Massachusetts Solar PV Meter Requirements

Massachusetts Solar PV Meter Requirements
All generation from qualified solar PV projects participating in the SREC market must be individually metered
and reported. As per NEPOOL GIS rules, all projects must utilize a revenue grade meter from which generation
data is to be reported. For projects greater than 10 kW (dc) data must be reported automatically through a
Data Acquisition System (DAS) to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Production Tracking System (PTS). 1
For projects less than or equal to 10 kW (dc), data can be reported manually or automatically to the PTS.
Revenue Grade Meters
‐ Meters must be ANSI C‐12 tested and certified as a revenue meter. For more information about ANSI
standards see the Minimum Meter Accuracy chart in this document.
‐ Inverter displays of accumulated energy production are not revenue grade certified and do not meet
these requirements
‐ Refurbished revenue grade meters may be used
‐ Note: a meter listed as eligible under the Go Solar California program does not necessarily meet these
requirements (
Guidance on Meeting Meter Requirements
‐ For Systems Auto‐Reporting to the PTS: Make sure the DAS vendor knows that you need energy
generation reported from a revenue grade meter. Make sure that your selection of a revenue grade
option is clearly documented in any agreement with the vendor.
‐ For Systems Manually Reporting to the PTS: Many installers use refurbished revenue grade meters on
PV systems smaller than 10 kW. These meters typically cost less than $50. Distributors of refurbished
revenue grade meters include, but are not limited to: Austin International, Hialeah Meter Company,
and Texas Meter and Device.
Minimum Meter Accuracy
Meter Accuracy: Only "revenue grade" (also called "revenue quality") meters
tested and certified to ANSI C-12 standards are allowed. Minimum accuracy and
other requirements, based on nameplate capacity, are as follows:
Up to 10 kW
(all values
are +/-)
(ANSI C12.1-2008 )
Other Requirements
Electromechanical meters may be used. Refurbished meters, if
retested and certified, may be used. Allowable configurations
for meters are :
Single-phase 120 volt - Form 1S, Class 100
Single-phase 240 volt - Form 2S, Class 200
Three-phase 120 - 480 volt - Form 14- 16S, Class 200
Meters used as part of a Data Acquisition System (“DAS”)
must meet the "Greater than 10 kW and up to 1 MW"
nameplate capacity requirements below.
Greater than 10
kW and up to 1
C12.16 or
Only new solid state meters are allowed. Current transformers
(“CTs”) must conform to the 0.6% (ANSI/IEEE C57.13-2008)
accuracy class, or the meter must be tested using the CT and
certified to meet the minimum accuracy requirement.
Greater than 1
Only new meters are allowed. CTs must conform to the 0.3%
(ANSI/IEEE C57.13-2008) accuracy class.
A list of DAS vendors that provide this service is available at For more information on the Automated
Reporting option see the Automated Reporting Guide at