Mr. Ompi Aphane Deputy Director General: Policy, Planning and

Mr. Ompi Aphane
Deputy Director General: Policy, Planning and Clean Energy
Setotolwane College
University of Natal
Engineering Council
BSc (Engineering) Electrical, 1989
Registered professional engineer # 940215
Electrical plant system design
Energy policy development
Energy planning
Energy sector regulation
Power project development
Programme management in energy efficiency
International and cross border negotiations
Power station electrical system design; life
extension assessment and system modifications
Electrical plant system engineering covering
outside and turbo-generator plant modifications
Power station system rehabilitation and plant
design; Electricity market operations
Logistics management covering quality
management, asset management, depot
Electrical distribution systems design and
project supervision including electrification of
new settlements, substation and distribution line
design and project supervision, metering
systems, construction management
Distribution and transmission system
specification, engineering, procurement and
construction management
Programme management for (i) the grid
electrification effort to improve access to
electricity and to eradicate backlogs ; (ii) the
solar home system programme as a clean
energy access programme
Programme management for the energy
efficiency effort to improve energy efficiency in
industrial processes, public buildings and the
domestic sector
Programme management for the renewable
energy power development effort with solar,
wind, biomass, hydro, paper and sugar
technologies through Independent Power
Programme management for the solar water
heater effort to shift the domestic electrical load
due to water heating off the grid and to
maximize the local content of the systems
utilized in the programme
Energy policy development including the
development of legislation and regulations.
Sector reform and restructuring through the
introduction of an Independent System and
Market Operator, and a revised regulatory
framework for introducing new generation
capacity through IPPs
Integrated Resource Planning for balancing
electricity demand through various supply
options, including nuclear, coal, gas, renewable
energy technologies, energy efficiency and
imported power
Nuclear programme management including
power plant feasibility studies, technology
options, financing options and project planning.
Nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation
regulation and enforcement. Nuclear safety
Development of funding models to ensure the
sustainability of the power plant capital
expansion programme
Negotiation of power system interconnection
agreements and treaties with neighbouring
countries, including DRC, Mozambique and
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