University of Missouri Extension Cell Phone Agreement

University of Missouri Extension
Cell Phone Agreement
(Employee Owned with no Reimbursement for Business Use)
User Name
Department and Region
Cellular Phone Number
Employee Agreement:
I understand and agree to the following:
I am responsible for maintaining wireless service in order to carry out responsibilities
associated with my work for the university.
My compensation has been set at a level sufficient for me to pay for this service.
I must maintain wireless service until the university determines my responsibilities no
longer require wireless service.
I must provide a cell phone.
I will make my cell phone number available to the university for business calls.
There is no reimbursement for business use of my phone.
Additional requirements for phone/device/service:
 It is expected that I be reachable outside “normal” business hours for business questions.
I am expected to access my email while traveling for business.
 Other ____________________________________________________________________
Faculty/Staff Member
Approved by Supervisor
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