The Sole Purpose for Man`s Existence

The Sole Purpose for Man’s Existence By: John E. Drury What is the singular purpose of mankind, and is there only one reason that man exists? I think these are the most perplexing questions that man has ever asked. Many ideas have been espoused over the millennia yet there still remains much confusion. We human beings need to know why we exist, we need to know if the many ideas of man are true or error, and we need to know if there is a source that gives answers to these questions. I have great news, there is a source, the information does exist and we can know the answer. TO PUT IT IN THE CLEAREST TERMS, THERE IS ONLY ONE PURPOSE FOR HUMAN EXISTENCE. What is that purpose, why does man exist? The reason man exists is to become sons of God, there is no other purpose; there is no other avenue or end result for human beings. God created man to build His family, yes; I know that some will accuse me of blasphemy; however I intend to prove this fact from the word of the One who created man in the first place. What God Says In Heb 2:10 we are told that all things were created by and for Jesus Christ. Here we have in one single statement the clearly stated purpose of Jesus Christ and of mankind. Hebr 2:10 (RSV) For it was fitting that he, for whom and by whom all things exist, in bringing many sons to glory, ... [Emphasis mine throughout] Jesus Christ is the creator of all things that includes we humans, and He created us for the very purpose of becoming sons of God the Father! God is building a family through spiritual birth, by the gift of eternal life, and yes, eternal life is a gift, not an inherent condition of mankind. (Romans 6:23) Contrary to what many have supposed, man does not live forever, this is a bold lie told by Satan to deceive and lead mankind away from the Kingdom of God. Will you believe what God says here in Romans 6:23, or would you accept the misinformation which has spread throughout the earth? I choose to believe God and I think you would also agree. God through Jesus Christ, created man to become members of the God family, He also has fixed as His singular goal at this time the job of making that family and making it as large as it can possibly be. However we have to remember that nothing that defiles will ever be in the Kingdom of God, therefore there are things that we all must be doing. Nothing That Defiles There will never be anything or anyone in the Kingdom of God that defiles or is evil in any manner. (Revelation 21:2, 27) Notice also that another myth that man has long believed, that is that we shall go to heaven. Not one place in the entirety of the word of God says that anyone other than Jesus Christ will or ever did go to heaven; you cannot find such a statement because it isn't there. God will as it states here in Revelation, bring His government, His Holy city to this earth and He will reside here on earth, why then would anyone ever want to go to heaven. Simply put and you can prove it, when man dies he waits for the time when he will be resurrected to learn what will become of him for the future. To learn a great deal more about man and his purpose, request our free booklet, "Why do you exist?" © 2007 The Church of the Everliving God PO Box 4099 Hazelwood, MO 63042‐4099