Application Innovation

Application Innovation
Through our Application Innovation initiatives, Able-One works with
organizations to ensure their enterprise applications are agile and ready
to meet today’s demands for innovation. We have decades of
leadership in enterprise application modernization along with best of
breed partners, tools and resources to provide full service offerings.
Enterprise software is no longer a cost centre; it has become a
strategic commercial advantage - or disadvantage - for business.
For a business that is reliant on traditional or “legacy” systems that
may have evolved with the organization over decades, taking advantage
of new technologies can seem next to impossible.
Enterprise modernization solutions help to effectively and incrementally
evolve or migrate your core IT systems towards modern architectures and
The results? Businesses can leverage their existing investments, reduce
maintenance costs and free-up resources to focus on the bigger
picture: developing new and innovative ways to service your markets
and stay ahead of the competition.
Modern business innovation requires IT to stay current with the latest
“systems of engagement”.
Today, this means delivering “apps”,
integrated with “systems of record” (ERP, legacy, traditional), to
employees, customers and prospects; taking advantage of mobile, social
and cloud capabilities and whatever comes next.
technologies is that delivery must be
more dynamic than maintenance of
continuous improvements and changes,
in order to take advantage of evolving
capabilities and market shifts.
Consumerization of IT has driven much higher expectations for
service. Coupled with volatile economic conditions and demanding
regulatory environments, this means constant change. The result?
Pressure on IT to deliver faster, better, cheaper and continuously,
necessitating a transition from predictive, structured approaches
towards more adaptive, agile methods.
Able-One will work with your team on key planning stages, to ensure
the success of your initiatives, and selection of appropriate
methodologies and resources, including: discovery and assessments,
application portfolio management, proof of technology or pilots and
building a business case for modernization and innovation. The benefit
to your business? Value delivered to your customers, uncovering new
business opportunities and improved operational efficiencies = ROI.
Able-One can assist your team with the selection and implementation
of current tools and processes to more effectively manage and
maintain existing systems; along with the review of options for
outsourcing either workload or resources. Some areas include: design
recovery and impact analysis over existing applications, IT efficiency,
collaborative application lifecycle (ALM) solutions, DevOps (continuous
software delivery), automation of manual processes and application
support services.
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