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Technical Services Manager
Technical Service Team
Simon Needle, Special Projects Director
37.5 hours over a 5-day week
MAIN JOB FUNCTION – the key focuses here are:
• To organise service activities to ensure the department’s efficient and profitable operation by satisfying
customers and enhancing customer relations.
• To organise the technical services department and in particular, control resources and utilise assets at
a level commensurate with profit targets.
• To maximise departmental profitability through the effective marketing and sale of labour, parts,
upgrades, subcontracted services and other value added products and services currently offered by
White Light.
• To create an environment where the department and its Employee develop and excel.
• To enhance the reputation of White Light Limited at every opportunity when interacting with others.
• Ensure that the Department achieves target and budget objectives by ongoing examination of accounts
and daily & weekly operating controls.
• Ensure that appropriate action is taken where adverse variations to target achievement occur or
inadequate performance is suspected. Instigate actions and strategies to bring about necessary
• Ensure accurate recording of parts and service times, job costing and invoicing in the Technical Service
• Ensure workshop, tools, equipment and other department assets are controlled and used effectively to
complete customer repairs within time expectations.
• Ensure all materials purchased are controlled and sold at a profit.
• Improve on the quality of White Light's commitment to customer service and retention by enhanced
facilities, improved technical skills and high standards of quality workmanship as well as best practice in
customer handling and communication
• Ensure that all Employees are committed to the principles and ethics of White Light and that these
principles form the cornerstone of customer relations management. h) Maintain daily workshop
timekeeping and labour productivity records to monitor the effective use of technician and productive
labour. Monitor hours attended and worked in order to achieve labour efficiency targets.
• Maintain effective control of expenses in line with agreed objectives by regular examination review and
comparisons with budgets. j) Examine (weekly) sales ledger information to ensure all outstanding
invoicing has been raised within due time periods set and customer queries and concerns, responded
to and resolved within 24 hours of there being raised.
• Establish and maintain a training needs program to provide satisfactory levels of knowledge, skill, job
satisfaction and cost-effective development of key personnel.
• Maintain close scrutiny of developments and events within the industry which will impact on future
business opportunity, legislation or trading practices.
Any other duties as and when required by the White Light Board that are reasonably within the capabilities
of the person and are aimed at achieving the company’s objectives and goals.
• Technical skills, knowledge and experience of the entertainment lighting industry.
• Skills in applying and using knowledge in a management position.
• Ability to organise clerical work, administration, control systems and financial resources.
• Leadership and coaching attributes.
• Relevant and up-to-date knowledge of equipment design, manufacture, consumer and manufacturer
legislation, industry and trade practices.
• Technical, Professional and Engineering qualifications would be an advantage.
• Experience and knowledge of modern business methods and financial control. Skills in using this
knowledge in a practical way.
• High standards of numeracy and literacy and strong communication skills.
• Interest and enjoyment in working with people
• Polite and tactful personality
• Ability to plan
• Able to work calmly under pressure
• IT skills
Please apply in writing including a covering letter, current CV and salary expectations to: or to
HR Manager, White Light Ltd, 20 Merton Industrial Park,
Jubilee Way, London SW19 3WL Tel: +44 (0)20 8254 4800