Dear Parents and Carers, We would like to explain what is

Dear Parents and Carers,
We would like to explain what is happening this half term in Class 1.
In class Mrs Willcock lets us decide what our role play area can be and she does her
best to make exactly what we want. This half term we have asked for a Dinosaur
Land. We have loved making leafs and painting the volcano. We are also going to
make dinosaur eggs out of clay. This sounds like lots of fun.
If anybody has any dinosaur books or other interesting things please feel free to bring
them into school and we can have show and tell.
In the digging area we will get all muddy moving all the rocks and logs to make them
into dinosaur bones or by digging for fossils. We will use paint brushes to be
explorers and look for dinosaur bones.
In our lesson, Understanding of the World, we will become experts on the different
types of dinosaurs and what they ate and where they lived. We will look at why
they are all different and learn about the fossils which they left behind. We will
get to make our very own bubbling volcano and fizzy mud.
In Mathematics we are going to be very busy learning lots of different things.
We have started addition using dinosaurs. We will spend a little while on this as
it is tricky. Once we are confident with addition we will start to learn about
subtraction. We will also recap our 2D shapes and learn all about 3D shapes.
To make shapes fun Mrs Willcock has said we can make 3D Dinosaurs out of
junk material. This sounds really exciting.
In Communication, Language and Literacy, we have finished all of the
digraphs we have to learn in reception. We will start focusing on our tricky words for
example ‘the’ and ‘I’. We are going to look at describing words and describe a dinosaur of
our choice. Because we are becoming fantastic readers we will read lots of stories on
dinosaurs and look more in depth at the books to see who are the main characters
and the structure of stories. This sounds great because we all love story time. ☺
Thank you for reading our letter!
From everyone in Class 1
Dates for the diary
‘All About Me’ books: I just want to say a big thank you for the effort which everybody puts
into the children’s ‘All about Me books’. The children love to show their friends and talk
about what they have been doing at the weekends.
As your child progresses with their reading skills they will now receive three reading books a
week. One on a Monday which is to be returned by Wednesday and one on a Wednesday
which is to be returned by Friday and one on a Friday which is to be returned by the
following Monday. It is important that a comment is written in their diary so I know that the
book has been read. Please ensure reading books are returned as we are very fortunate to have
volunteers who come into school to hear your child read every week.
Every day each child has a piece of fruit and a drink of milk, however when your child turns
5 the milk is no longer free. If you would like your child to continue having milk then a form
can be obtained from our office.
Parent-Teacher meetings: If any parent would like to see me to discuss their child’s progress
please contact our office to arrange a date and time.
I hope this short newsletter, has given an insight as to what is happening in Class 1 at the
Thank you.
Mrs Willcock