
any graduation grade.
Admission Procedures
ITI seeks highly qualified applicants graduated from
the Egyptian Universities. Excellent grades indicate
the applicant’s ability and willingness to meet the
challenges of ITI study.
Applicants should submit their applications
electronically on the ITI website and upload the
required documents.
Note: paper submission might take place in
different locations than ITI branches. This info. can
be checked from ITI website.
Applicants will receive an exam date on their account
upon uploading their documents.
Pre-Requisites for
Some Tracks
GIS Professional
Civil Engineers
Survey Engineers
Architecture Engineers
Urban Planning Engineers
Computers and Information Technology
Cyber Security Officer / Cloud Architect /
System Administrator
Communications Engineers
Computer Engineers
Computers and Information Technology
universities student is required to submit
international TOEFL from accredited center.
All required documents must be delivered no later
than the start date of the program.
Important Tips for Accepted
 Accepted candidates must have a laptop with the
minimum specifications that will be determined
by their track supervisor
 ITI provides neither hostels nor accommodation
allowances for students
 The diploma requires full-time commitment.
Mechatronics Engineer
Electrical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Mechatronics Engineers
Embedded Systems Engineer
Communications Engineers
Computer Engineers
Mechatronics Engineers
Biomedical Engineers
Guidelines and Rules
Accepted candidates should deliver the following
 An original copy of the acquired Academic
Certificate (showing the accumulative grade
and graduation year)
 An original copy of the Birth Certificate
 An original copy of the Military Certificate
indicating the applicant’s military status (Males
 Copy of National ID Card
 Local TOEFL Certificate with a minimum score
of 550 for Paper-Based TOEFL or its equivalent.
For pursuing study in one of the foreign
This section gives a glimpse of the
different academic services provided by
ITI helping you pursue a consistent
training path making the best of your
studies within ITI
The Program
Information Technology Institute adopts world
trends in the ICT domain through its branded
Professional Training Program. Over 8,000 interns
graduated as world-class ICT professionals; they
don’t not only support a vibrant ICT sector in Egypt,
but also contribute in promoting innovation in the
Middle East and the Region.
One of the major elements of the capacity building in
ITI is to support new technologies through the
Professional Training Program and the launching of
excellence centers, which are flagship centers that
build competitive advantage to enhance the
economy performance. Each Center is built upon a
reputation for fast, flexible, quality education and
training programs. ITI has developed four different
centers of excellence.
Partnerships for innovation is another step in
capacity building, ITI launched the Knowledge
Transfer Program KTP; Where a group of the
Institute's Professional Diploma Interns from various
disciplines join a corporate project within their
internship module of the program, at the Institute's
premises or the corporate premises.
Number of ITI graduates since the start
The project should have a direct impact on the
interns' skills and knowledge and should have well
identified milestones and deliverables.
In addition, through the Innovation Partnership
Program (IPP): Where the COE(s), through their
technology expert staff, collaborates with a
project could incorporate, as well, a number of
Professional Diploma interns. The model includes
the implementation of the project modules at the
Institute's labs. The model incorporates forming a
consortium of business and management
consultants to ensure effective product/solution
to market processes.
Code of Conduct
The mission of the professional Training Program is
applying hands-on training that could support
generating ideas that provide the answers to our
most challenging public problems.
Achieving this mission requires an environment of
trust and mutual respect and a commitment to truth,
learning, and freedom of expression.
The program community has agreed upon the
following principles to accomplish this mission:
Respect for all members of our program
community and for the space we share
Professional excellence, intellectual and
academic rigor
A disciplined learning environment, respecting
different opinions, cultures and contributing to
the understanding of all
Accountability for actions inconsistent with this
Code of Conduct.
Members of the community have a personal
responsibility to integrate this code into all aspects of
their experience.
Guidelines and Rules
General Students are expected to be familiar with
those regulations covered in this Handbook which
apply to them.
Students should attend 6-full time- days a week.
Fridays comprise the weekends though sometimes
students are asked to work on Fridays when
Smoking within ITI premises is strictly prohibited.
Students are required to use their ID Cards when
arriving to or leaving from ITI Premises. Students will
receive their ID cards at the beginning of the
Students are required to follow the dress code of
the campus. The Dress Code is based on the
theory that learning to use socially acceptable
manners is an important factor in the total
educational process.
employing these behaviors contributes to
optimum morale, as well as embellishes the
overall ITI image. Unacceptable Examples of dress
or appearance:
 Dress code should be worn with appropriate
shoes, closed-toed shoes or boots, according to
the environmental health and safety regulations
 Clothes should be neat and clean
 Torn garments, shorts, open-toed shoes, sandals
or flip-flops are not appropriate
 Hair should be neat and professional that
reflects the agreed upon Egyptian norms and
 Male students should have trimmed beard and
well groomed
 Skirts should not be higher than the bottom of
the knee
 To gain the training outcomes well, all students
cannot wear any face mask (coloring the faces,
Niqab, protecting the face impressions, etc.) on
ITI premises during the following:
- Written and Oral Exams
- Soft skills course assessment or activities
(Presentation, Interviews)
lectures/ Labs is an integral part of student’s
course; students should attend all classes in which
they are enrolled. If you arrive to a lecture or lab
late, be sure that your entrance doesn’t interrupt
the lecturer or distract the class. The lecturer has
the right to refuse your entrance if you arrive late.
Attendance may be checked after breaks upon the
request of the lecturer/supervisor with the same
rules and penalties of the daily attendance.
Daily Attendance Rule The total grade of the missed
or provide a satisfactory alternative that
students’ attendance is 600 degrees. Each student should be completed within 10 calendar days starting
is required to fulfill at least 60% out of 600 degree from the date of absence.
(360) to be able to continue the program. The
The Intake supervisor is under no obligation to
attendance is calculated by the following rules:
provide an opportunity for the student to make up
for any work missed because of an unexcused
None for Late/Absent First Occurrence
Absent without permission
Absent with accepted
permission (first three occurrences)
Next three occurrences
Next three occurrences
Next Occurrence
Upon the deduction of the first 90 points
you will get your first warning, and
second warning will be after the
deduction of 200 points.
Exam Attendance A maximum delay of 20% from
the exam allowed time will be tolerated yet,
deducted. Any student who arrives later than that
will not be allowed to take the exam and is subject to
take the corrective exam; this means that he/she
only has one chance of taking the exam.
In case of illness, accidents, or
emergencies the student should make direct contact
with his/her track supervisor, preferably before a
class or an exam takes place. Upon acceptance, the
supervisor will manage how to make up for any
missed work.
If the student is absent from the exam, he/she is
responsible for providing satisfactory evidence to the
track supervisor within one day of his/her absence to
substantiate the reason for their absence.
If the track supervisor excused the absence, they
must provide the student with an opportunity to
make up for the exam or any other work either
are published weekly by the track
supervisor on the ITI website/students’ mailing
group(s). Schedules will also be available on the
LCDs of the lecture rooms.
Three-hour lectures that normally
include a 20 minutes break. Please make sure you
return to the lecture room by the stated time.
Cellular phones should be turned off during
lectures otherwise, the lecturer has the right to
dismiss you from class. Some students may wish
to take audio-recordings of lectures. This may be
permitted at the lecture’s discretion but the
following points should be considered:
 Audio recording is not considered to be a good
method of absorbing material from teaching
sessions while writing notes is strongly
 Students who wish to record lectures should
always ask permission from the lecturer who
has the right to refuse if he or she considers that
it will disrupt the teaching process
 For students with disabilities who would benefit
from audio-recordings of teaching sessions,
he/she should ask the track supervisor and he
will make the appropriate arrangements in
Computer Lab Food and Beverages in labs
are absolutely forbidden. Lab doors should be
closed all times in order to allow the air conditioning
to function correctly.
All Notebooks should have at least an original
operating system. Notebook specifications differ
according to each department
All Notebooks should have an anti-virus software
installed that scans all potentially dangerous files.
However, this may not stop new viruses so use
common sense when receiving attachments or
downloading files. If you don’t know the source of
the data, be very suspicious! If you have any reason
to doubt, contact your lab leader/track supervisor
who will contact a member of the Technical Support
Unit (TSU). Regular antivirus scans should be
performed for all potentially dangerous files.
Please show some considerations for others and keep
noise to a minimum level. Keep the lab as tidy as
Course Assessment
At the beginning of each
course, you will be provided with the following
information by the course lecturer:
 An overview of the course content as well as
lecturer office hours
 Methodology of course assessment
 Whether the course has to be passed individually
or collectively
 The available set of references and tutorials.
 The available certificates that can be achieved
after attending the course
 Deadline
At the end of each course, students are asked to
submit their course and instructor evaluation not
later than two calendar days after the end of the
course. Otherwise, five grades will be deducted per
day delayed after the due date.
The lecturer of each course is responsible for
adhering to the schedule and carrying out the
following tasks:
 Define the assignments to be completed and
clearly define how and when to deliver these
 Provide the required guidelines for completing
the assignments
 State the availability of books, electronic
references, or computer software necessary
for the completion of the coursework
 Provide the required feedback, if necessary, to
the students concerning their inquiries about
their assignments’ grades
 Coursework should be delivered not later than
the end of the course (except for courses that
are assessed collectively). Otherwise five
grades will be deducted per day delayed after
the due date
 Results will be announced either on the email
group or on the white board not later than one
week after submission of the course work
(exams, assignments, projects, presentation)
 Coursework that is not submitted will be
recorded as “not submitted” and will be
awarded 0%
Penalties may vary or totally cancelled only if
satisfactory evidence is provided that the
lateness was beyond the control of the
 Students who fail to pass the first exam (60%
at least) will be eligible to sit for a corrective
exam that is conducted in after the results of
the first exam appear. The Technical
Supervisor of the subject will arrange the
corrective exam
 If the student fails again in achieving the
required passing score, the course will be
graded as ‘Fail’. (he/she will not receive the ITI
Certificate only list of courses)
 Students are always encouraged to sit for
certificate exams that are relevant to their study
at ITI and issued by recognized ICT companies
(e.g., Oracle, Microsoft . . .)
 Financial support might be offered to students
who pass those exams depending on the price and
market value of the certificate.
The intake supervisor must inform the
Student Affairs Bureau about any student who:
 Fails to pass the two courses and their correctives
 Does not adhere to ITI regulations
 Deems improper or prejudicial conduct.
The program will be dropped for any student that is
proven to have done one of the above acts.
Program Tracks
The program prepares the students to be highly
skilled professionals in different tracks following with
their relevant specialized profiles, for more details
about program tracks, please visit the institute's
You will receive, free of charge for the first time,
one official transcript, upon completion of your
degree. Graduates can submit additional transcript
requests through the Students’ Affairs Bureau, our
authorized transcript provider. (A minimal amount
of money will be requested for orders inquiries)
Transcripts issued directly to you will be stamp ed.
Transcripts will not be released either to you or to
third parties without your written authorization.
Neither faxed nor telephone requests will be
honored; all requests must go through the Student
Affairs Office. The purpose of this rule is to protect
you from any unauthorized use of your student
record. For more information on how to order a
transcript through the web, please visit
Graduation Ceremony
Our graduation day is one of the best days in ITI. It's
the commencement for the graduates to move on
their own and embark on the independent journey
of life.
It is almost being held at the beginning of July 2014
under the auspices of H.E the Minister of
Communications and Information Technology. The
ceremony will be preceded by a rehearsal.
All our students who successfully completed the
program will be given their ITI certificate in this
ceremony. Parents are welcome to attend. The
honor students will receive their certificates on stage
from the Minister of Communications and
Information Technology.
Research and Development
ITI's applied research and development program
aims to:
 Supporting the technology training function by
providing hands-on practice for both the staff and
the interns on the challenges and opportunities
facing the technology application
 Supporting the ICT industry in developing
innovative solutions to business problems and in
continuously aligning with the latest in ICT
The Institute's main channels for applied R&D
 Partnership with public institutions or NGOs
to develop programs and projects that solve
a set of community or public service
 Partnership with academic institutions and
industry experts to explore potentials and
advancements in areas of technology
application and development
 Partnership with local, regional and international
business and academic institutions to contribute
to the development of applications and advanced
practices in the global knowledge and innovation
The institute's current focus areas for applied R&D
* Management of IT Diploma: Dublin Institute of
Technology – Ireland,
* MSc. in Bioinformatics - MSc. in Cloud
Computing: Egyptian Japanese University for
Science & Technology - Egypt Japan.
For further information:
Practices & solutions to enhance the citizen's
quality of life and governance
Adoption & applications of green ICT tools &
Open source and cloud computing as effective
contributors in cost-effective quality public
Mobile Applications for equitable information &
application access
Innovative Egyptian engineered products &
solutions using embedded systems
Innovation in Education, learning and lifelong
capacity building
Health Informatics.
Post Graduate Studies
The 9-Month Professional Training Program is
accredited by prestigious partner international
universities as an integral part of the Master Degree
Study. This represents an exclusive opportunity to the
ITI graduates to pursue their master’s degree by
credit transfer of courses from the 9-Month
Professional Training Program Track selected
according to the specialization. The current joint post
graduate partnership programs are:
* MSc. in IT : University of Nottingham – UK,
* MSc. in Mechatronics: University of Paderborn Germany,
* Egyptian Japanese University for Science &
Technology-Egypt Japan,
Quality Assurance (QA)
No One denies that quality is the most important
aspect, which affects the level of success in any
The key factor to guarantee quality outputs relies
mainly in using the best implementation processes
that ensure that the activities are performed
according to predefined standards, thus achieving
the desired quality outputs.
Quality Assurance team inside the ITI implement
regular real-time quality checks in every department
of the institute. The team meets with the students of
all branches on a monthly basis to perform those
constant checks using evaluation methods; the
quality assurance department helps in determining
the whole performance of the training program
process and suggests a corrective action for occurring
QA Policy
The Quality Assurance Department
reports directly to the chairman of the institute. It
examines, audits, evaluates the institute's activities,
reviews, plans, systems, procedures and records.
QA Objective The objective is to assist members of
the institute in the effective discharge of their
responsibilities, promote effective controls provide
appraisals, recommendations, and information
concerning the activities reviewed to improve the
quality of institute process and work product.
QA Scope The scope of quality team encompasses
the examination and evaluation of the adequacy and
effectiveness of the systems of internal control, and
the quality of performance for all the programs of the
Submit reports to both the chairman and the
audit committee on policies, programs and
activities of the QA department
Coordinate coverage with the external
auditors and ensure that each party is not
only aware of the other's work but also well
briefed on areas of concern
Ensure that all risks are identified and
analyzed, on an annual basis
Provide both chairman and the audit
recommendations on internal controls
Recommend improvements and identify
opportunities for best utilization of resources
and cost effectiveness.
QA Channels
The QA team communicates
with the students through three channels:
Monthly Feedback at students lectures room
Complaints box which is located the ground
floor “Cafeteria side”
In case of urgent issues and after trying
regular path, which is the group supervisor,
the student can directly access the QA
manager to explain the issue Room No. 3031.
In case of a complaint and after
contacting your track Supervisor or head of
student affairs, you can use the formal grievance
Or send an E-mail to QA office at:
[email protected]
QA Functions
The main functions and
responsibilities of the quality assurance team are:
Plan, organize and carry out the internal
audit functions, including the preparation of
an audit plan, schedule and assign work and
estimate resource needs
In addition to academic decisions,
there are lots of questions you have
about the rest of what goes on in your
life in ITI, where to work out, how to
get involved in activities …
debate not to take sides, but to provide context
and informed perspective on the subject.
experiences and information. ITI organizes major
international conferences in the IT fields to
provide the Egyptian IT community with an
exposure to worldwide experiences and
ITI offers a lot of ways to enrich education outside
the classroom. What are they?
Workshops with partners from the industry where
real life problems are tackled and hands on
experience of applying state of the art technology
are provided to the students.
Forum Events ITI launched its new program ITI
Business Days Other traditional educational
Beyond ITI Normal Study
Community Debates to effectively share
information and experiences among the IT
community members and direct their efforts in
conquering national IT challenges that hinder the
overall development of this vital sector in Egypt.
ITI Community Debates follow the Oxford style of
debates and adapt it to its online Debates, as well.
The format was made famous by the 186-year-old
Oxford Union and has been practiced by
politicians, prominent intellectuals and Key
figures from across the world.
components are guest visits conducted by the
industry representatives and technology experts.
Important Phone Numbers
For Issues Related to
Training Program
Students Affairs
Quality Assurance
Administration Issues
Please Call
PTP Manager
SA Manager
QA Manager
AI Manager
At Ext.
It revolves around an assertion that is defended
on one side (Agree Team) and assailed on another
(Disagree Team) in a contest hosted and overseen
by ITI (the Moderator). Each side has three
chances to persuade audience or readers:
opening, rebuttal (disproof of the other side) and
In ITI Community Debates, Agree and Disagree
teams each consist of a group of speakers (1-3)
Knowledgeable in the issue at hand. We also
invite featured expert guests to comment on the
ITI Pioneers
Ahmed Abd El Halim–Reviving
Entrepreneurship- Alexandria
Founder and General Manager at Softxpert. Ahmed
received a bachelor’s degree in Communications
and Electronics. After graduation, he joined the ITI
and specialized in System Development.
Unlike the main stream of landing on a job and
being an employee, Ahmed decided to take a
different path. Ahmed founded Softxpert in 2009
to develop one of the most intuitive document
scanning and digitizing mobile app that are being
used by thousands of consumers from all around
the world. This app has won two important awards
so far: Top 10 app, Mobile Apps Shown-down, CES,
Las Vegas, People choice award, Arabnet Beirut.
Softxpert was founded five years ago with a very
limited number of resources, now Softxpert has
more than 30 employees, working with several
enterprise accounts from USA and Switzerland.
Omar El Kad –Smart Innovation- Cairo
After his graduation from college, Omar decided to
join the Information Technology Institute to study
System Development. He has been inspired by the
day-to-day technology developments and the top
notch ICT tools, the fact that motivated him to dig
deeper in Smart Innovation.
becomes Drag & Drop. MoT provides end-to-end
solution to facilitate all M2M development stages
starting by data collection from sensors and going
into the final stage of data presentation on
graphical forms.
Sameh Hassan–Introducing Smart CardCairo/Bahrain
Sameh is employed in IBM since 2012 as an
Application Architect. He is currently engaged in a
promising initiative between IBM and ITIDA to enable
100 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to use cloud
technology and host their valuable solutions on IBM
cloud which will broaden their market and open new
opportunities. His role is to consult ISVs by holding
workshops and having one-to-one meeting with each
ISVs' technical and marketing representatives.
Bahrain National ID Smartcard project Bahrain
national ID is a smart card that holds all the citizen's
information such personal, driving licenses details,
passport, election, and fingerprints information. The
card is meant to be used by public and private sectors
to facilitate an easy access to citizen or expatriate
details in an off-line manner.
The card first was implemented by a Malaysian
company, and due to the persistent need for changes
and integrations with the system, it was hard to keep
on without having it implemented in house.
ITI partnered with Spime Sense Labs creating
Master of Things (MoT) that is an M2M visual IDE
that introduces plug & play concepts into the
Internet of Things world. With MoT, sensors
installation becomes Plug & Play and programming
ITI Pioneers
Dr. Sherif El-fayoumy
Associate Professor,
Information Sciences
(CIS), University of
North Florida, USA.
Intake 3
Upon my graduation
from ITI in 1995, I got a
scholarship to join a
master program between RITI and the University
of Louisville. Upon the completion of my master, I
traveled to the states in late 1997 and started
working in my PHD.
Eng. Tamer El-Tonsy
Consultant, UK
Intake 7
May I express my
gratitude to ITI and its
role in my colleagues
and my career? ITI
helped shaping the
future for many of its graduates. Now many of
them hold excellent positions in their companies
and many have further enhanced their career
obtaining MBA and PhD. I strongly believe ITI
graduates are the future IT leaders in Egypt.
Dr. Doaa Samy
Ph.D. Degree in
Cairo University
Intake 15
Along nine-months
in ITI, I learned a lot,
new horizons were
perspective changed
completely, my learning experience in ITI was
an added value to me as a person and as a
professional fresh graduate taking her first
steps. After graduation, I went through a
transitional stage trying to find out, many
thoughts popped up to my mind.
Ph.D. Eng. Bassem
Kamal Hassan
Engineer, dSPACE
Intake 24
I can summarized
that I had three
succeed steps in my
practical life , started with joining the ITI which
was the main turn point, then complete my
studies in Germany at Paderborn University ,
and Joining dSPACE which improved me as an
engineer and provide me the meaning of
working in multinationals firms.
Dr. Dipl. Eng.
Intake 12
Thanks to ITI & ITIleaders' courses of
such a success story
are now open-minded professionals with wide
IT capabilities worldwide. I became an example
of a hardworking, likes reading, thinking,
inquiry, exploration, discussion, teaching,
invention, creativity, writing, discovering the
unknown, to tackle unstructured problems and
assigned task.
Ahmed Samir El
Intake 14
ITI changed my whole
life, Really I consider
it the most important
step, It was like a factory that developed all of
my previous experiences, added more, and
changed my way of thinking from a computer
user to IT professional with an open way of
thinking and ability not to take delivery of new
technologies but to add more value to it.
“Miscellaneous” is just what it says
anything that is uncovered whether in
the academic or other sections. That
includes all the security policy, financial
matters, etc.
Security and IDs
As part of the campus student enrollment
process, you are asked to submit a recent, colored
and clear photo free from any reflections to the
Student Affairs Office (SA) to print your ID card for
This ID
following functions. Firstly, it is a Registration
card that proves you are an enrolled student at
the ITI and is daily used when signing in to the
building. Staff members may ask to see your card
to identify you as a student, and you must carry
your card wherever you are in the building.
Secondly, The Library Borrowers card, that must
be used when you want to access the Library. If
you lose your card, or if you suspect it has been
stolen, you should immediately report the loss to
Student Affairs Office to obtain a replacement
card (please refer to phone number in Educational
Support section in this handbook).
Copyright Laws
ITI prohibits the duplication of copyrighted
manuals and software. The Individuals can't
violate copyright laws and restrictions because
this may be subject to disciplinary action and/or
prosecution under the Egyptian Law.
As a part of an academic community, it is
important that you show the reader where you
have used someone else’s ideas or words. Failure
or duplication to properly reference your
assignment may make the reader thinks that you
are cheating by claiming someone else’s work as
your own. In the academic environment, we call
this plagiarism and it is seen as a very serious
Please remember that plagiarism is not just when
you directly copy words from another student’s or
expert’s work. Plagiarism also occurs when you
re-word someone else’s ideas in your own work
and you do not give credit to the original source.
Plagiarism can have disastrous consequences for
students. If you are suspected of plagiarism you
may find that your assignment receives a grade of
zero. In extreme or repeated cases, you may find
that your enrolment at ITI is reviewed. This is an
important part of the academic process as it leads
to student accountability. So, please be aware of
the following:
Submitted materials that show very close
likeness to each other will be treated as
copying and awarded 0% of the designated
Plagiarism will be treated as cheating and
awarded 0% of the designated mark
Any student who will be caught cheating,
(either verbally or in any other manner) will
be dismissed from the exam. He/she will be
eligible to sit for the corrective exam
Students are expected and required to abide by
the rules and regulations of ITI.
Misconduct or Misbehavior
A fundamental goal of ITI is to foster an
environment in which its members may live and
work productively together, making use of the
rich resources ITI, individually and collectively
pursuit of professional excellence, and personal
challenge. By accepting you in ITI, you join a
community characterized by free expression, free
inquiry, intellectual honesty, respect for the
dignity of others, and openness to constructive
For this goal to be achieved, you should do the
Respect your colleagues by maintaining the
interpersonal relationship
Respect the rules of ITI to maintain a
complete integrity of its academic mission.
Show respect to each other and your
Be supportive one, by maintaining the
cleanness and furniture of the premises.
Maintain high quality of learning
Students’ behavior is expected to be
appropriate to life within an academic
institution and to take into account the
Egyptian society and traditions.
Misconduct may be subject to disciplinary
sanctions: such as cheating, plagiarism, forgery or
other forms of academic dishonesty; furnishing
false information to the institute officials; and
disruption or obstruction of teaching, research or
other institute activities, including occupation of
the institute building.
binding him/her to pay the liabilities stated in the
No Smoking
As an educational institution, the Information
Technology Institute is committed to maintaining
a smoke-free environment on campus to protect
the health of students, staff and visitors, so it's
forbidden to smoke inside our buildings.
Registered students, who find it necessary to
cancel their registration prior to the beginning
of the program, will need only to inform the
Student Affairs Office
Students who wish to cancel their registration
at any time after the beginning of the
program, will be required to pay the liabilities
stated in the contract
Reasonable circumstances proved to be
beyond the control of students, which caused
them to be unable to attend classes, or
become academically delinquent may be
considered. However, documentation to
substantiate students’ claims is required.
Students who commit any improper attitude or
violate the rules and regulations of ITI may be
subject to one of these penalties according to the
action and situation.
Exposures to verbal warning from his/her
direct management
Committing another violation will cause the
student to stand a hearing in front of the
Disciplinary Committee consisting of the 9Month Program Manager, Student Affairs
Manager and ITI Executive Manager, which
could dismiss him/her from the program and
Career Development Support
Knowledge Transfer Partnership
Program (KTP)
The program was est
ablished back in 2005, with the objective of
meeting the human capacity needs of ITI partner
companies by assuring proper selection of the
candidates, Alignment of the training curricula,
effective practical experience through applied
training/real projects environment.
Within the offerings of the program, Teams of the
interns join corporate projects within their
internship module of the program:
Assuring proper alignment of the trainees’
profile with the company’s new hiring profile;
Shortening the company’s induction period;
Aligning the interns with the company’s areas
of knowledge and technology, thus facilitating
for the interns to instantly get hired upon the
completion of the program.
Part of this exposure takes place through the
ITI annual Job Fair and youth skills
development day, there the interns meet up
with 100+ of different Information And
Communications corporates and networking
Discussions take place so that the interns can
gain More experience on each and every
corporate, as well as their hiring needs in
ITI Job Fair & Youth Skills Development Day
terms of skills and areas of technical
ITI Branches Address
ITI – Head Quarter
B 148, Smart Village, Km 28 by Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road
Tel.: +202 3535 5656
Alexandria Branch
1 Mahmoud Said St., El-Shohada Square, Main Post Office Building
Tel.: +203 3906924
Mansoura Branch
Mansoura University, Faculty of Computers & Information Science
Tel.: +2050 2203217/+2050 2202474
Assiut Branch
Assiut University, Network Information Building
Tel.: +2088 2374264
Ismailia Branch
Suez Canal University in Ismailia
Tel.: +2064 9203358