North Montco Technical Career Center Mechatronics Lab

North Montco Technical Career Center
Mechatronics Lab
Mr, Matthias
Lab Requirements
Each student is required to complete an assigned MINIMUM number of learning activities (LAP)
for each marking period. A final grade is determined by individual LAP grades, employability
and theory grades. The percentage is 40% of Skills, 30% of employability, and 30% of theory
For each LAP Activity book, the following are required
Skill assessment test (skill grade) -100 Points
To take a skill test
Print out a copy of your notes, you must have them for the skill test
Notes must be electronic this will assist you in organizing
your information and prepare you for the future.
Put your name on the signup sheet for skill testing (I may group some
of your skill tests together to make the best use of time and equipment)
After you sign up for a test do not wait for a skill test move on to
your next LAP. I will inform you when your test will be.
There will be live labs that will require you to build, analyze,
troubleshoot and design projects that will challenge your new skills.
These are extensions of skill tests and are intended to expand your
application knowledge and get you thinking outside the box.
North Montco Technical Career Center
Mechatronics Lab
Mr. Matthias
II. Theory test (theory grade) -50 Points
A. Most of my written tests are electronic and are done on the computer. When you click
on done your test score will be displayed immediately. In addition to the written test I
will always be "talking shop" with you and assessing your progress and knowledge of
the technology you are working in.
III. Outline for each LAP(theory grade) - 30points
A. Must be MLA format
Typed using Microsoft Word
Use built in outline formatting for simplicity
You may have to customize the settings for MLA
B. Answer to the objectives must be in YOUR OWN WORDS.
C. Your completed outline must be turned in prior to skill testing.
D. Answer, sheets must be completed as activities are done. This requirement may be
dropped as you become more competent in independent labs.
IV. Notebooks / Journals
A. Maintain your notebook in an orderly manner
B. Organize your technologies with tabs, such as pneumatics, PLC, robotics etc.
C. Keep your skill sign off sheet with each technology section
V. Work Ethic (30%)-10 points daily
A. This is a daily classroom grade. Grades for absent or tardy are assigned by the school.