KV/RPM Meter Instruction Manual

KV/RPM Meter Instruction Manual
Product Application:
1. Measure the rpm and kv for BL motors.
2. Measure the voltage of the battery pack.
Working Temperature Range: -20℃ to 50℃
Weight :35g (wires included)
Dimension: 29x 63x 5mm
Working Voltage Range: 9-25V
1. Ultra-small size. Practical and portable.
2. RPM, KV, voltage display, convenient to observe the data.
3. Comparing to the mechanical and photoelectric measuring methods, the measuring by
"electromotive force" is more exact and easier to use, and no side-effect to the motor.
4. KV display while the BL motor works.
5. Simple connecting: just need to connect one wires of the motor for measuring, no need
additional power supply.
How to use
The 3 pins on K0 is “signal” ,”+”(power supply), “-” as showed in above picture.
Connect the signal wire to the any cable of the brushless motor while working,and parallel the
battery to the “+” ”-” ports of the K0 used for supplying power.
2. Interface Introduction
When it’s power on, there are 4 numerals displayed on the screen: voltage, rpm, kv ,series of
magnets. These numerals can be displayed in large print by turns(below picture showed).
A.Voltage-11123mV:the voltage of power supply to the meter is 11.1V
B.Kv-000000kv:computed by rpm and voltage.
C.RPM-0000000rpm:the rpm for the on-load set working on the voltage.
D. Series of magnets- P:000 : one standard for measuring by adjusting the series of magnets to
accurately measure the rpm of the BL motor.
3. Buttons on Kv meter:
Two buttons on Kv meter:
Button A, used to adjust the categories displayed: rpm, kv, voltage.
Button B, used to input the couples of magnets, if there are 10 series magnets of the motor, this
must be adjusted to 5 coupls;if there are 12 series magnets of the motor, this must be adjusted to
6 couples. Wrong choice will cause the wrong measurement data.
4. Attention:
(1)Testing voltage range:9V-25V,higher voltage will case the damage to the product.
(2)Because of the peculiarity of LCD, it's normal condition that renovation turning to be slow
(3)Pleaser be power off after the measuring.
(4)The motor should be no-loading, and top throttle is required.
(5)There may be some error for a very few micro motors with very low magnetism magnets.
(6)For some high kv motors, long time no-loading working is not suggested.