Executive Summary Reports Key Takeaways

Executive Summary Reports
Key Takeaways
Reporting Consumer Contacts
to Company Executives – I.
Why is it necessary?
 Those leading the company need to know how consumers perceive the company’s products
and initiatives.
 So company executives can use consumer feedback in making strategic decisions about future
business investments and resources.
 So company leaders get the information straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth. If they
don’t hear it from Consumer Affairs, they may not get the whole story.
Who exactly is this audience?
 The “LT’s” (Leadership Teams): The ELT, SLT, OLT, MLT, etc.
 Any company audience that is high-level or has a lot of influence and decision-making ability.
What do they need to know and how do they need to get it?
They need the bottom line, with just enough detail to illustrate the point/make it memorable.
What are the 3-4 things you want them to remember? (Consider the good, the bad, the ??)
In general just a couple of pages; optional-read or supporting details can go in an Appendix.
Remember: a colorful graph speaks a thousand words, and a voice recording speaks more!
Maura Ehlebracht, Dean Foods
Director, Consumer Affairs
Email – Maura_ehlebracht@deanfoods.com
Phone – 303-635-7291
Sharon Bucher – The J.M. Smucker Company
Analyst, Consumer Communications
Email – Sharon.Bucher@jmsmucker.com
Phone: 330-684-6427
• Praise reports are different. They can be
• Focus on only the highlights. Consolidate
data-driven or not and can vary greatly in
content and design.
your information in a summarized format
with supporting documents on an as
needed basis.
• Consider how your business is
managed/organized and what your
purpose is in sharing Praise.
• Think about your intended audience and
that will help you decide on frequency,
format, and deliverable.
• Get creative and make it memorable.
Remember to include some recording
clips because that will make a stronger
and more lasting impression upon
• Consider that your information will trickle
down and be shared in multiple ways to
multiple people and departments.
• Everyone processes and learns
information in different ways. Some
people retain information better through
hearing while others remember
information better when seeing it.
Sharon Rickabaugh – Continental Mills
Manager, Consumer Relations
Email: Sharonr@continentalmills.com
Phone: 206-816-7255
Don’t just provide the data, tell your
audience what action should be taken to
correct an issue.
One page summary reports that are quick
to read and easy to comprehend are the
best for senior management.
Keep it brief and factual.
Providing recordings of the real voice of
the consumer or verbatim are helpful
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