Otto von Bismarck - University of St Andrews

Otto von Bismarck
A bicentennial exhibition
at the University of St Andrews
Lecture Hall
(New Arts Bldg)
2 Nov. 2015
2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Otto von Bismarck,
the Prussian statesman who unified Germany in 1870 and remained
its Chancellor for another 20 years. To commemorate his bicentenary
the Otto von Bismarck Foundation has prepared an exhibition on
Bismarck‘s life and his relationship with Britain which will show at the
University of St Andrews (Foyer of the Arts Lecture Hall, New Arts
Building) from 2-14 November 2015.
To open the exhibition, Dr Ulf Morgenstern (Bismarck Foundation)
will give a public lecture at the University of St Andrews.
For further information, please contact Frank Lorenz Müller at