Dear Family and Friends: It`s August and we are preparing for

August 2014
Dear Family and Friends:!
It’s August and we are preparing for another school year. Part of that preparation
is reflection; and when it comes to the aviation program at Heritage Academy, we are
most thankful! !
Four students were enrolled full time in the flight program—two seniors and two
juniors. The two juniors are continuing their training, and one senior (Jesse Jean) has
all but his check ride completed. !
The other senior, Bryce Onjukka,
came to Heritage Academy his junior
year. He came to us from Guam, where
his parents were missionaries at the time.
He spent the first nine weeks in ground
school and began flying in October 2012.
He completed his private license in May
2013, at the conclusion of his Junior year.!
He had high hopes for his senior
year—and accomplished all of them.
Throughout the year, he continued to fly.
He rented an aircraft with the necessary
equipment to qualify for training past his
private license. He put in numerous
hours in cross-countries and night flights.
Immediately following graduation in May
2014, he took his check ride and
completed his instrument rating.! !
While this is a very aggressive
course, Bryce applied himself and took
advantage of every opportunity to reach
this goal. Not only is he a gifted pilot, but
he is also a bright student. He begins his medical training at Southern Adventist
University this fall. We are very proud of Bryce and appreciate him, not just as an
aviator, but as a godly young man, eager to work for Jesus. !
We will have six students taking ground school this fall, and quite a number of
students who will begin their flight training this new school year. Emily Tillman will
continue her training, as she begins her Senior year. She is looking forward to finish
with her private license by graduation in May 2015.!
Your donations to Adventist World Aviation for our mission aviation program will
help us continue to train young people in service for Jesus, using their skills and talents.
These young people are the future of our church, and mission aviation is still greatly
needed around the world. Thank you for your prayers and your partnership in this
important ministry.!
Heritage Academy!
God is at work in the Adventist World Aviation ministry, and I want to be a part of the
team. Along with prayers and encouragement for missionaries, I feel God calling me to
pledge my support. I want to help with the financial needs of the mission aviation
program at Heritage Academy.!
( ) I will send $________ every month for the next ________ months.!
( ) Please accept my gift of $__________________.!
Please make checks payable to: Adventist World Aviation!
Please complete this !
form and mail it with your !
check to:!
To set up an automatic deduction from a credit card, call
Adventist World Aviation!
P.O. Box 444!
Sullivan, WI 53178-0444