Lesson 1 New York City Long Ago

new York City Long Ago
Unit 2, LESSOn 1
Past, Present, and Future
Many things have brought change to New
York City. The city looks different from the
way it used to look. To find out how the
city looked long ago, people learn about
its history. More change will come to New
York City in the future. Workers will build
new buildings. New people will come.
native Americans
Long ago, many groups of Native
Americans lived in the area that is now New
York City. They used the natural resources
of the area. They grew plants. They also
hunted and fished. They made tools from
stones and shiny beads from shells.
Find and underline
a form of each
vocabulary word.
change noun,
when something
becomes different
history noun,
everything people
can know about
what happened
long ago
How will New York
City change in the
Highlight the
sentences that tell
the answer.
How did Native
Americans get their
food long ago?
Circle the
sentences that tell
the answer.
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