Anant Agarwal

Candidate for Board of Directors
Anant Agarwal
MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
Academic Background:
Ph.D., Stanford, 1987, Computer Architecture.
Professional Experience:
Professor, MIT EECS, Cambridge, MA, 1987 – 2011;
CTO, Tilera Corporation, San Jose, CA, 2004 – 2011.
Professional Interest:
Computer Architecture; Computer Systems; Operating Systems; Compilers; VLSI.
Awards Received:
ACM: ACM Fellow, 2007; Maurice Wilkes award, 2001.
Other: NSF PYI, 1991; Jamieson teaching award, 2010; Smullin teaching award, 2005.
My research area is computer architecture. I have been teaching computer architecture,
VLSI and software systems classes since 1988. I have also advised a number of graduate
students on their theses/dissertations, and several of my students have gone on into
industry development, industry research, and academia. I have also been a founder of
several startups in the general area of VLSI and computer architecture. I am happy to serve
on the SIGARCH board if elected.