A Midsummer Night`s Dream Homework Project

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Homework Project Year 8
Halfway deadline:
This homework project will help you with your understanding of the play we are studying in class. It is
important that you complete one task a week in order to get the most from your learning both at
home and in school!
1. Research Greek Mythology
As with any writer, Shakespeare was influenced by other writers and stories. Find the
answers to the following:
a. Who was Theseus?
b. What sort of man was he?
c. Who was Hippolyta?
d. What sort of woman was she?
e. How are Theseus and Hippolyta linked in Greek Mythology?
Extension: Why do you think Shakespeare used these names in his play?
2. Creative Writing
One of the themes in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is dreaming. Describe a dream that you
have had. This must be at least half a page long, and use a range of descriptive
techniques. Try to use lots of detail so the reader can get a clear image of your dream!
3. Word Chain
There are lots of characters in this play and it’s important that you know as many of them as
possible to fully understand it! Complete the word chain attached to this homework
4. The World of the Wood
Create ONE of the following to help you visualise the play:
-­‐ A map: Devise a map of Athens and the wood. Where would Titania’s home be in
relation to where the Mechanicals are practising their play? Where would Helena
and Lysander have fallen asleep? Where do Puck and Oberon talk about the tricks
they are going to play? Would the fairies have hiding places?
-­‐ A website: Design a website for ‘A wood near Athens’. Your aim is to attract
-­‐ A board game: Develop a board game based on the play!
-­‐ A costume design: Design costumes for the fairy world. There is a lot of imagery
that connects the natural world and the woodland. Use this to think about costume
and colour.
5. There’s a missing scene!
Towards the end of the play, the lovers get married. But who marries whom? And what are the
ceremonies like? Shakespeare does not show the marriage ceremonies so it is up to you to
make sure we see them! Write the missing scene out. Make sure you use features of script
writing: names in margins; colons; stage directions and of course, speech. 
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