Tierra de Luna

argentina / TI ERRA DE LU NA
Tierra de Luna
Pinot Grigio - Torrontes
80% Pinot – 20 % Torrontes
These two varieties combine to produce a blended wine
marrying the refinement of Pinot Grigio with the aromatic
generosity of Torrontes.
After a dry Winter, we were surprised by an early Spring
arrival. However, the cool temperatures came back by the
end of January, which allowed to slow down the cycle and
to balance the maturation process. We began harvesting
the Pinot Gris unusually early, as mid-February. The white
grapes were picked early in the season to keep the natural
acidity and preserve the aromatic freshness.
tasting notes
The Pinot Grigio
grapes produce roundness and suppleness
and the Torrontes, its
characteristic white
flowers and muscat
flavoured notes.
It is a fresh wine
easy to drink. Its
acid balance brings
it lightness and a
flavoursome palate. It
is rich in the mouth.
Fish and seafood
dishes such as Galician-style octopus,
maigre in black butter
sauce and sushi.
1-2 years
acidité totale
acidité volatile
sucres résiduels
12.5 % vol
5,55 g/l H2SO4
0,2 g/l H2SO4
-1,8 g/l
Argentina’s winegrowing history
dates back to the 19th century.
It now has just over 200 000
hectares of vines, making it
the world’s fifth largest wine
Mendoza is the largest wine
region, representing almost 70%
of the total winegrowing area.
It is divided into several sub
regions. The lower part is set at
500 metres above sea level whilst
the highest culminates at 1600
metres. Our very high quality
grapes are grown at altitudes of
over 800 metres.
Valle de Uco, to the southeast of
Mendoza, has 8100 hectares of
vines at altitudes of between 900
and 1200 metres.
Terroir :
This wine is made from a mix of grapes of
different Fincas situated in the Mendoza and the San Juan
provinces, coming from grey soils (volcanic moraines)
where the wines find a good expression and a typical
Density :3000 vines/ha.
Climate : Continental semi desert characterised by light
frost and high level of sunshine - Average annual rainfall
of 200 mm essentially concentrated in summer – High
temperature range day/night (10 °C at night – 40 °C during
the day in summer).
Average age of the vines : 10 years.
Yield : 90hl/ha.
Location : Our grapes are grown in the warm areas to the
east of Mendoza.
Harvest : The Pinot Grigio is a grey grape variety that is
vinified as a white variety. The Pinot Grigio grapes ripen
earlier than the Torrontes, the Pinot Grigio is harvested
during the second part of the month of February and the
Torrontes one month later (Mid-may).
Winemaking : After a direct pressing and a cold settling
and decanting, the must is fermented at a low temperature
with selected yeasts. This wine is aged on fine lees with
daily stirring during 3 months.