Making money has become too important to many people in our

Making money has become too important to many people in our modern society.
We live in a society in which making money has become essential to many people rather than
other important things in life such as health, love and happiness. In addition the system leaded by
the media promote this message to encourage people to believe it. Despite there are many people
who thinks that the money has become too important, to remain within the system they follow the
general tendency. Otherwise there are few people that decided to step aside from the system.
There are many reasons to believe that money has become not too much important in the modern
society. For one thing, our health, feeding, housing and many other things depend on money. For
another thing, our economic system, capitalism, is based on earning and spending money
continuously to maintain it in circulation for a proper functioning of the system.
As I stated before only a few people remain out of the system. They have created alternative
communities such as cooperative communities or hippie communes where they have established
their own rules. There they promote other values to pushed the money into the background. They
do offering free activities for all the publics as talks, games for the kids, workshops and others.
In my opinion the importance of money is given by our economic system but every one of us is free
to choose which paper we give to money in our daily life because from my point off view there are
more things in life that can lead us to happiness.
Quim De Gispert.