Supporting high potential business schools in achieving
international standards for postgraduate management education
AMBA Development Network (ADN)
The AMBA Development Network
(ADN) has been designed to support and
encourage those business schools with long
term aspirations for – and commitment to –
high quality and continuous improvement in
postgraduate management education.
It is aimed primarily at schools that
have a long-term ambition to achieve
international standards as outlined by the
AMBA accreditation criteria and which face
structural impediments to achieving this
without external support.
This new scheme is integral to AMBA’s
mission, which is “to advance postgraduate
business education throughout the world.”
ADN Benefits
Membership of the ADN includes
the following benefits:
• Discounted member rates at events
• Facilitated information exchange with
accredited AMBA schools
• Membership of ADN online community
• Access to bespoke market research data
• Eligibility to apply for mentorship scheme
• Tailored ADN events
A school in the ADN may additionally
apply for mentorship to gain more direct,
hands-on development support.
If accepted, the School will be appointed
an AMBA-approved and trained mentor
from within the senior team of an AMBA
accredited school. This will enable a
dialogue that provides advice and support
to the school in its journey towards
international standards, with the AMBA
accreditation criteria as the benchmark.
The school can expect the mentor
(appointed for an initial three year period)
to formally engage twice per year (at least
once at the host school) and to be available
for a defined period for further support at
a distance (email, video conference etc.)
School Portfolio
Schools within the ADN will have a
dedicated platform to exchange ideas,
provide support, and discuss the possibility
of mutually beneficial collaborations.
Opportunities to network with accredited
AMBA schools will also be facilitated.
Schools in the ADN may apply for AMBA
accreditation if they wish to do so;
mentorship may also provide opportunities
for accreditation after at least the initial
three year period.
ADN members will form part of a network of like-minded schools
supported by AMBA experts enabling the regular exchange of
information, advice and best practice. This will be in the form of
physical and virtual networking, access to data, and an opportunity to
exchange ideas with AMBA-accredited schools. This two-way channel
of communication will enable ADN members to influence the debate
on international standards and the changing landscape of business
education, as well as being informed by it.
In order to be eligible to join the ADN,
schools must complete an application form
which provides evidence of the following:
• A compelling reason for joining, to
include a commitment to continuous
improvement and quality in postgraduate
management education;
• A commitment to pursuing a post
experience, postgraduate MBA, with
some evidence from current provision;
• Proven financial sustainability in an
institution which has been in operation
for at least three years;
• Evidence of national market recognition.
Granting membership of the ADN is at the
discretion of AMBA and its International
Accreditation Advisory Board (IAAB), which
will assess each school’s application.
Every three years a mentored school may
request a gap analysis of its provision against
AMBA criteria, utilising input from the mentor
and one member of AMBA staff. AMBA will
also undertake a desktop gap analysis as part
of the School’s original ADN application.
The mentorship process is designed to last for
an initial three year period but schools may
remain in the process for as long as they wish
beyond this period on an annual rolling basis.
ADN Eligibility to join
Accredited Schools Network
Two way
ADN School Network
Costs & Fees
Annual membership of the ADN:
Annual mentorship fee:
Contact Details
For further information on joining the
ADN, please contact:
Mark Stoddard
Director of Operations
[email protected]
+44 (0) 207-246-2697
Further details on the ADN can be found
online: www.mbaworld.com/adn
Additional costs:
Visits of mentors and AMBA staff
for the purposes of mentoring and
/ or gap analysis will be charged at
cost + VAT where applicable (travel /
accommodation / subsistence).
The Association of MBAs Development
Network is an Association of MBAs initiative.
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