A new filter for removal of salt and pepper noise

A new filter for removal of salt and pepper noise
Images are corrupted by noise mainly during image acquisitionand/or transmission.
Impulse noise is one of those noises, which is generated during imaging due to faulty switching
where quick transients are present. Impulse noise denoising is a critical issue in case of digital
image processing. The appearance of image can be significantly affected even at low density of
impulse noise. There are two types of impulse noise, they are salt and pepper noise and random
minimum gray level. Removal of noises in images required before going for different type of
processing such as segmentation, edge detection and object recognition. There are several
nonlinear methods for removal of salt and pepper noise.
In this project, we have proposed a new method forrem oval of salt and pep per noise from gray
scale images. In this technique when the processing pixel is uncorrupted then it is left unchanged
otherwise the neighbors are checked. When all the neighbors are corrupted i.e. having values O's
or 255's or both then we go for the mean of the window and the processing pixel is replaced with
this mean value. When some of the neighbors are corrupted then we go for un symmetric
trimmed mean value. Simulations are carried out for different percentage of noise density. An
experimental result shows that the proposed algorithm provides better result than the Median
Filter (MF) and its variants in terms of Peak signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Image
Enhancement Factor (IEF).
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valued noise. In case of salt and pepper noise the corrupted pixel takes the value of maximum or