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Light Level Sensor
Product Information Sheet
The 206-0002 is a standard outdoor light level sensor.
The light level sensor provides the controller with
information that allows the controller to switch light
on or off. The specifications for the sensor are listed in
the table below:
Sensor Type
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
13° F to 140° F
(-11° C to 60° C)
Blue-enhanced Photo Diode
12VDC from controller
0VDC at full darkness to 9VDC
at full output
0 to 750 FC
This sensor (pictured above) is manufactured by PLC-Multipoint, Inc. and is a
registered trademark of that company.
+\- 1% at 70° F
Approx. 1 V / 175 FC
*Connect the red wire to either the +12VDC or +5VDC terminal.
The +12V terminal is preferred because of the higher resolution it
provides. Note that on MultiFlex boards manufactured before April
2004 you must use the +5VDC terminal.
The dip switch for the 16AI input should be set to the
OFF position.
The sensor connections to the input point on the 16AI
board are not polarity sensitive. The sensor can be
wired to any available point on the 16AI board and is
connected as shown in the Sensor Wiring
1. Connect red and yellow lead to the SIG input
2. Connect green to the 0V input
3. Connect black to the +12V input
NOTE: The sensor does not follow the standard
control wiring color code. The sensor must
be wired as shown in the diagram.
Sensor Wiring Diagram
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