"Energy Smart Schools"

Did You Know?
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he largest controllable budget
category in a school is typically
energy related?
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0% of your school’s energy
bills can come from plug load
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ore than 40% of your electric
load can be lighting?
North Syracuse Central School District Library
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), a public benefit corporation, works to improve New York State’s energy,
environmental, and economic future by sponsoring
energy analysis, research and development, and
efficiency deployment programs.
Funding for these programs comes from the State’s
investor-owned utilities, the federal government,
substantial co-funding from project partners, and
voluntary contributions from the New York Power
Authority and Long Island Power Authority. NYSERDA
also manages the Western New York Nuclear Service
Center at West Valley, coordinates the State’s activities on energy planning, monitors low-level radioactive waste generation and management in the State,
and finances utility energy-related projects, reducing
ratepayer costs.
In addition, NYSERDA manages the New York
Energy $martSM Program, a public benefit energy
research and energy-efficiency services program.
To ensure New Yorkers benefit from competition, the
State’s Public Service Commission named NYSERDA
the administrator of programs supported by a Systems
Benefits Charge (SBC) on the electricity transmitted
and distributed by the State’s investor-owned utilities.
North Syracuse Central School District Music Room
Franklin, Front Elevation, Rochester City School District, New York
Check the Ways
You Can Save
P Train your facilities staff in energy efficiency
P Get your buildings benchmarked for free by
and sustainability.
NYSERDA. By benchmarking your facilities
and comparing them against a database of
other New York State K-12 school buildings,
you can prioritize which buildings have the
greatest potential for savings. Improvements
can earn you national awards.
P Take advantage of energy saving opportunities
such as free power management software for
computer equipment, available from the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency
P Install vending machine occupancy sensors.
P Make sure office equipment and computers
P Ensure manufacturer recommended mainten-
P Activate power save features on copiers, fax,
P Review purchasing standards to make sure
P Use NYSERDA’s free Plug Load Estimator
P Appoint an Energy Manager or Resource
ance for energy-using equipment is being
followed. Review warranty and service contracts
to make sure you are receiving eligible services.
equipment is ENERGY STAR® rated.
machines, printers and other office equipment.
Determine if any equipment is unnecessary
or can be turned off entirely.
for self audits.
P Limit distributed cooking/kitchen equipment
and provide such equipment in centralized
staff lounges.
P Repair or replace damaged or incomplete
P Use NY-CHPS, a high-performance design
North Syracuse Central School District, Library
weather stripping and caulking.
guideline for New York’s K-12 schools.
Rochester Central School DIstrict, Franklin, Side Elevation
P Turn off lighting when you leave a room. Up to
20% of lighting costs can be reduced by simply
turning off lighting when rooms are vacant.
P Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs
P Install occupancy sensors and verify that
P Make sure buildings have annual combustion
P Review HVAC schedules and set points to
P Verify proper damper operation on HVAC
P Repair/replace faulty steam valves and
P Verify that fans, coils, filters, diffusers, lamps
P Inspect the condition of insulation and replace
P Verify that ducts are insulated and connected
P Verify that thermostats are accurate.
P Reduce hot water heating set points to man-
P Ask staff and students to dress appropriately
testing and boiler tune-ups.
ensure minimum settings per ASHRAE
standards. For each degree a system is
reduced, 1-3% energy savings are realized
for that time period. Typically, an 8 to 10
degree setback is ideal during unoccupied
periods. Also, verify that outside air dampers
are closing completely during unoccupied
periods. NYSERDA has a free HVAC Savings
Estimator to calculate your potential savings.
are turned off at the end of the day.
Efficiency Manager to be responsible for
energy issues. Put a team together to address
your energy concerns. As a team, set reachable goals.
Plug Load
repair leaks.
and lenses are clean and in good operating
condition. Clean refrigerator coils.
or repair, as needed.
erify that the building is not heating and
cooling at the same time.
ufacturer recommended minimums.
for the weather.
and reduce energy use by 75%.
existing occupancy sensors are working
properly. Adjust them if necessary.
P Replace exit signs with LED exit signs.
Visit www.nyserda.org/programs/schools for details or call 1-866-NYSERDA