Mitsubishi Ambulance With separate compartment

Mitsubishi Ambulance
With separate compartment
Standard Installations:
• Strong smooth floor that can be washed
without seeping water into the sides or the
• Tilted floor to ease cleaning and loading
of the stretcher
• Insulating material inserted below the
floor to prevent retaining fluids
• The ambulance is painted in red and
• Ceiling height 2 m
• Wall thickness 5 cm foam
• Safe sliding window
• The word ambulance is written on the
sides and back to front on the front of the
• Steps at the rear to help the crew load
the stretcher
• Most efficient use of internal space
• Partition with sliding window between
the driver and the patient cabins.
• Comfortable suspension system
suitable for ambulances
• Communication between the patient
and driver partitions
• Completely separate patient cabin
Medical Equipment and Tools:
• Standard height stretcher equipped with
mattress and belts
• Curtains on the rear cabin windows or
2/3 height sticker for side windows and ½
height for rear window
• Solution stand clamped to the ceiling
• Oxygen tank fixed to the floor complete
with regulator and mask
• Foldable seat
• Medicine cabinet
• Padded seat for 3 people can also be
used for another patient
• 12 V fan
First Aid Kit
• Complete first aid kit along with
splinters, surgical scissors
• Mercury thermometer, stethoscope,
medical gauze, bandages, antiseptics,
Alarm, electrical and light appliances
• Electronic siren
• Revolving flasher
• Upper lights or signs
• Rear cabin lighting and spotlight and
2x12 volt sockets
• 12 V output sources
Safety equipment
• Fire extinguisher
• Patient cabin lighting and spotlight and
2x12 volt sockets
• Reverse siren
• Rear flood lights
• Microphone and siren for crowd control
• Concentrated spot lights on the
patients head
• Spare tire
• Tool box
Optional Equipment at extra cost
• Fixing unit for the stretcher
• Solution stand
• Foldable wheel chair
• Hand or foot operated suction unit
• Battery operated suction unit
• Oxygen tank
• Resuscitator unit
• Heart beat monitor
• x-ray equipment
Options for the truck at extra cost
• Adding air-condition
Truck Specifications
• At least 88 HP
• Hydraulic brakes
• Front disc brakes
• Rear cylinder brakes
Dallah building, 7 A Cornaish ELnil, Maadi, TCairo , Egypt
Zip code : 11431
Complete oxygen system
Sterilization unit
Air splints
Multi-level cot
Wooden stretcher
Scoop stretcher
Mobile communication facilities
Air suction unit
Infant incubator
4 feet blood fridge
Side windows
mechanical brakes
Power steering
Low noise
Low vibrations
Tel : ++ (20)2 25285213 (14) (15) (16)
Fax ++ (20)2 25285212
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