Good morning from GMS. Beginning next Monday morning, all GMS

Good morning from GMS.
Beginning next Monday morning, all GMS students will be taking the ISAT
test. The testing window runs Monday, March 3rd through Friday, March
14th. During this time, our 7th grade students will be taking 8 tests (3
Reading/LA, 3 Math and 2 Science) and our 8th grade students will be
taking 6 tests (3 Reading/LA and 3 Math).
The students have been preparing for these tests all year through their
daily class activities and lessons. You and your child should feel confident
that the information that he/she has had the opportunity to learn has
prepared him or her for the upcoming testing sessions. We do ask that
you take some time this week to speak with your child about your
expectations of doing his or her best work on these tests.
The test results will be provided to you in the fall and will include your
child's progress on the state test. Further, this information will show how
well our school and district are doing in comparison to students throughout
the state. We do use these results, along with information from our
national and local assessments, to help us continue to improve our
academic and co-curricular programming at Grayslake Middle School.
We have already begun discussing this testing requirement with your
child. Please do so at home as well so that your child is confident and
focused during testing. Please remind your child that these tests are
important, however, they are being tested on information that they have
been prepared for.
Although there is make-up testing time provided during the testing window,
attendance at school during these weeks are important.
There is an attachment with further information attached below.
There is another opportunity to go skiing this Friday night. Because of low
participation, we've had to cancel our last two trips. We hope your child
can join us this Friday as we go to Alpine Valley. The necessary
paperwork is attached. If your child was signed up to go last week, your
child's paperwork should be set with Ms. Kraus for this Friday. Please
have your child see Ms. Kraus to verify. We hope to see you out on the
"The Book Bridge" Book Drive - IS Still Happening...
Please see the attached information about "The Book Bridge". This is a
great opportunity to help others in need and all you have to do is look
through your child's "gently used" books. The GMS Student Council's goal
is to support this organization with 3000 books within the next two weeks.
Please take a look. If every GMS student would contribute 4 books, we'd
easily achieve our goal.
"The Book Bridge" is located at the front entrance of the GMS parking lot
(in the white house on the corner behind our school sign). Many of our
GMS students have already given their time to help organize donations.
This is a great home town, Grayslake, organization. We hope you can
help us support their efforts.
GMS will once again support the St. Baldrick's Foundation. This year,
however, we're going to make it bigger and better. We're even going to
give the students the opportunity to "get a shave" or donate their hair to
"Locks for Love" (obviously with parent permission for both activities).
More information to come, but our fundraiser will take place March 31 April 17th. Our fundraising goal this year will be $5000.
"The Glass Slipper"
The GMS Spring Play will take place this weekend. Shows are Friday,
February 28th at 7:00 PM and Saturday, March 1st at 3:00 and 7:00 PM.
Our students and staff have been hard at work for the past months
readying a great show for all of us. We hope you can come out and join
Family Read Night For those families who signed up, please remember that our family read
night is this Wednesday, starting at 6:30. We hope you've had fun with
your book so far!
Please also see...
Attachments below on D46 Allergy Information and Camp Invention.
We hope you have a great week ahead.
Marcus and Karen