Maintenance Management Concentration 2014-2015 Program Educational Objectives Analysis

Maintenance Management Concentration
2014-2015 Program Educational Objectives Analysis
The Maintenance
concentration will
maintain its FAR Part
147 approval status.
We currently maintain our FAA Part 147 certification Successful FAA FSDO
status and as such will not make any changes.
inspection of facilities and
records without
We have no planned changes as we
are meeting this goal. We will
continue to work with the FAA in the
event they bring forth any concerns.
2. Students will meet or
exceed the national
norm for each of the
curriculum areas of the
147 exam.
We have recently changed the software we allow the
students to use to practice for the FAA written exams.
The software that was replaced was old and many of
the questions/answer were somewhat outdated. We
felt this might have been leading to some students
performing at a lower level on the written tests than
they should have been.
We will compare our
students’ performance on
the A&P written exams to
the national norms for the
testing as reported by the
We will continue to monitor the
Powerplant section of the A&P test
with the hope that our student
performance will improve. It is felt
much of their issues were attributed
to the older software they were using
to study.
3. Graduating students
will obtain FAA
Airframe and
Powerplant (A&P)
We implemented a capstone course, AERO 4340,
which requires each graduate to complete their oral
and practical exams for their airframe and powerplant
licenses prior to graduation.
We will compare the list of
graduating Maintenance
Management students with
the list of those who have
qualified for the A+P
The only thing we can really do is
monitor the progress of our students
to help ensure they are in a position to
complete their A+P certifications.