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Classroom Guidelines
Mr. Ostoforov’s Classroom Guidelines
Safety is our #1 Priority! Everyone is responsible for not only their safety, but also
the safety of others. Follow all safety rules and safety guidelines at all times!
Start of Class
1) Show up to class on time and expect to put in a solid effort each and
every class.
2) Come to class prepared with all the necessary material.
a. Pencil
b. Any necessary papers, plans, etc…
c. Project
3) Be in your seat by the time the bell goes waiting for the day’s
End of Class
1) The last 5-10 minutes each class will be set aside for cleaning up.
a. Your work area/table
b. Your assigned area
2) After clean-up is completed return to your seat for teacher dismissal
General Rules
1) Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.
2) Listen and follow all instructions the first time they are given.
3) No food is permitted in the wood shop. Drinks must be in a sealed
container (i.e. no pop cans)
4) Vandalism of student or school property is strictly prohibited.
5) Electronics (i.e. cell phones) are not permitted in the shop, especially
when working with or near any tool or machinery.
Mr. Ostoforov
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