Converting Video iMovie > WMV Export from iMovie and convert

Converting Video iMovie > WMV Export from iMovie and convert to Windows Media Format(WMV) For full quality the clip must be exported with no compression for both video and audio in AVI format iMovie Export Settings Export – Compress Movie For: Expert Settings Share Export: Movie to AVI Options Video – Settings Compression type: None Frames per second: 25 Depth: Millions of colours + Quality: Best Sound – Settings Compressor: None Rate: 48,000 Size: 16bit Use: Mono/Stereo (select stereo only if the recording was meant to have separate sound in each channel) Windows Media Format is best converted using the PC and RiverPast Cleaner software Copy your exported files to the DCALGeneral shared drive where the files are then accessible on the PC Open RiverPast Cleaner Click +Add Files to select the files you wish to convert Choose the Output Format and settings in the options below the list of files Output Format: WMV Windows Media Video Video Settings: Compressor: Windows Media Video 9 Resolution: Same as Input Frame rate: Same as Input Mode: Quality – 100 Audio settings: Compressor: Windows Media Audio 10 Sample Rate: 48khz (DVD Quality)
Output Directory: (Choose somewhere suitable to put your converted files) Click the Convert ­> button to convert the files in the list