The following paragraphs set forth the policy for acquisition by the

The following paragraphs set forth the policy for acquisition by the Monroe
County Water Authority (the “Authority”) of interests in real property.
1. Acquisition of Interests. Any of the Officers of the Authority is authorized, from
time to time, to negotiate and acquire (i) permanent and temporary easements, (ii)
options for the purchase of acquisition of easements, lands or rights of land and (iii)
lands or interests in lands, for and on behalf of the Authority, which may be
reasonably necessary or desirable for or in connection with the installation,
construction, reconstruction, operation, maintenance or repair of any of the
Authority’s plants, facilities and appurtenances.
2. Execution of Documents and Price. In connection with the acquisition of interests
in real property, any Officer is authorized to execute, deliver and file or record such
documents in form acceptable to him or her in connection therewith and to pay such
price or compensation therefore as may be acceptable to him or her.
3. Authorized Purpose. No acquisition of an interest in real property may be made
unless the purpose for which such acquisition is made complies with the Authority’s
Procurement Disclosure Policy and Section 1096 of the New York Public Authorities
Law regarding the powers of the Authority.
4. Acquisitions Requiring Prior Board Approval and/or an Appraisal.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, any acquisition that exceeds $15,000 shall require
prior approval of the Board, and any acquisition that exceeds $100,000 shall require
an independent appraisal. The purpose of the appraisal shall be to substantiate that
the amount paid by the Authority does not exceed a fair and reasonable compensation
for the acquisition given the facts and circumstances of the proposed transaction.
5. Annual Report to the New York State Authorities Budget Office. The Authority
will include in its Annual Report a listing and description of, to the extent permitted
under applicable laws and regulations governing homeland security, all real property
acquired by the Authority during such year having an estimated fair market value in
excess of Fifteen Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($15,000.00). The Annual Report
must include, at a minimum, the price paid by the Authority and the name of the
seller for all property acquired. The Annual Report shall also contain a description of
all assets, services or both assets and services that are bought by the Authority
without competitive bidding, which description shall include the following:
(a) the nature of those assets and/or services:
(b) the names of the counterparties; and
(c) where the contract price for assets that are purchased by the Authority is in
excess of fair market value, then a detailed explanation of the justification
for making such purchase without competitive bidding will be provided
along with a certification by the Executive Director and Director of
Finance and Business Services stating that they have reviewed the terms
of the purchase and determined that it complies with the applicable law
and the Authority’s procurement guidelines.
The Authority shall cause its Annual Report to be delivered to the County Executive, the
Chief Financial Officer, the President of the Monroe County Legislature and the
Authorities Budget Office within ninety (90) days after the end of the Authority’s fiscal
The Authority shall publish its Annual Report on the Authority’s website.